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  • This Delhi-Based NGO Is Focusing on Innovation in Education-

Hamari Pahchan NGO, based in Delhi which is Directed by international chess player Tarun Mathur (Founder) And his wife is Mrs. Anjili Mathur (president) Has developed a new measure of teaching and learning for the underprivileged children. Tarun Mathur founded Hamari Pahchan In 2014 and got it registered in 2015. From the very beginning, he has had a different vision of social work. He has a concept of ‘Help each Other’ and ‘creating someone’s own identity (Creating an own ‘Pahchan’). He started that “there is a clear difference between how public-school student behaves to that of how a government school student. The difference is majorly through which teaching is provided to them. Similarly, he has a different vision of providing resources and education to underprivileged children. He wants to bridge/cover the gap between a public-school student and a government school student.

  • Bridging The Educational Gap-

To bridge the gap, he stepped forward and established ‘classes for underprivileged students residing in slum areas and named them ‘Drishti Classes’. Under Drishti Classes, he provides students with informal education classes, which are held weekly and are based on crucial  topics for the development of child psyche and behavioral aspects. Concepts of hygiene, kindness, nature, etc. are undertaken through projectors, presentations, interactive sessions, English speaking, public dealing/speaking, games, and various innovative strategies designed to engage and simultaneously inform children.

  • Bridging The Digital Gap-

Even in lockdown, with a sudden closure of schools and everything being shifted online underprivileged students were facing problems in attending online classes, they were lacking the resources and medium to attend the online classes. By the same means, Hamari Pahchan NGO is trying to provide today’s youth with basic training in computers. This has a dual aim, primarily providing opportunities to unemployed yet educated youth as mentors for these children. The NGO is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to make a positive impact on the lives of the people they serve. The organization has a strong network of supporters and partners, including corporates, educational institutions, and government agencies, who contribute to its various initiatives.

  • Event organized for underprivileged children with American volunteers-

On the 25th of June 2022, Hamari Pahchan a Delhi-based NGO that aims at helping the marginalized of our society organized an event with a group of 21 volunteers from the USA to spend some valuable time with the underprivileged children at the Coolie Camp in Vasant Vihar. The event was organized under the supervision of their founder Mr. Tarun Mathur, a visionary by heart and mind, Mr. Mathur has been serving the government of India in the aviation department for over a decade. He is an international chess player who has represented India in multiple competitions in India and abroad. He has dedicated himself to the betterment of society, searching for genuine talents who have a will to succeed in life but cannot help themselves due to their unfortunate circumstances. This was followed by a few dance performances by the children. The performances were so energetic that even the foreigners were forced to take on to their feet. They were amazed at the talent that the children at the camp possessed. To make things even more interesting a dumb charades session was organized in which volunteers from the US were given the "what's in my heart" activity sheets of the children and they were to act upon the things drawn in the sheet and others had to guess what the person was trying to enact. All the people very enthusiastically participated in the dumb charades' session. The NGO arranged several hampers for the visiting guests. Each volunteer was gifted a small handbag along with a small kit placed inside the handbag. All these handbags and kits were completely hand-made and prepared by the underprivileged women at their homes under the Skill-development program being run by Hamari Pahchan NGO.

  • Conclusion-

In conclusion, Hamari Pahchan NGO is a shining example of how a group of committed individuals can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. The organization's focus on education, health, and gender equality has enabled it to transform the lives of thousands of people across India. With its dedicated volunteers and strong support network, Hamari Pahchan NGO is poised to continue its important work for years to come. 

Name- Nimesh Chandra sarkar

institute- IIAM B-SCHOOL Visakhapatnam.

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I glance at the calendar, hoping that it is not May 4th, that somehow it still says May 3rd.

Or 2 years ago, before I even had good reason to do this at the start of every season.

Finay the day came where calendar card reads loud and clear. May 4th, 2022.

I sigh.

Well, I said I would do it today. I did not say when.

No. Best to get it over with. I have to try.

So I dig out the phone.

With shaking hands, I pick up the phone. Slowly, I read the scrawled set of numbers in contacts. There’s really no need because I know this particular phone number by heart.


It rings. And rings. And rings. And then a click.

There it is. Her voice. I’ve never heard that voice as lovely In almost 2 years relation.

She knew why I called her and I know why iam hearing lovely words instead of shouting.

Yes, it's the day.

We felt for each other,

And yes, it's our 3rd love anniversary.

