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Corona virus study | scientific astrological research by india youngest Astrologer:praduman suri

Astrology refers to the study in which the auspicious and inauspicious effects of planets and stars are studied on humans and the Earth.

The compound meaning of the word astrology is lore related to planets and constellations. Although mathematics (theory) is also understood by this word, ordinary people take the meaning of learning from astrology.

The planets and stars have different types of colors, so the rays emanating from them also have different effects. The study of the effects of these rays by scholars from countries like India, Babylonia, Khaldia, Greece, Egypt and China, has known the nature of planets and stars since ancient times.

Earth is a planet in the solar system. Therefore, the Sun and the planets of the solar system and the moon have a special effect on it and its inhabitants. The Earth moves in a special orbit called the ecliptic . Earth-based astrology refers to the study in which the auspicious and inauspicious effects of planets and stars are studied on humans and the Earth.

Primarily according to Indian astrology there are 12 zodiac signs inside astrology, all zodiac signs have different effects.

All zodiac signs belong to different elements.

The 4 elements of the zodiac signs are stated. These are:

• Agni

• Water

• Earth

• Air

The zodiac signs of fire are -

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The zodiac signs of water are -

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

The zodiac signs of Earth are -

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The signs of air element are -

Aquarius, Libra and Gemini.

We will suffer the least amount of fire and water.

* Understand how and what is this science *

✓ Corona Virus

First of all let me tell you how a person gets sick?

When our mind starts to believe that we are sick, when the mind gives the message that we are sick,

Then the mind, which is our head quarter, gives a message to the body that we are sick, so first we become mentally weak and along with it we send a message to the millions of cells of our body that we are sick.

Ex: It becomes exactly like a losing army.

That is, the mind works as a king inside our body and the millions of cells inside the body work as a soldier and when the king loses, then all these (soldiers) of the body lay down their weapons, so humans are ill. , Until your brain believes it.

This is also what medical science, Ayurveda and Vedic culture say that if your mind loses, your body loses too.

It says - one who is strong in mind is less ill.

What are the symptoms of corona -

Symptoms --

• headache

• cold cough

• eye irritation

• difficulty in breathing and subsequent pneumonia

• Thereafter to kidney failure.

If we look at it from astrology, it is all the symptoms due to Jupiter getting spoiled and the bad one which Rahu spoils.

If we see how a bad Rahu is born - it is produced when Mars and Mercury are combined, then a very bad Rahul is born.

First of all, whoever suspects that he has or may have corona virus

1. In such a state, do not forget to use fennel (green) because the firm thing of Mars and Mercury is fennel .

2. Rahu, Mercury and Venus spoil Jupiter. A lot of people have spread the camphor in the house too young. It is absolutely wrong because camphor is Venus and is also an enemy of Jupiter.

3. Do not use cardamom at this time also, because cardamom is a complete symbol of Mercury and intelligence - Jupiter is a very strong enemy, so do not use cardamom and basil at this time because it works perfectly inside this virus. Not to do it will probably give it a further boost.

Keeping astrology in mind, it is a matter of what not to do, but now it is a matter of what we have to do, first of all we have to be mentally strong.

• Ketu: When Rahu is bad within astrology, what should be done if Ketu remedy is considered very important?

On this earth, the object of auspicious Ketu is considered to be black, which is black lentils. They are a mixed object of Venus and Saturn. Whenever Venus and Saturn meet, higher Ketu is formed, then within these days make a choice of black lentil lentils. One must eat once a day, so Ketu will remain high and immunity will remain in the body.

And that does not mean that the corona virus can show its effect because the higher Ketu kills Rahu from there. The corona virus is also Rahu.

• Jupiter: to make Jupiter good. To make Jupiter good, add turmeric in whatever cooked food you eat during the day.

Those who are small children must drink one fourth (tsp) of turmeric by dissolving it in water, or by dissolving it inside their milk.

Those who are older children, from the age of 17 years, should consume one teaspoon of turmeric every day, by opening it under water or mixing it with milk, it will strengthen your Jupiter as well and your immune system will also be strong.

• Mars: Those who can eat honey, then they should take one spoon of honey every morning and evening because Mars is a friend of Jupiter, if Jupiter is spoiled too, Mars does good by supporting him.

Along with this we should keep our house holy .

To keep the house holy we should use the things of Jupiter.


1. Cow dung cake

2. Place a little desi section on it

3. Add half a teaspoon of ghee

4. Keep a little turmeric as well

And burn them all. After that give her fumigation all over your house because

Desi Khand is Mars, Ghee is Chandra and Turmeric is Jupiter. Wherever there will be a mixture of these three, how can Rahu go there - no corona virus can enter.

• At what time we also need protection. There is a lot of space where even sanitizers are not available, then what to do there?

Go to any panwadi shop. Buy tobacco from there, take tobacco that people eat by mixing it with lime. You can boil a small piece of turmeric and two spoons of turmeric in 2 liters of water.

After that, whoever comes into the house, first wash his hands with that water. Similarly, when someone goes out of the house, apply this water on his hands and put it on his face as well. Apart from this, the government which has said to keep the protection, consider all the things like putting a mask on the mouth etc.

• Add 3-5 liters of water inside the hookah water and mix four to five teaspoons of turmeric in it, sprinkle it in your house outside your house and inside the street as far as you can, it will also cause corona virus to run. . Because it is a mixed object of Saturn and Jupiter, beyond which Rahu does not stand.

*These things will help you to get recover and give protection against this kind of viruses with the help of Vedic astrology*



*India's youngest astrologer and Vastu specialist & motivator speaker*?

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