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ASI arrested for taking 10 thousand bribes, asking for money for leaving bike and not filing a case

ASI Butter Lal, working at Sultana police station in Chidawa area of ​​the district, was arrested taking a bribe of Rs 10,000. The bribe was demanded by the SI for abandoning the seized bike and not filing a case. Which ACB traps after taking bribe. At present, the accused is being arrested and questioned. Simultaneously the amount has also been recovered.

According to the police, the complainant Vikram informed the ACB that he was playing Tashpatti on April 12 along with five-seven persons. During this time Sultana came on the spot with Incharge ASI. On seeing the police, the complainant fled from the spot. At the same time, the police arrested two people and also took the complainant's bike and took it to the police station. When the complainant told his uncle's son the whole matter, he reached the police station to talk. Where a bribe of 25 thousand was demanded by ASI for abandoning the bike and not filing a case.

On getting the information of the case, the case was verified by ACB on 14 April. In which 10 thousand bribes were taken by the accused. After which today the second installment of bribe was caught red handed taking 10 thousand.


Before changing the water in the pool of crocodile-Tortoise breeding center, employees are given sanitation, Deori center closed for tourists

The impact of the corona virus epidemic is being seen in the life and activities of aquatic organisms and precautions. Why not? Bhopal Wildlife Management has issued a guideline to take special precautions for crocodiles, crocodiles and turtles. Although officials say that there is no possibility of corona spreading to humans and aquatic animals, but caution is necessary. However, its effect is also being seen in Deori Gharial and Turtle Breeding Center.

Each time the gongs and turtles start laying eggs at the beginning of March itself, but this time they have delayed laying eggs. On March 19, the first nest of gharial was seen at Barauli Ghat which contained eggs. While nesting was done on 10 March in 2018 and 17 March in 2019.

This time the forest officials are telling that the nesting of gharial and turtles will start late due to the cold weather. Ghadiyal care taker Jyoti Dandotia said that after lockdown, the staff in the field is going to the nesting point and forging them for safety, including fencing to protect the eggs kept in the nest and constantly monitoring the wharf charges. Within 60 days of the crocodile, in May, children start hatching from the eggs, at the moment the ghat in-charge has been put under the protection of the eggs.

Due to Corona, the Deori Center has been completely closed for tourists. On the other hand, cleaners also change the water apart from cleaning in the pool one by one. Seeing the heat rising, water tanks are being installed in the shed, in which the temperature has to be controlled by spraying water periodically during the day.

In lockdown, it is mandatory to sanitize those working here, wearing masks and globs. Also, entry is being given only after wearing Dhuli dress everyday. After completely sanitizing the cleaner in the morning, hands and feet get washed in potassium permanganate. After that his schedule has been made so that more people do not go to the pool together. Social distance should be maintained and not crowded.


Neither procession nor ascension nor marriage home nor lights nor drum, band got married without party

Neither baraat, no chadhai, nor marriage home, nor any light, no drum-band and marriage took place in two hours without any expenses. Following the lockdown, a unique wedding took place at the gurdwara at Adarsh ​​Colony Pond. Five-five gharati-baraati from both sides joined, even the real brother of the girl could not attend the marriage from Punjab. The two brothers set an example by marrying their only sister and ceding lockdown.

Sangeeta Kaur, a resident of D Block Ranjit Nagar Kachchi Basti, was married to Govind Singh, the boy of Puran Singh Taylor, resident near Gol Bagh Road Kanni Gurjar Chauraha. The wedding muhurta also came out on April 8, for which a long time ago, the Abhinandan marriage home in Pai Bagh was booked and Sai was given to Halwai, Band Baje, Dhol, Ghodi, Decoration etc.

More than 25 thousand rupees were spent booking only for the wedding. If the wedding cards were printed, then they could be distributed in half the city. Outside the city, information was given by calling but the global corona virus disease limited happiness. Due to the lockdown and Section 144, the wedding day just passed, no rituals could be done.

Surjit Singh, the elder brother of the girl, said, father self. Due to the absence of Darshan Singh, old mother Jayashree Kaur and elder brother Jagat Singh and I got into thinking, our youngest brother Tinku Patiala could not come to Punjab due to the lockdown. After all, we had a conversation with the elders that on April 13 it is Baisakhi and it is auspicious day of Khalsa, decided to marry with simplicity on this day. Because there is no idea of ​​the situation when it is normal, do not know what will happen next.