Wishing Many more my ❤

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It's exciting me a bit to start my first blog. Hope this blog helps the people with depression and any other mental illness. In this iam sharing you how to overcome through this phase, which i've faced in real life.

Whoever is in depression iam just saying you that it's okay to talk, because the joy doubles when you share and the sorrow reduces.

Thank you,

please read the blog completely,

A blog by the_bandipalli.


Is depression a disease???

No it's not a disease anymore...

Loneliness means more than just being physically alone. It is often defined as the distress that follows when there is a difference in how you would like your social relationships to be and how you think they are. The social environment you have while growing up can determine your comfort with social relationships and expectations about how they should be.

It is possible to feel lonely or isolated even when surrounded by people, when such connections are not seen as meaningful. Sometimes the opposite is also true; when you don’t feel lonely despite being alone, because you view solitude as a pleasant experience.

With the current health crisis and resultant lockdown, even people who usually enjoy solitude may be feeling lonely due to a lack of in-person social interaction.

How can it affect you?

A sense of loneliness when your social needs are not met can contribute to physical and mental changes which tell us that something is wrong.

Chronic loneliness can raise blood pressure, and impact cardiovascular, circulatory and immune functions of the body. People who feel lonely also perceive greater stress than non-lonely individuals in the same situations. Loneliness can have a negative impact on learning, memory and decision-making. It can also adversely affect your immune system and make you more susceptible to illnesses.

Being aware of your lack of social connections can affect your emotional well-being since you are likely to feel isolated, disconnected and empty, and long for someone to fill that emptiness. Chronic loneliness also affects the way in which you regulate these feelings. Depression and anxiety can intensify isolation because of perceived stigma and a lack of desire to meet people. It can also increase the risk of suicide, alcoholism and drug use.

How can you overcome it?

Accept and normalise loneliness

You might try to avoid this feeling by distracting yourself with TV, social media or chores. This might help you momentarily. However, it is important to accept how you’re feeling, and allow yourself to stay with and express these feelings regularly.

Develop awareness

Try to become aware of the effects that loneliness has on you, both physically and mentally. You can do this by paying attention to the way your body reacts and reflecting on how you feel and what you think in such situations. Remember that your brain is trying to make sense of these reactions, and your negative thoughts and feelings about the future are temporary and may not be true.

Be compassionate to others

Be kind to yourself

Show yourself the same kindness that you show others, and treat yourself as your loved ones do. Avoid criticising yourself or focusing on your flaws. Taking care of yourself means that you will not have to rely on others for love and acceptance, and this would help to decrease negative thoughts about yourself.

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Actor Manikanta❤️💛


Actor Manikanta





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It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. ✨💫 | Actor Manikanta


Actor Manikanta

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API receives Government Approval to begin shipments to Indonesia and Turkey

During the month of July, American Penaeid Inc. (API) received approval to export their SPF High Vigor brood stock to Indonesia and Turkey. Mr. Venkat Kumar, API Sales Manager (India), says that in the month following their approval in Indonesia, API has received orders for more than 8,000 brood stock from that country. Several Indonesian hatcheries have reached out to API in search of a heartier brood stock line to replace the lines they currently use. A new line that would provide bountiful harvests for the Indonesian farmers even under stressful and disease exposed pond conditions.

API’s Brood Stock Multiplication Center is located in Pine Island on the Southwest Florida Coast of the USA. The brood stock was developed using gene-based selection techniques which diminish inbreeding while improving survival and growth in normal and stressful environmental pond conditions. When API sent their first brood stock shipments to China in 2016, their orders were around 10, 000 pieces for the whole year. After that 1st year when the farmers had successful harvests in their ponds, API’s market share in China has grown exponentially. API is now a major supplier to the Chinese brood stock market, selling almost 4 lakh brood stock animals every year. Each year their market share increases based on the farmers demand for API’s high vigor line.

In March 2019, the Coastal Aquaculture Authority (CAA) permitted API to supply SPF High Vigor Brood stock for India’s hatcheries. Later that year API supplied around 16000 brood stock to 10 hatcheries in India. However, in 2020, despite having orders from hatcheries in India, API lost a few consignments due to flight restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on positive response from Indian hatcheries and farms API forecasts delivering 10000 brood stock animals between now and the end of 2020.

