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Beware of online scams...

We all know how online frauds are increasing rapidly in every corner of the world.

Few months back, my friend has been targeted of this scam by a person named Vishal William who claimed to be a citizen of London and works in a M$M pharma company as a Manager position.

They both met online and he planned to visit India to meet my friend. He travelled on 10th Dec 2019 and he landed at Delhi airport. According to him, when he landed, airport officials caught him with huge cash of around 1 crore and they asked him to pay the tax so that to get his money back. He called my friend and narrated all this story to her and he asked her money for the help.

She made all her efforts and managed to make money and in total she transferred him 4 lacs but this was not enough and he asked for more money from her, then she found something suspicious is happening to her. After few months, when she asked him about the money that when are you lending me money back then, he started ignoring her. After all this, she approached online cybercrime and reported this incident online.

It is just a small message for you all that don't be suspect of these fraudulent attacks which is happening all over the world because we never know in which way it can happen and affect us.

Be safe and alert.

Please friends, share your thoughts that what best can be done to catch this person so that going forward he won't target innocent people for the sake of money.

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