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Dark web

The dark web is a place on the internet that is not accessible using the regular browsers or your regular connections. It gives focuses on providing anonymous access to the internet.

12P is one of the specializes which host's websites.The TOR , Freenet , and 12P are the three big create's of the dark web

The deep web is mistakenly associated with the dark web illegal activity all the time and it is also called the hidden web .The dark web is a network of untraceable we use is the surface web , and it is estimated that the dark web is 400-500 time's bigger than the surface web , The TOR, (which is a dark web browser) do not let the browser's information to a third party, it keeps on changing the location of the browser's to maintain privacy , so keeping this as a advantage their is a lot of illegal activities going on in the dark web like , drug dealing, selling and buying of weapon's etc and , government uses deep web to transfer important information and other stuff's to maintain it's secrecy

There's no way to trace that information back to you (or) even back to the entry node .If in case the police do forensic analysis of your computer they can determine where you went on TOR . But if you use tails when you connect to TOR no police in the world can determine what websites your visiting unless the police own the website them self . So that's the reason why there a lot of illegal activities taking place ...

And it is a huge platform to hackers , they buy and sell drugs , discussing hacking techniques and selling hacking services, trading child pronography , people do hire hacker's to recover accounts or lost password etc. The dark web was actually created by the us government to allow spies to exchange info completely. They developed the onion router in 1990. And now it is most wanted by the FBI and the man behind dark web is ROSS WILLIAM UIBRICHT , the dark web knew him as Dread Pirate Robert's. He recovered over a million drug deals in 2 and a half years and earned $80 millions.

The dark web poses a cyber security risk to anyone on the internet . Technology should be used in right way to make a Bette world ...

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