American Penaeid Inc is working to develop a strong market share in India. It has been challenging finding the correct footing in India, as most hatcheries are focused on high output of seed stock and fast growth animals. Feedback from farmers that stocked ponds with the API High Vigor line has been very positive. According to Mr. Venkat some farmers are reporting 100% survival. Shrimp performance continues to improve, and API is very excited for the future. Other farmers believe that ponds stocked with the API High Vigor line are so resistant they provide disease protection to adjacent ponds stocked with seed from other suppliers. In farming, API doesn’t get infected whitegut and survival remains even though its effect. Growing the API market share in India is going to take time, but as in other markets, API High Vigor brood stock are becoming known in India for their high-level tolerance and resistance.

Mr. Venkat says that API is encouraged by the tremendous results achieved by the Indian farmers and the repeat orders being placed from the hatcheries. Arrival shipping survival rates is 95% or more even though API doesn’t use any chartered flights. He says the normal price of API brood stock is 65$ but is offering lower prices for the month of August and September to Indian hatchery operators. For orders of 800 pieces, the price for these 2 months has been reduced to $58 including freight. Larger orders may be given additional discounts.

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Hello, people out there! Good Morning.

Yesterday was a black day. We all were absolutely shocked and devastated to hear about the miserable demise of a young, talented and versatile actor, Sushant Singh Rajput. He has left all of us with a question- How many of us are strangled with life? Can we be more humane so people with heavy hearts feel enough close, we don't keep ourselves to ourselves? Mental health and emotional wellness are realms often undervalued. Appearances are often misleading. Transparency has evolved from taboo to infamy.

I wish he discussed his mental health with family, friends, or even well-wishers. Guys, please hear me out!

It's okay to feel sadness.

It's okay to feel depressed.

It's okay to say 'NO'.

It's okay to let things go.



But, when you feel all alone and depressed, please feel free to consider sharing your mental indisposition with dear ones.

Life is crazy. And has been even crazier in the last couple weeks. Our minds have been racing, we've been rushing to figure out what will happen to our jobs, businesses, family, health, and everything in between. Mental health issues are common and are just like any other physical health conditions. Depression is real. Anxiety is real. Don't ignore your mental health. Your trauma is acceptable and substantial whether you've ever enunciated it or not. You deserve to be upset over it, but you also deserve to feel safe again. I hope beyond all else it doesn't derail your life, that it doesn't take good things away from you. But in some ways, it unavoidably will. In time, you'll heal. It'll fade. It'll hurt less. I hope you realize that we're all here for you even if you never feel pleased truly sharing it. You're braver and stronger than you think. If you're feeling apprehensive or depressed, try not to judge yourself for feeling like that as it can lead you to feel even more anxious or depressed and become a vicious cycle.

You may question the very purpose of life. You may feel unloved and may not find anything to love about that. These feelings are okay. Just don't keep them within yourself. Take professional help and talk about it. Give yourself some time to cry, mourn, grieve. Recovery isn't linear- slipping back is part of the healing process, so don't be so hard on yourself when it happens. Before you troll someone online or in person, please think thoroughly cause not everyone has the same emotional and mental level as you.

'Suicide is never an answer to your issues'. Communicate. That's the best thing anyone could possibly do. Out of the chaos, there's a hidden treasure just waiting to be divulged. You gain confidence in yourself by expressing what you've gone through or going through. It's also a great way to weed out those who aid you and those who don't. People can and will help you, you just need to search them out. And never ever let anyone or anything bring you down. There should be no fear. Mental health is something we all deal with. But now it's time to speak up and talk more openly about it so that everybody can feel more supported and exhorted to ask for help.

By opening up about what you're going through with others, you slowly become desensitized in a sense. The more you talk about it, you grow accustomed to those feelings in a manner that gives you control- something that we sufferers crave but hardly master. It takes vigor to talk about an intimate ordeal. There's always a peril of oversharing or making others embarrassed. This is especially true when talking about mental health. You control how much you feel comfortable sharing this and this gives you power. This empowerment is modest and it will open many doors for you. It's almost as if you're owning yourself. Yes, your experience is painful, manic, and tragic at times, but that all encompasses your being. There's no reason to punish yourself for mistakes. Lessons learned and now it's time to be empowered.

Let's us all eliminate the stigma on mental illness and seek treatment.

Sending all the stability, glint, warmth, and tenderness to everyone out there XX.





We lost yet another dedicated actor and a wonderful human to depression.

