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Laboratory Padding Mangle is a versatile machine used for conducting dyeing, printing & finishing Trials . It is one of the most important part of the process in Dyeing to be experimented on. Laboratory padding Mangle is available in Horizontal, Vertical & Universal. All of these Laboratory Padding Mangles are table top models with ease of conducting lab trials.

We Jay Instrument & Systems Pvt Ltd introduce Daelim Starlet Korean Origin Universal Padding Mangle with globally standardized key features. So what makes Daelim Starlet’s Universal Padding Mangle DL-2500HV makes it more expedient than others. DL-2500HV comes in minimum 350mm roller width to Maximum 500 mm width. Every Technical person knows Electric Motor’s role to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to run the mechanism. Providing maintenance free motors was a main aim of Daelim Starlet while designing the model. DL -2500HV consist of Highly efficient Inverter motor from Fuji- Japan which provides roller speed of machine 0-25 rpm .

Dyeing on exact roller pressure with least counts & equal pressure at both sides is a critical job for operators but DL-2500HV makes your activity easy with providing air pressure of rollers from 0.1 – 7 bar to ensure even Dyeing through Trust cylinders mechanism. Rollers are the main part of Padding Mangle , if rollers are not branded then users might face roller surface decomposition issues which will ruin the dyeing process but Daelim Starlet DL-2500HV rollers are consist of Hypalon Rubber. Hypalon is a CSPE synthetic rubber noted for its resistance to chemicals, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet light. Rollers ‘s Rubber thickness is 15mm and Roller hardness is 70°. DL-2500HV's Roller rubber coating is specially designed for durability. It prevents roller rubber over time decomposition from often using caustic flasks , sodium dithionite , alkaline solutions while treating fabric.

So, if you are looking for an imported but economical Padding Mangle then Daelim Starlet’s Universal Padding Mangle DL-2500HV would be a right option to go for. Kindly let us know your interest or queries on below email address or else you can call us on +91-9867949473.

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Color & Light measurement Solutions



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Newly launched Konica Minolta Portable spectrophotometers CM-25d used for routine measurement with standard test kits. Our portable spectrophotometers perform routine measurements rapidly, precisely and transfer the data without errors. Konica Minolta Portable spectrophotometers are designed with these requirements in mind and offer global standards Illumination Viewing System & Colorimetric Indexes & High Accuracy Colorimetric Values.

The CM-25d is the next generation of portable sphere spectrophotometer with a horizontal alignment, a design convenient for measuring the color of flat or large samples and narrow spaces and easy operation by right or left handed users.

Nonwoven Sportwear Fabric

Customer : SCAP Technofab (Surat )

The coloration of nonwovens finds application, but not limited to, in floor coverings, wallpapers, carpets, furnishings, table and bed linen, shoe linings, as well as single-or limited-use protective clothing; garment interlinings are also often coloured.

The dyeing of cotton and polyester hydro-entangled nonwovens resulted in better colour strength in comparison to woven and knitted textile fabrics. Hence finding strength and delta values through spectrophotometer helps to control color consistency in nonwoven dyeing.

The CM-25d portable spectrophotometers offer superior accuracy/inter-instrument agreement (IIA). This precision will allow superior color communication throughout the supply chain from supplier to final assembly. The CM-25d has an IIA of 0.2 DE* (average of 12 BCRA tiles).

The CM-25d has a Ø8mm measurement area. And is equipped with an illuminated viewfinder for accurate positioning on patterned subjects or small parts, and instrument surfaces which come in contact with the measurement subject are designed to minimize subject damage giving repeatable results and both are comfortable for either right-handed or left-handed users.

This is how Scap Technofab measured their application with help of Konica Minolta Portable Spectrophotometer .Same model can be used in Upholstery applications as well.CM-25d offers additional features to improve work flow, eliminate waste/rework, and offer customers general cost savings on color related processes. The new Job function allows for graphical representation/instructions for routine color measurements to be made within specific processes.

Combined with a reduced measurement time, this allows users of all levels to maintain high levels of productivity, accuracy, and consistency. Also available as a free download is the CM-CT1 Configuration Tool software that allows users to create/write instrument settings as well as compile it into a file and share it within its supply chain to ensure instrument settings are consistent.

