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The oldest Iranian hand-woven carpet was discovered in 1949 during the second phase of Russian archeological excavations by Rodenko in the Pazyryk region and was called the Pazyryk carpet.

In a book published in Russia on the occasion of these discoveries in 1953, Rodenko wrote a detailed description of the discovered carpet, explicitly stating the work of Iran and the oldest Iranian carpet in the world. He wrote: "Without being able to say with certainty which of the lands of the Medes (ancient Khorasan) or Persia, the date of the carpet and the fabrics discovered in Pazyryk is the fifth or early fourth century BC. It will be recognized. "

Then he adds: "The history of this rug is known from the shape of the horsemen. The way of showing the horses m10.jpg "Pazyryk of various details and how to tie the horses' tails can also be seen in the reliefs of Persepolis."

During the Mongol domination (13th and 14th centuries AD), carpet weaving reached a very high level of beauty and technique. The flourishing of this industry may have coincided with the reign of Ghazan Khan (1305-1295 AD).

But the peak of classical Iranian carpet, which is known as the Renaissance of Iranian carpet, has been recorded during the Safavid sultans (1722-1499 AD), especially during the reign of Shah Tahmasb I (1587-1524 AD) and Shah Abbas Kabir (1629-1587 AD). اند. About 3,000 carpets are remembered from this period, which are kept in the great museums of the world or in private collections.

During this period, carpet weaving workshops were built next to the palaces of kings and various centers that previously existed in Tabriz, Isfahan, Kashan, Mashhad, Kerman, Joshqan, Yazd, Astarabad, Herat and northern states such as Shirvan, Qarabagh and Gilan were further developed and prospered. they got.

At the same time, high-ranking painters and painters incorporated concise designs and a combination of bergamot in the middle of the rug and elastics. That is, the same design that was previously used in the most beautiful way in the fifteenth century on the cover of valuable books.

With the occupation of the country by the Afghans (1722-1721 AD), this industry and art declined.

In the 19th century, Iranian carpets, especially the exquisite carpets of Tabriz, found their way to Europe. Representatives from European countries were sent to all the countries of the Orient and, in a very intense competition, collected all the old carpets and sent them to Constantinople, which was still the most important carpet market in the Orient.

With the depletion of old carpet resources, British (Ziegler 1883) American and German companies set up unlimited workshops in Tabriz, Sultanabad (Arak), Kerman. This trend continued until World War I, when carpet production increased significantly.


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Everyone who saw you got stuck ... it boiled hard and evaporated

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Listen to my poem with you ... Do not plot, do not talk, listen

They made your poem with the suffocation of blood ... they made you a monster of madness

The root reaches the blood and the blood ... When the fruit becomes the bomb of madness

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Poetry If the wound of the tongue is sharper ... My city is more than Konya Tabriz

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