I still remember the time when I cried after watching his movie 'Kedarnath' on 7th Dec 2018. I rushed out of the theatre post-climax and started crying( this might sound weird, but that's what it was). He lived in the character and put in his thorough efforts in the film. 'Chhichhore' is the sort of film that we can all add to, with our own versions of the same story. And not just it, he told us the 'untold story of MSD' and let his own story be untold and chastised himself. We hadn't realized that the one who can top in the entrance exam and one who can crack the most difficult subject cannot combat depression. He hid a zillion emotions behind his smile. Isn't this actually heartbreaking? I do wish it weren't true. I wish we had a time machine. I wish we could undo all of this and start afresh. We all have failed as humans. Tears roll down my cheeks as I write this. How do we all accept the absence of a rising star?

Gone too soon. India mourns him.

I wish we could bring him back. I so wish.

In the loving memory of,

Sushant Singh Rajput

Lots of love and respect,

Samhitha Shekhar

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Exam phobia solution

Say Goodbye To Exam Phobia!


1)"I have a severe stomach ache, I feel like vomiting ... Mom, please!! I can't go for exam."

2)"I read it! I knew it all ... But I just blacked out."

3)"I just couldn't write! My hands were trembling."

4)"I messed up this question! I can do nothing right... I can never succeed in life!!"

Many students feel that they will forget their answers or might not be able to write exactly what they have studied or prepared. A small amount of anxiety helps the brain to function and students are able to memorize whatever they have studied. But when this minimal level is crossed, anxiety has negative implications on the students. As a result, students cannot perform well and many students are seen to run away from exams. They consider not to appear for exams as a better option than failing to achieve the expected score. An extreme condition of exam phobia can lead to depression too.

Years long research have concluded Examination Phobia or Examophobia as a mental disorder of students. Although often used exchangeable, a disease and a disorder are not the same. A disease is a definite pathological process having a characteristic set of signs and symptoms. Disorder, on the other hand is a disturbance or derangement that affects the function of mind or body. Diseases are caused by extrinsic features whereas disorders occur due to intrinsic abnormalities.

As the definition of disorder itself states, the remedy behind phobias lie within the individual. Parents and teachers can play a big role in helping students to overcome exam phobia. Parents should understand that each individual is different and hence has different potential. They should not impose their expectations on their child as it can complicate the situation. Parents should always have a one-to-one interaction with their children to find out if they are facing any difficulty in their studies. This will not only help parents to keep a track of their child’s growth and also will make the child feel that they have someone to go to when in need. But parents should also not be over protective as it can make their children completely dependent on them. And when the child will be alone in any hard situation, it might be difficult for him/her to tackle that situation and if that situation is an upcoming exam, the child might develop exam phobia.

Teachers, on the other hand, can also help students in handling exam phobia. Firstly, a student should understand if he/she has developed exam phobia and if so that its treatment is necessary. Exam phobia can generally occur due to lack of preparedness for the exam and sometimes due to over preparedness also. Some examophobics claim not having a clear understanding of a particular subject as their cause of anxiety. Hence, a teacher should make the students understand that he/she is always available for the clearing their doubts. Also, students should be taught the importance of time management by having a systematic routine. As test anxiety is something very common in students nowadays, they should be provided with the motivation and confidence to face their exams boldly.

On an individual level, proper preparation, in depth and detailed study with some sort of group discussion with friends and teachers can help an aspirant to keep away the fear of exams. A balanced diet, some sort of meditation, proper amount of sleep, sufficient breaks, regularity, sincerity and concentration are the tools to be used for exam preparations.

- -Himagiri Nadiminti

  1. It's not uncommon for students to experience such problems before/ during an exam.
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Don't stress up

○Did you took alcohol before sleep?

○DID YOU took a shower before bed?

○DID YOU EXPERIENCED any workout in past few hours before going to bed?

○DOES Your room is too warm?

○ YOUR Dinner was too heavy and too late?

○DOES YOUR feeling You’re overwhelmed?

○DID YOU used mobile before going to bed?

○Do you drink coffee or tea or caffeine containing substance?

○Do u have any anxiety problem or depression problem?

○Did you listen any music before sleep?

○Do you have any sexual desire?

○Don't u drink milk before going to bed?

○Do u get dreams at night time?

FROM THE ABOVE QUESTIONS IF YOU GOT MORE THAN 7 questions are yes then ur SUFFERING from psychological problem but not from insomnia....

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I want to be an student playing game and photographer

My stylish pic



I want to be an photographer playing game and photographer

My stylish pic



I want to be an photographer playing game and photographer

My stylish pic



I want to be an photographer playing game and photographer

My stylish pic