के सभी प्रकाशन Rushil Singhania . दिल्ली , भारत

Malnutrition: A major problem in India

About 14.37% of India’s population is tormented with hunger and malnutrition, making it the home of majority of malnourished children in the world. The main reasons for this are the low literacy level, poverty, and the lack of clean drinking water and sanitation.

Though country’s economy has doubled since 1991, malnutrition is still prevalent. Poor nutrition among children is a major concern as malnutrition causes many complications such as delayed growth, diabetes and heart disease and leads to a lower quality of life. It also increases the risk of infection thereby increasing the mortality rate of young children. In fact, malnutrition is responsible for nearly half of the death of children worldwide.

In a country like India which has a large youth population, malnutrition is a huge problem as it prevents the people from reaching their full potential and therefore affects the growth of a country.

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