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Like most people trusting our government to do the right for its people, will always be questionable it the minds of most. With all that's happening in and around the world everyone on lock down, job cuts, and WiFi becomes our new GOD. "Stay at home" Online classroom issues and the many frustration of parents trying to keep up with schools and teachers.

Overload of networks will seems to be the new norm opening the door for 4G+=5G.

Here are some great questions to ask our government and must be answered.

  1. We need to see a publish report on all those who died from this virus?.
  2. Medical proof that the virus is what our Medical team say it is, not from an international report?.
  3. The truth about 5G and the cover up reports, dated as far back as 1994 Motorola?.
  4. The Islands Telecommunications company own investigation and report on the 5G side effects?.
  5. MASK MASK MASK, the big questions is, do they really prevent the virus from spread?
  6. Mandatory "VACCINE" not seeing that happening here on this island, this must be a question ask by the government to its people?.
  7. 30 years from now, what will be the country's reflection on 2020?.
  8. The BIG QUESTION on most Islanders is, did the government sold out the country to a billionaire?.
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