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JJ Crowns Selected Glorious Personalities For “SHE : The Power Women Award – 2023” From Various Categories Of Industry

As Lord Maa Durga of Dussehra informs us about the glory of her ten incarnations. Similarly, strong women who excel in all spheres inside and outside the home are worshiped in our hearts. It is a different effort to find different talents from them and bring those goddesses to the public. JJ Crowns, as always has stepped forward in this different endeavor. JJ Crowns is presenting with the desire to receive the same support as it has already received ” SHE : The Power Women Award – 2023 ”

JJ Crowns, a endeavors to bring endless opportunities to avid artists of all kinds across the globe. The notion behind JJ Crowns is to upraise the talent in the world and to reflect the same with in-depth insights.

It is a different attempt to find out the talents that have been printed. JJ full form is Jay Jagannath, so the way to celebrate achievements globally with the blessings of Lord Jagannath of the world is to connect with JJ Crowns. Whose CEO AND FOUNDER Miss. Jyotirmayee Panda started JJ Crowns with this desire in mind. Which is gradually gaining popularity in a very short span of time. SEO Mr. Farhan Alam Lari , EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Miss. Mehak Sarna and other team members have brought JJ Crowns into the limelight in a short period of time. Within four months, JJ Crowns has gained popularity with the 8th project.

Now In This “SHE : The Power Women Award – 2023” We Selected Best 10 Strong Women Who Excel In All Spheres Inside And Outside The Home.

Finding those talents, learning about her life, honoring her is what enhances the beauty of this virtual award-winning show, JJ Crowns team has promoted them all hoping for their improvement.

Please To Announce All Of Our Award Nominees:-

1) Preeti Saraswat (Enthusiastic Educator - 2023)

2) Nadeem Bano (Inspiring Lecturer - 2023)

3) Kasturi Sinha (Inspiring Research Scholar And Coach - 2023)

4) Dr. Khushboo Gupta (Paving Music Performer - 2023)

5) Mehak Sarna (Paving Writer - 2023)

6) Usha Kiran Moodgal (Inspiring Hindi Poetess And Entrepreneur - 2023)

7) Ashu Verma Chaubey (Creative Author - 2023)

8) Anushka Pandey (Inspirational Quotes Writer - 2023)

9) Chahat Jain (Fictional Story Writer - 2023)

10) Dr. Sridevi Soundirarajan (Aspiring

Podcaster And Author - 2023)


Debut Author Sunil Maheshwari Inspires with "Sapne Hai Aankhon Mein, Mehnat Hai Haathon Mein"

The literary world welcomes a new voice, Sunil Maheshwari, whose debut book "Sapne Hai Aankhon Mein, Mehnat Hai Haathon Mein" encapsulates the essence of life's nuances in poetic prose. Published by Kitab Writing Publication on 5th November 2023, this collection of inspirational poems, anecdotes, quotes, and articles marks a significant milestone in Maheshwari's journey as a multifaceted writer.

With roots in the serene town of Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, Maheshwari's words reflect a profound simplicity, eloquently portraying life's various facets in a manner that resonates with readers from all walks of life. His writing, characterized by its relatable nature and motivational undercurrent, aims to inspire readers to delve into the realms of creativity and self-reflection.

"I wanted to create something that speaks to the heart of everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances," says Maheshwari, reflecting on the purpose behind his inaugural literary venture. "Through these written words, I hope to ignite the spark of inspiration within individuals, encouraging them to embrace their creativity and share their stories with the world."

Beyond his role as an author, Maheshwari, a certified life coach, blogger, poet, and speaker, embodies a spirit of diversity that reflects in his various interests, from sketching and music to counseling and cinema. His ability to connect with people on multiple levels has garnered admiration, making his book launch an eagerly awaited event within literary circles.

The book, available on prominent platforms like Amazon, Google Play Books, Kobo Books, and Kitab Writing Publication’s website, invites readers to explore the simplicity of life's complexities through the lens of Maheshwari's evocative prose.

Readers can acquire the hardcopy of "Sapne Hai Aankhon Mein, Mehnat Hai Haathon Mein" on Amazon or opt for the softcopy via Google Play Books.

As Sunil Maheshwari embarks on this literary journey with "Sapne Hai Aankhon Mein, Mehnat Hai Haathon Mein," readers are invited to immerse themselves in a world of inspiration and introspection, where words become the gateway to understanding life's myriad intricacies.


Sunil Maheshwari: Inspiring Minds, Celebrating Versatility

In the world of creativity and inspiration, Sunil Maheshwari stands tall, emerging from the serene town of Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, to capture hearts and souls with his multifaceted persona. As an Inspirational Writer, Author, Blogger, Poet, Speaker, and Certified Life Coach, Sunil has carved a niche for himself in the bustling city of Delhi, weaving a narrative that resonates deeply with readers across diverse platforms.

With roots deeply embedded in the rich cultural soil of Kasganj, Sunil's journey is a testament to his diverse talents and passions.

Writing, sketching, life coaching, counseling, music, movies, and the melodies of ghazals are not just hobbies but the vibrant colors that paint the canvas of his life. This diverse spectrum has allowed him to traverse various spheres, touching lives and inspiring countless individuals along the way.

His debut book, "Sapne Hai Aankhon Mein, Mehnat Hai Haathon Mein," published by Kitab Writing Publication, unveils a collection that transcends the boundaries of inspirational poetry, anecdotes, quotes, and articles. Sunil's eloquence gracefully captures life's nuances, offering readers an easily comprehensible yet profound perspective. It's a collection that seeks to inspire, motivate, and evoke the writer within every reader, sharing the author's profound thoughts and impacting lives with every turn of a page.

Sunil Maheshwari’s literary odyssey is more than just the written word. His writings, published in various local and national newspapers, social sites, e-newspapers, and social apps, have sparked reflections and brought about meaningful changes in the lives of readers.

His influence extends beyond his writing prowess; as a Certified Life Coach on Udemy, he has touched many lives, offering guidance, healing, and enlightenment.

But it's not just his literary achievements that stand out. Sunil Maheshwari's mantle is adorned with an impressive array of accolades, acknowledging his outstanding contributions:

- Author of the Year (Story Mirror)

- First Prize in ICICI Bank Corporate Writing Competition

- Sahitya Rachna Award by Sahitya Rachna

- Iconic Personality of the Year Award by Inkzoid Foundation

- Awarded Best Inspirational Writer of the Year 2023 under Inspiring Indian Awards by MTV India News Channel

- Harvard World Book of Records holder

- Excellence Book of Records holder

Readers eager to explore the world of Sunil Maheshwari can connect with him on social media platforms:

- Instagram: @My_soul_is_under_fire

- Facebook: Sunil Maheshwari

- Facebook Page: Sunil Maheshwari

Sunil Maheshwari’s journey embodies the essence of inspiration, reminding us that a diverse outlook on life, coupled with unwavering dedication, can pave the way for remarkable achievements and lasting influence.