के सभी प्रकाशन Nimesh chandra sarkar . विशाखापत्तनम , भारत

  • This Delhi-Based NGO Is Focusing on Innovation in Education-

Hamari Pahchan NGO, based in Delhi which is Directed by international chess player Tarun Mathur (Founder) And his wife is Mrs. Anjili Mathur (president) Has developed a new measure of teaching and learning for the underprivileged children. Tarun Mathur founded Hamari Pahchan In 2014 and got it registered in 2015. From the very beginning, he has had a different vision of social work. He has a concept of ‘Help each Other’ and ‘creating someone’s own identity (Creating an own ‘Pahchan’). He started that “there is a clear difference between how public-school student behaves to that of how a government school student. The difference is majorly through which teaching is provided to them. Similarly, he has a different vision of providing resources and education to underprivileged children. He wants to bridge/cover the gap between a public-school student and a government school student.

  • Bridging The Educational Gap-

To bridge the gap, he stepped forward and established ‘classes for underprivileged students residing in slum areas and named them ‘Drishti Classes’. Under Drishti Classes, he provides students with informal education classes, which are held weekly and are based on crucial  topics for the development of child psyche and behavioral aspects. Concepts of hygiene, kindness, nature, etc. are undertaken through projectors, presentations, interactive sessions, English speaking, public dealing/speaking, games, and various innovative strategies designed to engage and simultaneously inform children.

  • Bridging The Digital Gap-

Even in lockdown, with a sudden closure of schools and everything being shifted online underprivileged students were facing problems in attending online classes, they were lacking the resources and medium to attend the online classes. By the same means, Hamari Pahchan NGO is trying to provide today’s youth with basic training in computers. This has a dual aim, primarily providing opportunities to unemployed yet educated youth as mentors for these children. The NGO is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to make a positive impact on the lives of the people they serve. The organization has a strong network of supporters and partners, including corporates, educational institutions, and government agencies, who contribute to its various initiatives.

  • Event organized for underprivileged children with American volunteers-

On the 25th of June 2022, Hamari Pahchan a Delhi-based NGO that aims at helping the marginalized of our society organized an event with a group of 21 volunteers from the USA to spend some valuable time with the underprivileged children at the Coolie Camp in Vasant Vihar. The event was organized under the supervision of their founder Mr. Tarun Mathur, a visionary by heart and mind, Mr. Mathur has been serving the government of India in the aviation department for over a decade. He is an international chess player who has represented India in multiple competitions in India and abroad. He has dedicated himself to the betterment of society, searching for genuine talents who have a will to succeed in life but cannot help themselves due to their unfortunate circumstances. This was followed by a few dance performances by the children. The performances were so energetic that even the foreigners were forced to take on to their feet. They were amazed at the talent that the children at the camp possessed. To make things even more interesting a dumb charades session was organized in which volunteers from the US were given the "what's in my heart" activity sheets of the children and they were to act upon the things drawn in the sheet and others had to guess what the person was trying to enact. All the people very enthusiastically participated in the dumb charades' session. The NGO arranged several hampers for the visiting guests. Each volunteer was gifted a small handbag along with a small kit placed inside the handbag. All these handbags and kits were completely hand-made and prepared by the underprivileged women at their homes under the Skill-development program being run by Hamari Pahchan NGO.

  • Conclusion-

In conclusion, Hamari Pahchan NGO is a shining example of how a group of committed individuals can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. The organization's focus on education, health, and gender equality has enabled it to transform the lives of thousands of people across India. With its dedicated volunteers and strong support network, Hamari Pahchan NGO is poised to continue its important work for years to come. 

Name- Nimesh Chandra sarkar

institute- IIAM B-SCHOOL Visakhapatnam.