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Chennai’s water level has gone done during summers. As a result, Chennai faced drought-like situation during the summer months between April and June. Water provided in trains from Vellore. Initially, the train was touted to carry out 25 lakh litres of water and make four trips per day from Vellore district. This water supply started in April and continue until October. 

The water supply department said, “The situation is under control, we have sufficient underground water, there have been some rains also. The Krishna water has begun to arrive from the neighbouring, Andhra Pradesh. 

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister said, “We are planning to lay a pipeline for Krishna water to reduce stealing. The route of Poondi water reservoir will be changed to ensure maximum water supply.


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Near the Southern Railway Headquarter and above LIC metro rail station on Anna Salai, a serpentine line live power cable passed through the road to push metro work. Thousands of people pass through that road every day, and the government can not do anything to rectify that. 

Authorities can place cables underground for Anna Salai and Poonamallee High Road, but instead, they kept them unexposed. Not only human life but these cables themselves could suffer damage. 

As per Officials of state power utility Tangedco, “the cable had been lying under the ground, and due to metro work they got pushed above the surface”. 

Officials also mentioned,” that once they finish the work on the surface level, they will lay the cables inside”.

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According to the Blue Cross of India report, 90% of cattle roaming in Chennai have plastic waste in their guts, all thanks to the resident of Chennai who throw plastic on the roads only. 

“Animals like Cow and Goat tend to gulp food without separating them from foreign bodies like plastic. This is the reason why only ruminants like them are facing this issue,” Said Dr P Dhanapalan. 

Dr P Dhanapalan mentioned, “Food is fermented, but material like plastic, metal and cloth remain in the rumen which leads to disease like anorexia, starvation, constipation, difficulty in breathing and the death. And then the only thing left for surgeons is to open rumen wall and remove all the foreign material from inside the animal body”.



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