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Lockdown continues due to corona infection throughout the country. But some people are not taking this epidemic serially. Few people are still seen violating the orders of the government.

Police arrested 22 people who were unnecessarily walking on the road outside their homes on Tuesday evening. After arresting all these people, a case has been registered against them for violating the lockdown order government orders.

After registering a case against all of them, late in the evening, he was granted bail on a personal bond. Police has also warned all these people to stay in their homes till the lock down is over.

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Lockdown continues due to corona infection throughout the country. In the meantime, the administration has made face masks mandatory for all those who leave their homes.

But some people are not taking this epidemic serially. Despite many persuasion, when people do not understand, now the government has ordered the police to take strict action against whichever person is found violating government orders.

Following which, on Tuesday, the police have arrested 11 people for not wearing face masks. The identity of all those arrested was Badalpur resident Mohammad Adnan, Kishunpur Sagar resident Ram Gopal, Saadullanagar Bazar resident Hyder Ali, Guma Fatma resident Manoj Kumar, Nevada resident Ehsanullah, Achalpur Chaudhary, Kiratpur resident Kamlesh Kumar, Banakat resident Suraj, Achalpur Rup resident Kumar has been in the form of Ranjit Kumar, resident of Majra, Ramnagar, and Sanjay Kumar, resident of Mahtania. However, after some time these people were released by the police after warning.

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The ICMR has now allowed pool testing in UP to control the Kovid-19 epidemic in Uttar Pradesh.

UP will be the first state in the country to do so. According to the information, instead of doing one sample test in pool testing, all the samples are mixed and any one of them is tested.

If this sample is negative then all negative values ​​are taken. If the sample is positive then all samples are tested separately. This results in less use of test kits.

In areas where there is a possibility of corona infection, this test is very effective. It will also be helpful in screening patients who do not have signs of infection.

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