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What did the government do for child laborers trapped in lockdown, sought answers from four officers including CS and District Collector

The High Court issued notice to the ADG and DCP North of the state's CS, District Collector, Anti-Trafficking Unit of the state in the case of child laborers stranded in other areas including Shastri Nagar, Bhatta Basti, Sanjay Nagar, Galta Gate and Ramganj due to Corona infection. Asked for the answer.

The court has asked what they are doing for the child laborers trapped in the lockdown. A division bench of CJ Indrajit Mahanati and Justice SK Sharma gave this interim instruction on the PIL of Gopal Singh Baruth on Wednesday. It said that according to the annual health survey conducted by the central government in the year 2010, five percent of the workers are 5 to 14 years old.

A large number of jewelery and bangles are made in the city. Mainly in bangle making factory, small children are made to work day and night. A large number of child laborers are stranded in other areas including Shastri Nagar, Bhatta Basti, Sanjay Nagar, Galta Gate and Ramganj in Jaipur city due to Corona infection across the state. The contractors working with them have not even arranged for their living and food and their health checkup has also not been done. The applicant also gave information about the child laborers to the officers concerned, but the administration and departments have not taken any action for the welfare of these child laborers.

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State Education Minister Dotasara said - Arrangements were made to send the material of classes 1 to 12 on WhatsApp daily.

Minister of State for Education Govind Singh Dotasara discussed the preparations of the Education Department through Wednesday's Facebook Live. He said that the Education Department has formed a group of 20 thousand parents under Project Smile. In which arrangements have been made to send the material of classes 1 to 12 on WhatsApp daily. Through which efforts are being made to continue the education of students online.

Dotasara said that the officers, employees, teachers of the department are presently serving the district administration at various levels. He encouraged and encouraged all such teachers. Dotasara said that private schools should not put pressure on parents to pay fees for three months. Also, ensure that there is no interference in the children's education even in the event of non-payment of fees. Government will take action against educational institutions which do not sustain it. In response to a question, he said that he is also urging the coaching institutes to ensure the provision of online education.

More than 16 thousand people directly connected with Education Minister Dotasara under Facebook Live on Wednesday. The Minister of State for Education also replied to the comment live. He said that he will continue to connect with people through social media, email, print and electronic media and solve the questions related to the education department.

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Three thousand consumers in the city sent electricity meter reading photos, got the correct bill

Jaipur Discom has corrected the bills of about three thousand consumers in the city in the last three days. Discom had earlier messaged the bill amount to these consumers on the basis of average consumption, but consumers had sent Discom's mobile no. A photo of meter reading was sent on 9413375901. After this, the correct bill has been messaged by the Subdivision Office.

The highest bills have been improved in Jhotwara, Mansarovar, Vaishalinagar, Rambagh and Pratapnagar subdivisions.

Superintendent Engineer SK Rajput of Jaipur Discom said that the ARO immediately updates the system after the meter reading photos are received from the consumer. After this, you are immediately messaging the right bill to the consumer. Those consumers who are having wrong bill meters, they are No. You can take the correct bill by sending a photo of your meter reading to 9413375901.

If you do not submit the bill, then late fees will be charged. Consumers can submit bills through online, net banking, Paytm, Amazon Pay, Rupees, Bijli Mitra app, Billdesk RTGS. Checks can be paid to the Assistant Engineer Office, otherwise large domestic, domestic and industrial consumers will have to pay late fees. Only 150 units monthly domestic and agricultural consumers have been given relief from late fees. However, no consumer's connection will be cut until May 31.

There has been a dispute about sending bills through mobile messages and submitting bills online. Consumers allege that domestic consumers are billed about 45 days instead of monthly bills. This is based on the average of the previous 4 months. Consumers who do not have access to or do not have access to online services will have to unnecessarily pay late payment fees. Discom has not shared information about the billing process on an average basis to consumers through newspapers, TV or other channels.

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