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NTTW Kenshi wins the WEC 2022 (World Editors Championship).

NTTW Kenshi have won this year's WEC organized by NTTW PRODUCTION HOUSE.

NTTW RusHeR (WEC 2021 Champion) was delighted to organize the Championship. As he said, "I am very much proud and delighted to have this opportunity to organize this season's WEC. I know the pressure the contestants feel as I myself have participated last year's WEC. And for Allah's mercy I won the 2021 WEC, and the same for this year's Champion, NTTW Kenshi. I'm very for him, I hope he'll continue his journey with NTTW."

A total of 5 Contestants participated in the 2022 WEC. NTTW DEVIL, NTTW NyteBat, NTTW Freak, NTTW Kenshi and NTTW MadCap of which NTTW MadCap Did Not Submit (DNS) for which he was disqualified from the championship.

The Results:

  1. NTTW Kenshi (Champion 🏆)
  2. NTTW DEVIL (Special Mention)
  3. NTTW NyteBat
  4. NTTW Freak
  5. NTTW MadCap (DNS)
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No Time To Waste is a private entertainent company. Founded by NTTW DEVIL with fellow Don Bosco High School, Baghchung students and friends NTTW Triple7, NTTW KING and NTTW RusHeR. Headquartered in NTTW HEADQUARTERS in Assam, India. The company has two branches, NTTW PRODUCTION HOUSE and NTTW ESPORTS.


NTTW Production House makes short films, music, and video edits. NTTW PRODUCTION HOUSE released their first album, Mukesh (2021), on 9th July, 2021 which was a single by their leader NTTW DEVIL.


NTTW Esports is a new mobile esports organisation by NTTW. Founded on 5 July 2020, the team currently have 10 members in total, across variety of mobile games, such as Battlegrounds Mobile India, Clash of clans, Call of Duty Mobile, Clash Royale and Mobile Legends.

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