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The public is not aware of drinking water complaint centers, only 210 complaints were received in 20 days of lockdown.

During the lockdown in the state, the department of water supply has made state control room and complaint center at district level for monitoring and complaints of drinking water supply, but due to lack of publicity of these phone numbers, people could not reach the drinking water problem department. Have been.

The situation is that in the last 20 days of lockdown, there have been only 210 complaints about drinking water shortage in the state control room. Of this, 40 complaints are peddling, while the control room is monitored by Rajesh Yadav, the principal secretary of the department and Chief Engineer (Urban) CM Chauhan is in charge.

The Principal Secretary had asked all the engineers to promote the control room so that the common man can speak. Engineers did not campaign for fear of filing complaints.

In order to register and solve the drinking water problem in the state, the Water Supply Department has set up a state-level control room in the aquifer.

Complain here

Consumers can complain to the State Control Room on 0141- 2222585 in case of difficulty in drinking water. The Chief Engineer has given the responsibility of daily routine drinking water supply as well as quality to XEN, AEN and JEN. The state control room is operating 24 hours. Superintendent engineers at the district level will be responsible for daily water supply, quality and water supply from tankers.

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Seeing the patient suffering in lockdown, the doctors decided to donate blood, now all the residents joined the campaign

The Corona Warriors are engaged in defeating the epidemic. Residents of SMS are also not behind in this battle, whether they are from Ortho or Neuro, Anesthesia, Euro or any stream. Stand with doctors in treating patients. If there is a shortage of PPE kit, mask, then you start making videos and appeal to the people, if a patient needs blood in the hospital, then donate.

During the lock-down, a patient injured in an accident near Tatiawas was brought to the SMS Trauma Center. Residents doing duty in trauma started her treatment. The patient was also offered blood, but died due to excessive head injury. Seeing this, the Jard (Junior Resident Doctors Association) decided that the residents themselves would donate blood if needed, but no patient should bother

Will give Jard made a poster with the slogan 'Rebuild One Life at a Time' and shared it with everyone. So far many residents have donated blood in lockdown.

Resident's Video Appeal - We Need Kit

The number of corona patients is increasing in SMS. Doctors, residents and other staff are in need of PPE kits, surgical or N95 masks. About one thousand residents live on duty in SMS and attached hospitals. In such a situation, seeing the need of accessories like kits, masks, Dr. Navalin Khurana and Hardika Mangal, resident of Anesthesia, made the video.

The video appealed to the people that if doctors are infected, there will be a lot of trouble. Provide a mask, kit for resident doctors. Video shared to public. The advantage of this was that Jard got 10 thousand triple layers, N95 masks from various institutes, while PPE kits would also come soon.

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Was once the most critical isolation ward, now a patient is left, its first report is negative

Isolation Ward of MG Hospital, Bhilwara. It was the most critical isolation ward ever. Here six corona positive patients were admitted in a single day and the number was continuously increasing. After which more than 20 positive patients were admitted together, but gradually the patient recovered and now only one positive patient is left in this ward. This patient is a teacher of Bapunagar. Its report came positive on April 9. But it is a matter of happiness that his first report in the investigation conducted after the teacher was admitted here, is negative.

His health is also fine. The second report is likely to come on Wednesday. After the second report comes negative, the teacher will be shifted to the step down general ward. After this, the third report will be discharged from the hospital when negative. Here, two reports of a married woman from Rayla have come negative. This woman is already admitted in the step down general ward. Its third report will be discharged from the hospital after coming negative. The suspects are constantly being monitored in the district.

4276 samples taken so far, no report positive since 5 days

As of 9 am on April 15, 4323 samples have been sent to the district. Random sampling is now underway. The report of Bapunagar teacher came positive on April 9. Since April 10, no report of anyone in the district has been positive yet.

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