این اعتراضات هفته گذشته پس از آن آغاز شد که مقامات یارانه گندم وارداتی را قطع کردند و باعث افزایش 300 درصدی قیمت محصولات آرد شد.


آلبوم " زندگی ادامه دارد " با صدای حمیدرضا قربانی منتشر شد.

این آلبوم موسیقی در ژانر پاپ است و شامل چهار قطعه موسیقی با نام های " بدون تو " " سلام " " زندگی " و " دیوانه " می باشد.

آهنگسازی این آثار بر عهده ی حمیدرضا قربانی و شای واتسون ، خواننده و هنرمند آمریکایی بوده و شای واتسون هم از خوانندگان اصلی این آلبوم است.

میکس و مسترینگ آلبوم را حمیدرضا قربانی انجام داده است.

هنرمندان و خوانندگان مهمان در آلبوم عبارتند از : جنی تیتور از ایالات متحده ی آمریکا / سارا ربکا از ایرلند/ و الا هاراتت از کانادا می باشند که از ستارگان موسیقی دنیا هستند و در کنار شای واتسون و حمیدرضاقربانی هنرنمایی کردند.

اشعار این آلبوم به زبانهای فارسی و انگلیسی است که ترانه های فارسی آهنگها را حمیدرضاقربانی سروده است.

حمیدرضا قربانی از معدود خوانندگان و آهنگسازانی است که به عنوان یک آرتیست ایرانی در حوزه موسیقی اینترنشنال با هنرمندان زیادی در آلبوم های مختلف هنرنمایی کرده و قوی ظاهر شده است.

این آلبوم هم اکنون در سایتهای موسیقی در دسترس است و در پلتفرم های جهانی موسیقی موجود می باشد


" Life Goes On " Album is Out Now!

The album " Life Goes On " was released with the voice of Hamidreza Ghorbani.

This music album is in the pop genre and includes four pieces of music called "Without You", "Hello", "Life" and "Crazy".

The composition of these works is by Hamidreza Ghorbani and Shay Watson, an American singer and artist, and Shay Watson is one of the main singers of this album.

Mixing and mastering of the album was done by Hamidreza Ghorbani.

Guest artists and singers on the album include Jenny Teator From United States / Sarah Rebecca From Ireland / and Ella Haratt From Canada, who are world music stars and have performed alongside Shay Watson and Hamidreza Ghorbani.

The lyrics of this album are in Persian and English languages ​​and the Persian songs are composed by Hamidreza Ghorbani.

Hamidreza Ghorbani is one of the few singers and composers who, as an Iranian artist in the field of international music, has performed with many artists in various albums and has appeared strong.

This album is now available on music sites and on global music platforms.


بزرگترین مرکز ساخت تابلو چلنیوم در ایران

بزرگترین مرکز ساخت تابلو چلنیوم در ایران…

هر تابلویی را می توانید تصور کنید!!

طراحی مهندسی شده با نرم افزار های تخصصی ، ساخت تر کیبی از هنر و تکنولوژی توسط هنرمندان تابلو سازی و دستگاه های پیشرفته ساخت تابلو و در نهایت نصب تابلو چلنیوم شما و بینندگان آن را به وجد خواهد آورد.


Zahra meygoli (born July ‎26, 1990) ‏is an Iranian Instagram blogger, educator, ‏content creator, ‏Instagram influencer who is famous for her Making documentaries about jobs tutorial videos about jobs ‎” ‏on her Instagram account named ‎“Karestoonegoli”. ‏

‏ ‏ He was born in Bushehr and currently lives in Iran. Her husband is an Iranian short filmmaker and he has been working in cinema for several years. Zahra is an only child who has neither a sister nor a brother and her husband is one of the people who encouraged her a lot in her success.

She has about 40,000 followers on Instagram over the course of a year because of his useful content. Then, after graduating from Bushehr Azad University with a degree in accounting, he pursued his interest in coaching, Instagram blogging and education. He has conducted several courses and workshops in the field of coaching and training on Instagram and business.‏

After several years working as an Instagrammer and blogger, he became interested in teaching, so he started new courses in different businesses, online called "Karestoonegoli", to share his knowledge and interest with others.. ‏

‏She’s currently conducts professional Instagram and blogging courses for people all over Iran and abroad, and creates educational content for her followers on Instagram blogging with smartphones, blogger tricks and tips.

‏Her most impressive characteristic personality is that she’s exactly herself and doesn’t follow anyone.

‏ Blogging content on Instagram and her coaching is useful and easy for anyone who is interested in becoming a professional.

‏ Zahra is an inspiration for all those who want to stand out on social media, especially Instagram. According to her, one of the secrets of self-governing women is that they are self-aware, know what they just want and what their strengths and weaknesses are, and these women have strong strategies that increase their strengths and weaknesses by Reduces accuracy.

‏One of the other points is being fearless and brave in caching their goals, ‏they work hard for their aim without tiredness and pulling away and trying to fill their mind and their heart with faith and hope.

‏They know that it wouldn’t be easy to achieve what they want, ‏and it needs a lot of efforts and patience, ‏and they are all alone in it, ‏but they believe in their abilities, ‏and they come to win.

Let’s have a brief interview with our young heroine.

Hi Zahra, ‏tell a little about yourself?

Hello, ‏my name is Zahra Meygoli, ‏I’m a Instagram blogger, ‏ Accounting graduate

‏ After graduating from university, I made a mistake between choosing a college major and my real interest, which was business coaching and Instagram consulting, then I decided to pursue my dream and learn what I love, and I thought This guarantees my future.

