के सभी प्रकाशन Sameer Khan . कानपुर , भारत


Sameer Khan is an Indian Digital creator, Artist, Actor, Influencer, Entrepreneur,Innovator, Businessman know for his multiple talent & Extraordinary ideas and vision. he is founder and CEO Of Trylcronix Industries, fond of modern technologies and explore more creative things in this world for humanity.

He was born on 7 November 2004, kanpur. he start his career from social media platform such as Instagram and Facebook after few months he became an influencer and he focus on music industry and Entrepreneurship, acting. After, few months he released his first song ' amplifier ' on music Streaming platform such as spotify, jio savan, Apple Music/ I tunes, Amazon Music, Napster us as well as tiktok and Facebook & Instagram music library. Fortunately his song is most viral on all music Streaming platform and after this sameer Khan became a most notable person on the Internet and he became an artist and actor. Sameer Khan made his own Private aerospace industry trylcronix after maked trylcronix he became an famous and most talented business man and Entrepreneur and he is also known as business magnitude or founder and CEO Of Trylcronix

Sameer Khan is an became successful in life because he was very curious, serious and fond of modern technologies, he is an very crazy person that is forgot all things but don't forgot our dreams and work he was serious in work and do our work with own honesty and another fact is Sameer khan is very hard working person that can achieve success through hard work, patience & Strong dedication

He is also famous for his quote " when Whole world is sleep, I am Awake And Doing Work for My Future " It means sameer khan is a night owl person. He loved work in long night but he is also early bird he sleeps after 1 pm and awake approx 4: 30 after awaking he do exercises and workout daily in morning & evening . In whole day he mostly 100% focus on his work and remain time he watch television, social media, phone and etc

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