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Punia said, the government should make suitable arrangements for the purchase and payment of farmers' crops

BJP state president Dr. Satish Poonia has demanded the state government to make proper arrangements for the purchase and payment of the crops of the farmers. Also, the financial assistance received from the Center should be utilized in the public interest.

Poonia welcomed the decision of the central government to purchase mustard and gram at a support price of 40 quintals a day instead of a maximum of 25 quintals, keeping in mind the demand of farmers. He said, the farmers were facing problems due to the limitation of weighing, the Modi government removed this problem from them. The Government of India has decided that once the procurement process is completed by the state government, it will pay the purchase. Earlier, the farmer had to spend months to pay for his sold crop, but the decision of the central government would benefit the farmer.

Poonia said that the government has announced that it will build 800 centers in the state for the purchase of crop of farmers, but for such a large state, this number is very less. The government should make village service centers purchase centers, so that farmers can easily sell their crops.

It is very difficult for the farmer to take long distance to sell his crop in opposite conditions of the present, so the government should make arrangements to buy his crop at every gram panchayat level. Also announce the amount for its payment and arrange that the money reaches the farmer's account within a time limit.

Poonia also said that the Center has given thousands of crores of rupees assistance to the state government in different items in the event of corona infection and lockdown. The Chief Minister should ensure that instead of making false statements by his minister, the assistance from the Center should be conveyed to the people properly so that the people can get the benefit.

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500 PPE received for JK Lone Hospital by Medical Minister, made from nontoxic material

Dr. Saha under the direction of Superintendent Senior Professor Dr. Ashok Gupta. Professor Yogesh Yadav created it. PPE kit is convenient to wear and unload, as well as comfortable for long working hours

Medical and Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma was presented with 500 PPE kits made by Rotary Club on Wednesday. To overcome the shortage of PPE kit, Dr. Jehlon endured under the direction of Superintendent Senior Professor Dr. Ashok Gupta. It has been produced by Professor Yogesh Yadav.

According to the information, it is formed from nontoxic material. Which is convenient to wear and unload, as well as being comfortable for long hours. This kit being comfortable, economical and convenient, also meets all standards. Along with this, Ramesh Aggarwal and BC Jain also informed the medical minister about the social work being done by the club.

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Corona suspect hanged, ambulance personnel did not pick up the dead body due to no PPE kit

A young man committed suicide by hanging himself in the village Kailai in the district on Monday night. After the death of the young man, there was a stir in the police administration overnight. Ambulance personnel refused to carry the body due to his PPP kit not being a suspect due to his traveling history. This left the body lying there for four hours. The body was later taken to the district hospital, where samples were taken and sent to Jaipur for examination.

According to the information, Parasuram Mahawar (33), the Birju Mahawar son of village Kailai, gave his life by hanging himself. On receipt of information, Sikandra police station reached the spot. On inquiry, it was revealed that Birju Mahawar used to work in the factory in Ahmedabad.

During the lockdown, on March 27, he came to village Kailai, which was screened and kept on home isolation for 14 days. His home isolation period was completed on 11 April. He had been drinking continuously since then. He hanged after coming under depression.

Police trapped the body with the help of family members. The ambulance was ordered by the Sikandra police station in-charge, but the ambulance driver and the accompanying assistant refused to place the body in the ambulance. Due to which the body lay for about four hours. Sikandra police station in-charge told the officers not to keep the dead body in the ambulance.

Officers of the medical department were informed about the case over the telephone. The driver and assistant stationed in the ambulance said Corona could not place the body of the suspect in an ambulance because they did not have a PPE kit. The incident, which lasted for about four hours, was followed by ambulance personnel from Dausa with a PPE kit and transported the body to the community health center Sikandra.

Sikandra police station in-charge sent a letter to higher officials demanding action by ambulance personnel. Sikandra police station in-charge Rajpal Yadav said that the staff posted in the ambulance adopted a non-cooperation attitude. The body of the deceased has been sent to Dausa. On March 27, eight people including Birju Mahawar came from Ahmedabad in village Kailai. All these were not sampled by the medical department for examination. Only screened and placed on home isolation.

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