‏ So I started learning and participating in some courses as Dr. Rabbani and Ali Hajimohammadi and Ahmad Kalate coaching workshop and I developed myself step by step in it.

Well, ‏when did you decide to communicate with people on social media, ‏and what was your motivation for it?

I started my own business in 2020, first sending my training videos and sharing them, but my main decision was to start working for those who can't find their idea and are stuck in life.

How does your Instagram activity mean to you? Is it serious or only for your joy?

‏It’s definitely serious, ‏and in fact it’s my job and career but as I really like it, ‏so it’s kind of fun too.

What content you share on your Instagram page?

I share a few topics about how to find business, how to use Instagram properly, in a simple and creative way.

In addition, I like to help people increase their self-confidence and motivate people who do not believe in themselves to be more positive in their work.

What’s your key to success? And your popularity?

In my point of view perhaps it’s because I’m my truly self and I don’t pretend for anything, ‏and I care so much about my followers’ ‏time, ‏so I try to make summarized, ‏quick and short content for them.

‏But generally I believe success is a mixture of persistent effort, ‏passion, ‏patience and a little talent.

Thanks, ‏and what are your final words for people who follow you and want to be successful?

I advise you to respect your fans, love them, be their friend, avoid creating frustration in your business and have specific goals.


ایرانیان به خیابان ها می آیند و از مسئولان می خواهند آب آنها را تأمین کنند. شب ششم ، به عنوان شدیدترین گرما فقط در تاریکی فروکش می کند.

ایران از بدترین خشکسالی در 50 سال گذشته رنج می برد.

فقط در روزهای دوشنبه و سه شنبه ، 31 اعتراض در سراسر کشور برگزار شد.

فیلم ها در شبکه های اجتماعی نشان می دهد که پلیس تظاهرات کنندگان را با گاز اشک آور متفرق می کند.


در نتیجه آتش سوزی در یک پالایشگاه نفت در تهران که از شامگاه 2 ژوئن آغاز شد ، 11 نفر زخمی شدند.

این پالایشگاه یکی از بزرگترین پالایشگاههای کشور است که حدود 15 درصد از ظرفیت پالایش ایران را تأمین می کند. این کارخانه بنزین ، سوخت دیزل ، نفت گاز ، مازوت و سایر فرآورده های نفتی تولید می کند.


Saadi's Day

Annually, on April 21 (Apr. 20 in leap years) a crowd of foreign tourists and Iranians gather at Saadi's tomb in order to mark the day.

This commemoration day is held on the 1st of Ordibehesht, the second month of the Solar Hijri calendar (see Iranian calendar), the day on which Saadi states that he finished the Golestan in 1256.

Abū-Muhammad Muslih al-Dīn bin Abdallāh Shīrāzī, better known by his pen name Saadi, also known as Sadi of Shiraz; born 1210; died 1291 or 1292, was a major Persian poet and prose writer of the medieval period. He is recognized for the quality of his writings and for the depth of his social and moral thoughts. Saadi is widely recognized as one of the greatest poets of the classical literary tradition, earning him the nickname "The Master of Speech" or "The Wordsmith" or simply "Master" among Persian scholars. He has been quoted in the Western traditions as well.Bustan has been ranked as one of the 100 greatest books of all time by The Guardian.

Saadi is well known for his aphorisms, the most famous of which, Bani Adam, is part of the Gulistan. In a delicate way it calls for breaking down all barriers between human beings

The original Persian text is as follows:

بنى آدم اعضای یکدیگرند

که در آفرینش ز یک گوهرند

چو عضوى بدرد آورَد روزگار

دگر عضوها را نمانَد قرار

تو کز محنت دیگران بی غمی

نشاید که نامت نهند آدمی

banī ādam a'zā-ye yekdīgar-and

ke dar āfarīn-aš ze yek gowhar-and

čo 'ozvī be dard āvarad rūzgār

degar 'ozvhā-rā na-mānad qarār

to k-az mehnat-ē dīgarān bīqam-ī

na-šāyad ke nām-at nahand ādamī

This is a verse translation by Ali Salami:

Human beings are limbs of one body indeed;

For, they’re created of the same soul and seed.

When one limb is afflicted with pain,

Other limbs will feel the bane.

He who has no sympathy for human suffering,

Is not worthy of being called a human being.

And by Richard Jeffrey Newman:

All men and women are to each other

the limbs of a single body, each of us drawn

from life’s shimmering essence, God’s perfect pearl;

and when this life we share wounds one of us,

all share the hurt as if it were our own.

You, who will not feel another’s pain,

you forfeit the right to be called human.


در ایران ، روز گذشته ، 84 نفر فقط در طی یک روز اقدام به خودکشی کردند

84 اقدام به خودکشی ، هشت مورد ناشی از خودزنی بود ، سه مورد - از طریق حلق آویز ، 15 مورد - از مسمومیت عمومی ، در حالی که 11 مورد - از مسمومیت دارویی. پنجاه و هشت قربانی برای زنده ماندن به مراقبت از بیمارستان نیاز داشتند ، اما 14 نفر از رفتن به بیمارستان خودداری کردند. حدود 10-12 نفر در اثر افرادی که به بیمارستان منتقل شدند جان خود را از دست دادند. یک نفر در صحنه فوت کرد و بقیه در بیمارستان نیازی به کمک نداشتند.