के सभी प्रकाशन Yasika Singh . लुधियाना , भारत



SUFFERING: A pain that someone feels in their mind, not in their body

Suffering is often correlated with events, especially external events (other people, sickness, family issues, friendship failure, the loss of a loved one, etc.). However, it is necessary to note that the condition of extreme distress is felt inside. Even if the cause of the suffering may be considered external, the result created cannot be misunderstood, or limited to that cause alone.

During this case, the individual began to stay away from society and respond outside to conceal the things that were killing them from inside. Many people share with closer people their issues, but most people can't trust their beloved ones simply because they feel insecure. Given this, people can't manage things like they used to, which made them poorer in their life and made them loser in the society. The individual seems to be so well behaved, happily hanging away, but the inner voice is everywhere. This kills the person slowly, as a slow mode of action for poisoning.

The pain this kind of person feel is so intense that it kills positive feelings, good mood, joy and harmony absolutely. If we suffer from something, we lose hope and confidence in everything; even people are too bold in their lives, jobs, friendships, love, contribute to a non-serious development in health, work, study, family and friends. Despite poor circumstances, these people are not afraid of anything. It could be the most detrimental thing for them. He or she will lose priorities, good company, good job, and good social relationships.

“Nothing begins nothing ends, that is no paid with moan,

For we are born in other’s pain and perish in our own”

However, many times suffering occurs without any physiological illness. Many of the reasons commonly related to misery are grief for those we love, impotence, alienation, torment (e.g. emotional), homelessness, deception, and loneliness, lack of shelter, memory loss and terror. And there are also other cases, such as falling in love with someone who hates us. We do not classify a person with the mind of the victim when we say that it is a person who suffers and not a body. We are living in a time fascinated by human intellectual ability and its functions.

All that this person needs is a lot of love, appreciation, motivation and support from those who really mean a lot to that person, i.e. family, lover, close friends. Give them time to build themselves up again with the motivation to live a happy life, to overcome all the worst situations they have suffered. One thing is really significant, that people never judge and embrace their new personality under the circumstances they suffered.