के सभी प्रकाशन Priyanka Prakash . बंगलौर , भारत


It Is Ok Not To Be Ok

We are often reminded by our near and dear ones to be strong in times of emotional twirl. To forget about the incident and lead a new way of life. But is it actually ok to not have our emotional side?

Relationships were made with such delicacy, any twist and turn in it would lead to heartbreak. At that stage of life, nothing pleases us anymore and we prefer to be friends with our pain. One feels people around you don’t understand you, copious thoughts overshadow our mind and hold back our positive thoughts. Many of us are haunted by the question ‘what went wrong?’ ‘Why me?’. We become so comfortable with our pain that we cut out ourselves from the real world. We worry about our future and watch how the fear of losing someone takes over our mind. At times we are scared to face the reality of emotional trauma that is going to hit us. We start looking for distractions to escape the painful reality and try to build our own imaginary world which only exists for us. People around us support us by saying and doing astonishing things for us and tell us it will be ok. The question is, is it so easy to press Control Alt and Delete? No relationship is perfect. In fact, many of us have created a new definition of perfect in our own relationships. We find ourselves in an emotional twirl and find answers for unexplainable things. We stress ourselves thinking and rethinking about the incident, holding back our endless moaning.

Moaning is an important stage of the phase as it helps you to come out of your pain. It is just like a detox you give to your mind and heart that helps you to recover completely. The human mind consists of many complex atoms. Any stress or discomfort caused within our mind leads to emotional discomfort and you might find yourself at the bottom of the pit. It’s ok not to be ok for a while but, one needs to come out of the phase with the passing time. Some people make attachments very easily hence, detachment becomes difficult for them. There are many things that one can try to uplift one’s mood.

Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts and people is important as isolation can worsen your condition. Change is a very important aspect of the process as it gives you a new vision and outlook. Sometimes we become so comfortable in our cocoon of pain that we just don’t wish to see the salubrious world outside. We are so stuck seeing things one way that we choose to ignore any other possible view. Indulging yourself into some physical activities works best as it keeps you busy mentally and physically. At the end of the day you are so exhausted and too tired to think about anything else, you just fall into a deep soothing sleep. It is a healthy way to keep your stress away.

After all the efforts and tears when we come out of the agony, we start living fresh. The deepest darkness inside us will go deeper and possibly never return. With time and patience, the wound would heal and become a smooth surface again. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you will never get hurt again. You will, and the same process would repeat. But this time dealing with it would be a little less gut-wrenching. Like the human body, our feelings also get cuts and bruises, the more deep the cut is, the more time it takes to heal with proper medication and care. You might find the traces of darkness which will constantly remind you how weak you were once and might hold you back while stepping into a new world, but you have to remember how strong you are. The light present around you will always help you to find your way back. There is always a beautiful sunrise followed by bright light everywhere and that light will shine upon you, opening new doors. There is a possibility, somewhere down the road you might come across the traces of your bitter past then, you need to remind yourself that if the darkness is real than even light is. Challenges will always be there but all you have to do is be strong and embark on a new beginning.


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