CM-25d is an upgraded Model of CM-2500d and SCAP Technofab is a our first Happy customer in Nonwoven Industry. New Model CM-25d has some new additional features as below :


d°:8° geometry with Xenon Flash technology and Illuminated Sample Viewfinder Best-in-class Inter-Instrument-Agreement for true “Digital Color Data Management” Connectable via USB and optional Bluetooth™

Large and easy-to-read high-resolution 2.7” TFT color display Group sorting of data by user-definable tags

Image-based workflows by user-definable tags Image-based workflows


Illumination/viewing system :di:8°, de:8° (diffused illumination, 8° viewing angle)

SCI (specular component included)/SCE (specular component excluded) selectable with automatic switching

Wavelength range :400 to 700 nm

Repeatability :Chromaticity value: Standard deviation within ΔE*ab0.04

(White calibration plate measured 30 times at 5-second intervals after white calibration was performed)

Inter-instrument agreement :Within ΔE*ab0.2 (Average for 12 BCRA Series II color tiles. MAV-SCI.

Compared to values measured with a master body under Konica Minolta standard conditions)

Dimension (W × H × L) [mm] :Approx. 81×93×229 Weight [g] :Approx. 620

Konica Minolta CM-25d portable spectrophotometers konica-minolta-color-and- appearance-measurements Range of products are mostly available in ready stock and it can delivered immediately throughout india.


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Konica Minolta high end, accurate, versatile and Economical Benchtop Spectrophotometer Model CM-3600A is specially designed for Textile sector with UV Control & patented numerical gloss control with Reflectance as well as Transmittance facility for measurement of all textiles (Fabric, Yarn, fiber) as well dyestuff in transparent liquid form.

Key features like Numerical UV control makes it faster, more effective & reliable measurement of Whitening Agent used in textiles, Paper etc. Simultaneous assessment of SCI & SCE in one measurement. Multiple measurement area selection (4mm, 8mm, 25.4 mm), measures smallest sample size of 4 mm. Bright & clear sample viewing for placing the sample for accurate measurement.

Let's start from the applications and working in Textile Industry.

APPLICATION – 1-Reflectance Measurement

The use of reflectance measurements in the determination of Color strength of dyestuff & Whiteness Index of textiles (yarn, fiber, fabric).

Different Types of dyed substrates in yarn form can be measured

1) Dyed Cotton Yarn

2) Dyed Polyester Yarn

3) Dyed Nylon Yarn

4) Dyed Rayon yarn

5) Dyed Linen Yarn

6) Dyed Metallic Yarn

Any substrate in yarn form can be measured on Konica Minolta CM-3600A , Konica Minolta Spectrophotometers are used to measure dyed blend yarns in Raymond UCO Denim , Rayon yarn in century Rayon , Mettalics yarn in Vardhaman Metallics , Linen yarn in Sutlej , Grassim , Raymond Linen & Linen art.

To Obtain Global Standards Of Dyed Yarn

Three Measurement Areas for Diverse Application Needs

Masks for the CM-3600A’s three measurement areas (SAV: Ø4 mm, MAV: Ø8 mm, and LAV: Ø25.4 mm) are included as standard accessories, so you can select the one that fits your measurement requirements.

APPLICATION – 2 Dyestuff (Liquid Form) Transmittance Measurement

To measure & verify Color Co-ordinates, strength, color quality, purity & concentration of solution such as Dyestuff in liquid form.

Different process of solution can be measured in Industries like

1) Dyestuff Manufacturers

2) Fabric Dyeing Processors

How can measure dye intensity or dye concentration of solution through Konica Minolta’s CM-3600A ?

Use the absorption of visible light to determine concentration and to identify different dyes. If the concentration of a solution is unknown, the concentration can be measured by determining the amount of light it absorbs (its absorbance, A) at a particular wavelength (λ), using a spectrophotometer.

Standardised method of evaluation of strength of Textile Dyestuff

Cuvettes or cells are provided from Minolta which are carefully matched to make accurate transmission through the solvent and the sample. Accurate spectrophotometric analysis requires the use of good quality, matched cells for better result.

Transmittance Measurement area Ø17 mm

CM-3600A employs d:0° geometry , which confirms to ISO , CIE , ASTM & DIN Standards for Transmittance Measurements.

Any Dyestuff in Liquid / Powder/ Paste form can be measured on Konica Minolta CM-3600A , Konica Minolta Spectrophotometers are used to measure dyestuff in Liquid form in Quality Dyechem , Navrang Chemicals , Bhaskar Denim , RSPL etc ( use name of dyestuff manufacturer name only)

For enquiry 9867949473, Swapnil

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