के सभी प्रकाशन V Ranganathan . पॉण्डिचेरी , भारत


Seeking action against Brahmins association members who are making threatening calls


V. Ranganathan, (9047400485)


Priest Trained Student Association - Tamil Nadu,

No.128, Gokulam House, Arasamara Street,

Thiruvannamalai City & Circle,

Thiruvannamalai District.


District Superintendent of Police

Office of the Superintendent of Police,

Venkikal Village & Post,

Thiruvannamalai Circle.

Subject: Seeking action against Brahmins association members who are making threatening calls


I live at the above address. We joined the priest training course held by the Tamil Nadu government under “All Caste People Can Become Priest Policy” at six training school. Out of 240 persons joined the course, 207 completed it. Madurai Meenakshi Temple priests have filed a case in the Supreme Court against the employing government trained priests in the temples. We formed an association in 2009 to implead in that case and on behalf of our association I was elected as president. I have been the President of the Association for the last 11 years. Our association’s motto was to seek the appointment of all the trained priests in the temples following agama sastras as we believe non-Brahmins can also perform poojas as a priest in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. But Brahmins were preventing the entry of the non-Brahmins, Tamil and Women saying that it would defile the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The Brahmins are outraged if we demand all those who have completed the proper training, irrespective of caste, become priests in government-controlled temples. Brahmins continue to hold the caste stigma of being superior by birth and others inferior.

That is why we are constantly campaigning on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp to reopen all the caste priest training schools that have been closed down by the government and to appoint trained priests in the big temples. In the meantime, on 01-07-2020, the Government of Tamil Nadu appointed Thiagarajan, one of the trained priest, as a priest in the Siddhi Ganesha Temple, Pudukottai, Nagamalai, Madurai District.

Since then we have been making demands that the government should appoint all the remaining trained students in the temples. We continue to promote it on Facebook and WhatsApp. Some people who can't stand it are constantly intimidating me on the phone. On 24-07-2020 at 8.55 am, a person from the Tamil Nadu Andhanar Sangam spoke on the phone number 9597187410. He asked me many questions and spoke disrespectfully to me.

Then one hour later someone else from phone number 7548815221 called me saying that he was from Brahmins Association. Without saying his name, he said to me “You cannot become a priest in Agama temples. You can be a priest in temples that do not follow agama, no matter what you do you can not even pluck a hair. Be careful.” He threatened, “See what you become.” Then on 26-07-2020 at around 5 pm a person who introduced himself as the former Trichy District Secretary for BJP Migrant Workers Protection spoke to me for more than half an hour from the number 9566626765 in a threatening tone. He asked me to join the poosari association and survive. In this way, I continue to receive death threats as we are seeking an appointment for our students at the temple following Agam rules.

This is not the first time that a Brahmin or at their instigation someone intimidating or attacking.

While we were studying at the Archakar Paadasalai in Thiruvannamalai, the teacher who taught us Agamam was attacked. They negotiated with me when we formed the association. When I did not budge, they attacked me in 2011. Today I am speaking on behalf of all the students in the press and television on the demand that all caste people should become priests.

I am therefore afraid that I may be attacked by Brahmins.

So, sir, I request you to call and interrogate those who are threatening to kill me and to give protection to my life and property.

For this

yours truly


State Coordinator

TamilNadu Government Trained Archaka's Association

Reg:No: 189/09

Mobile No: +91 90474 00485

Email : [email protected]

Our Blog: http://appsa-tn.blogspot.com

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