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Hello, Readers I am J. Neslon Abimanyu Working in a private School sharing here my most tragic encounter which happened few days before as I was all set to board the train from Coimbatore, with my shoe lace tied and ready to run on the sight of train. As you know the passengers are usually crowded like fans of Master Movie to board the train but to my amusement, I found that there was a coach named RFD, Free from all Hastes and hustles of other coaches of train.

I Quickly boarded the train and felt like winning the trophy of athletic meet. I was happy the whole day due the scenic beauty offered by the coach free from Garbage fresh air a well started day is a reward in itself.

This happened so that that later wherever I went I never happened to wait in queues as I would always find a counter named RFD in cinema hall, Ration Shops, even public Toilets RFD Continued.

I was so happy about the RFD Service that I started enquiring about RFD and Answer for my query were either a blank shot as “NO” Or They Don’t Know.

My Search Continued in Google, Public Offices, Knowledgeable Scholars friends and family but to my vain no one knew about the RFD Service...

What is this RFD??

This Question started killing me but I should accept I was happier than before as I enjoyed the privilege.

Finally, I got my answer yesterday it was early morning around 6:00 am while I was walking through the meadows during my morning walk and met this stranger all dressed up in a beautiful tuxedo waving hands with a smile...

Absurd to watch someone in tuxedo so early in the morning hours waved back at him and enquired about his presence his reply was a question rather than an answer...

Are you thinking about RFD?

Do you want to know what is RFD?

Like a dog seeing the Master excited and happy I nodded yes, a big “YES”

Again, to the irony he asked me few more questions

Are you happy?

Do you notice that everything around you have turned beautiful in the last few days?

I didn’t Want to Extend the conversation I said yes... yes, and yes and begged for the reason.

After a mild Pause he replied Nelson you are dead... and have reached the afterlife journey Reserved for Dead (RFD) Here you will live a very happy life you will live among the living and spend the life as normal but one thing you can be sure of you are not going to die all you have to do is to look for the sign of RFD wherever you go and use the benefits of being dead.

As Life is a fear of death and free from death you live a happy life

Now wondering why, I am saying all this just move up to the heading of this article

Hope you saw the bright Words, Welcome to the Readers blog of Reserved for dead.**

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J.Nelson Abimanyu

(RFD Messenger)

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