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Bullying/ Cyber Bullying

When it comes to following your favorite influencer or posting on Instagram, cyberbullying seems far removed from the experience. Unfortunately, more young people than ever before come across others intending to hurt or harass them. Online bullying exists on every platform, and it is important for everyone to recognize the signs when it happens to you, your child, or a friend. This is the first step in finding effective solutions to help stop cyberbullying on Instagram for good.

Instagram Used Mostly by Top Bully Target Age Group

Although video sharing sites like YouTube edged out the competition in most demographics, Instagram is the most popular social media site for young people. Unfortunately, preteens and teenagers are also the main group who suffers from cyberbullying. This transforms the quest to stay in touch with friends and fellow students and to meet new people with similar interests into a minefield of potentially serious problems. Because there are fewer parents using the same platform, they do not always notice the type of behavior that goes on. This makes it more difficult for them to notice the signs of cyberbullying and offer solutions and guidance when necessary.

Signs of Cyberbullying You Should Not Ignore

But considering signs that indicate online bullying behavior, you have to look at things from two different directions. First, the target must recognize when they are being bullied. Second, parents or other responsible people must recognize the signs that their children are experiencing the same bad behavior. Of course, it helps if everyone can so that friends can help and stand up for each other.

Increased Nerves and Anxiety – If you or your child gets anxious about going to school, extracurricular activities, or hanging out with a friend group, it may be a sign of bullying. This can advance into complete avoidance of activities they used to enjoy, which includes spending time on Instagram.

Frustration and Anger – While it is more obvious if you or your child becomes angry during online interactions, these feelings may spill over into formerly pleasant interactions with family or supportive friends. Cyberbullying is invasive and frequently becomes omnipresent in the person's life.

Insomnia, Headaches, and Changes in Appetite – The constant stress and worry of cyberbullying can manifest physically. These types of signs are often caused by the more emotional ones. It can be difficult for young people to recognize why they suddenly cannot sleep and do not want to eat their favorite foods.

Solutions to Bullying on Instagram

Instagram has its own set of tools to help stop cyberbullying and other bad behavior on the platform. The four main suggestions include restricting access to your posts and comments to stop the bullies from leaving their own hurtful responses, blocking people completely, reporting violations of the rules, and automatically hiding comments that contain harmful content.

When these tools are used in conjunction with responsible following and communication practices, it can reduce the chance of experiencing cyberbullying. If you are a parent of a teen who uses the popular Instagram platform, take time to go over the Parent's Guide and familiarize yourself with how it all works. Learn how to support your kids in safe and enjoyable times online with their friends and give them the tools to protect themselves as well.

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