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First gave life to a player of 11.50 crores, then sent to the pavilion Ambati Rayudu's strange reaction went viral on social media

Ambati Rayudu dropped the catch of a dangerous looking Liam Livingstone in the 7th over, but after that in the 11th over, he took the catch of Livingstone off Ravindra Jadeja's delivery.

A reaction of Ambati Rayudu is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In fact, in the IPL 2022 match played between Punjab Kings and Chennai Super Kings, Rayudu took a brilliant catch of a player of 11.50 crores. The reaction he gave after taking the catch is making headlines. Rayudu caught the catch of Liam Livingstone, who created a ruckus with both bat and ball against CSK, but before that he had once dropped the catch of this dangerous batsman.

In the 7th over, Rayudu left his simple catch on the ball of Ravindra Jadeja. After this, in the 11th over, Jadeja again weaved a net to trap Livingstone and this time he also got caught in Jadeja's net, but Rayudu made Jadeja's attempt successful, this time he did not make any mistake and caught Livingstone. took.

After taking the catch, Rayudu saw a big smile on his face. His celebration is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Livingstone hit 5 fours and 5 sixes in his explosive innings of 32 balls.

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On the basis of this batting of Livingstone, despite a poor start, Punjab was able to give a challenging target of 181 runs to Chennai. In reply, Chennai Super Kings, adorned with Ravindra Jadeja and MS Dhoni, were reduced to 126 runs in 18 overs and Chennai lost the match by 54 runs. This was CSK's third consecutive defeat. Livingstone also took 2 wickets for 25 runs.

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NATO said that the Russian army is uniting again to attack

NATO has said that Russian forces in Ukraine are reuniting to increase their attacks in the eastern part of the country.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltberg said, "Russia is reuniting its forces. More weapons are being provided to the Russian army. The number of soldiers is also being increased.

On the other hand, Britain has said that Russia is bringing about 1,200 to 2,000 soldiers from neighboring Georgia into the war.

It is worth noting that Russia said on Tuesday that it would reduce attacks in Ukraine and focus on freeing the Donbass.

But the NATO secretary general has said that Russia has not changed its objectives in Ukraine.

“We are seeing Russian attacks on cities continuing at the same pace as before. Russia is sending some troops to new places. Perhaps this is being done to strengthen the troops present in the Donbass.”

But NATO says that there has been no reduction in Russian attacks in Kiev and other major cities and these attacks may increase in the coming times.

On the other hand, the criticism of the government about this war in Russia is increasing continuously, the government is under tremendous pressure to protect the lives of its citizens.

The Russian government does not want more of their fighters to be killed in Ukraine, so they fight with money.

Looking for fighters. And such fighters can probably be found only where poverty and other problems exist. Syria is one such place.

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