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A team of 16 women was formed by the senior police officials to ensure that even a 6-year-old girl will feel safe on the streets. The team consists of women who are trained in armed combat.

The team will start patrolling from 6th November and those who know how to drive two-wheeler were picked for doing this job. One of the patroling women said that she leaves her office on her pink scooter and keeps her eye on the criminals.

There is also a siren on a scooter to make the public aware of the situation, It is advised to the patroling team to sort the issues by talking with the general public.

The motive behind it is simply that the women on the street should feel safe and also create fear among criminals. The ladies of Delhi have given a positive reaction to this initiative.

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A 20-year-old woman went missing from 11th November, Her parents were told that she and her husband are on their France trip.

On Tuesday night the girl's decomposing body was recovered from bushes near Panipat Refinery in Harayana. She had married to a 21-year-old man named Sahil in March 2019. 

The woman's father became suspicious and filed a police complaint on 26th November. He told the police that they are on foreign tour, Police called the woman's husband and later arrested him.

When Chopra was taken into arrest he said that the girl was fighting a lot with her and he was fed up with it, He took the police to the location where the girl's body was decomposing. He shot the girl and dropped her body near the refinery.

A case of murder was filed on the victim's family and police are investigating the case.

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Delhi: An AQI between 201 and 300 is considered poor,301 to 400 is considered as very poor and 401 to 500 as severe. On Wednesday as AQI of Delhi falls in the severe plus category. Many schools in the NCR shut due to toxic smog as the Air Quality index entered into the severe category.

 On Thursday, many students wrote letters to prime minister Narendra Modi urging him to ensure that measures are taken to bring relief from the alarming situation.

A student Ishant Mahant wrote in the letter," I used to enjoy soccer earlier but now I can only enjoy it on TV. I cannot play outside because the air is too toxic to breathe in".

Another student wrote in the letter,"

Another student was quoted as saying in the letter," At this point, we need a strong directive from the government of India and the government of the state affected to control this serious condition.we do have belief in our beloved Prime Minister who will surely take the strong decision on this".

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