के सभी प्रकाशन Anikshit . Gurgaon , India



Happiness .... Have u ever felt this word soo deeply that you really felt happy. What happiness means in your words can u define it ... Ones you understand what happiness actually means you could grab it at ease. Happiness doesn't means that you are happy from outside but not from inside.

Passing time with your friends is okay

Passing time scrolling Instagram is also ok.

But making out time for yourself and your loved ones actually is the part of the definition of happiness .

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Being a human you may had have crush on some one which is also known as one sided love. Yeah you love that person a lot without knowing his/her reality. Maybe you are a fool who's lost in your crush 's eyes !

You know what you actually LOVE that person soooooooooo much but they might don't have a inking of it but then too you love them too much you dream about them you continuously think about them and you want to make them your best one in your life but unfortunately it never happens.

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