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Ultimate prevention to Graft rejection:-

Imagine,you do a transplant for 10-15L,after hours of surgery and thousands of investigation but it get Rejected by week/months, and this is very common.

The most frequently faced problem to organ transplant is Hyperacute/acute graft rejection. The present solution for graft rejection is use of Immuno-suppressents, but the price paid is increased susceptibility to opportunistic infections like Polyoma virus, EBV-induced Lymphoma, HPV-induced sq. cell carcinoma.

The one step solution for all of these problem is use of "Natural Immunological Barrier~ PLACENTA".

With advancement of Medical Science we can make a Artificial Barrier like Placenta which protect the transplanted organ from being rejected. The benefits of using this will be-

  • Hyperacute rejection which is due to IgM, will be prevented.
  • It will prevent diseases occur due to immune complex deposition like PSGN, Rapidly Proliferative Glomerulonephritis, MPGN type-1.
  • It will be protective for many drugs/viral/bacterial induced organ damage, due to placenta like Barrier.

Last but not the least, if we, in future will ever made such a Barrier, by using the concept given by Nature itself, we can revolutionise the Branch of Transplant Medicine.

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