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Now random sampling will start at three spots in Hot Spot Target, District

In order to completely eliminate the possibility of corona infection in the district, the medical department will soon work with the district administration to target the hot spot with corona infection. For this, plans are being made by the administration and medical department. Collector UD Khan and CMHO Dr. Pratap Singh Dootar said that Mandawa, Nawalgarh and Gudhagadji have emerged as hot spots of corona in the district. In these, the teams of the medical department will now conduct random investigation of the patient who appears suspicious. For this, special attention will be kept on ILI and fever patients at the time of screening.

Such an increasing figure in Jhunjhunu

March 18: The first positive in the district was the couple and their daughter, who returned from Italy. Those samples sent for examination turned out to be positive. Samples of 29 people in contact. All turned out to be negative.

March 22: A youth who returned from Dubai on March 20 in Jhunjhunu city was found corona positive. Samples of 35 people sent. All the negatives were found in the investigation.

March 25: The young man returned from Riyadh was found corona positive. For samples of 17 people. All were found negative in the investigation.

March 26: A youth of Bakra Mode was found corona positive. He also returned from Dubai. All the negatives received samples from 32 people.

March 29: Sihodia's Dhanoli of Singhana, studying in the Philippines, was found to be corona positive by a medical student investigation. For samples of 6 people.

March 31: A person returned from Dubai from Ismailpur was found corona positive. Sampled after isolating 10 people. They were found negative.

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Six days later a new positive case was revealed, 17 were also corrected; Total figure reached 32

After about six days in the city, a new positive case came out on Tuesday. The infected person is said to be a resident of Jhunjhunu district. Who was already undergoing treatment in Jaipur. He was examined when Corona showed symptoms. After which it was found positive. Now the total number of infected people in the city has reached 32. Significantly, on April 8, the last positive case came in the district. When eight people were found infected simultaneously.

At the same time, out of 32 corona positive patients in the district, reports of 17 patients have come negative so far. Now only 15 positives are under treatment. Negative patients have been sent to quarantine so that he or she does not get any infection. CMHO Dr. Chhotelal Gurjar said that on Monday, 10 patients have been revealed to be positive to negative. Of these, 3 cases returning from abroad have also been cured. This includes medical students who returned from the Philippines, a positive from Ismailpur and a young man from Sotwara. Dr. Gurjar said that apart from this, positive cases have come negative in Mandawa and four positive patients, two from Khetri, one from Ratanshahar.

So far more than 3300 samples have been sent from the district for examination. Of these, 3166 have been reported out of 3220 samples. It has got 3135 negatives. There are no reports of 52 samples yet. 24 samples were sent again. Apart from these, 30 samples have to be reported and available. In Jhunjhunu city, screening of 1 lakh 23 thousand 405 will be done in 23671 houses. In rural areas, 1378 teams have screened 9.21 lakhs in 2 lakh 14 thousand 892 enclosure.

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Medical teams, food supply teams, police and media workers are only involved in taking samples and screening

Jitendra Singh Rathore, Thanaprabhari, who was present in the blockade, said that everyone's movement in Ramganj has been strictly stopped. Apart from only police and administrative officers and jawans here, medical teams doing sampling and screening for corona infection in the area, vehicles engaged in ration and food supplies, employees and media persons are being given entry. The names, addresses, departments and vehicle numbers of all these are being noted.

Ramganj area in the city is the place where the movement of people in the number of hundreds of 24 hours is seen on the streets. Due to the densely populated and Muslim-dominated area, shops which are often open here, the dhaba is closed due to lock down. There is silence on the streets here. Police personnel were seen stationed at every street, nook and corner of Ramganj Chopar and Bazaar and its streets. Some people were definitely seen outside the houses inside the streets. The policemen who were seen interrupting

On the other hand, medical teams wearing PPE suits are seen in Ramganj market. Which has been engaged in taking door-to-door samples for the last six days to detect door-to-door infected people. At the same time, there is a similar view on Ramganj Chaupar. Police officers and jawans are seen here under the tent. On the other hand, medical teams were seen sampling and screening outside the Ramganj dispensary. It is believed that there will be more cases of infection in the coming time.

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