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Cry in The City..... 

My people finding everything Funny what's with the memes and Emoji

Captions all trendy now it a treats for pleasure and treasure.

Man Eat societies...

Putting the meal on the Table

Not promised as the Promise Land

You want to go with the Trends

Selling for Social Media

It the Cost you have to Pay

Google Pays handsomely

You just need to be on the Look Out

The opportunities presented before you

Open your inner-within Eyes see Beyond the Seas.

Beyond the Sky.

The Sky Can't be the Limit....after all mankind in the Moon what else would be impossible.

What would harm you if you went beyond their reach enriching right? Freeing your mind..

Breathtaking freedom but how many of us have the courage to match forward and claim.

~Wholeheartedly this is Mine

[This is me..... Matching forward

I got this, I already got me I will win

No matter what.... Losing is a part of winning

You learn more when you lose... You master the skill with more perseverance, patience and with persistent.]

Everything matters in every moment of your journey...There are no short cuts after all you don't want short comings do you?

Every piece has a place in the Puzzle

Believe.. Dedicate then claim

While you don't know when the next opportunity will knock at your door

You safe ready, putting your guard on

I would sell you a manual for success

But most importantly

Be in line with your inner self, peace, happiness and fulfillment

Love to self, others most importantly God.

Any thing you hope to achieve..

you already have everything you need to succeed achieving it you just need the right mindset to win.

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Equatorial Guinea-Bissau

.....Scream Quietly.... Walls have Ears

Wind blows the curtain by the sides

"It might be so 'Cold Out' there, at this times of the Night considering where we are..... 🌐geographically we took a walk to Equatorial Guinea-Bissau...

The Indica dedicating all the Presence 'Masau' words might be rekindling all together....

The site as I have always been thinking all along

Geography classes back in High school kick in harder...

Trying to locate Equatorial Guinea-Bissau in a map only this time in my mind... All I hear is a cool wind breeze coming from a window on my right, from where am taking a tour...

Beautiful Motherland.... "Mama AFRIKA"

"Maarifaa Arifu(a friend/Rafiki /Amigo)

tufike (let go to) Ethiopia, Addis Ababa first

Greatings Ras Raftarians

Most High.." Nimetoka Safari

Safaricom kunikimbisha na data bundles

Mafuta ya kupika kupanda

Bei ya Bidhaa.... Kupanda kiholela holea

Chorea... Hiyo story

Nadai kubonga na Kenyatta ...

Tuachie Uhuru kiasi.....

More Fire... My shashamane people welcomed me well in Ethiopia... Utopia.. Epitome Pia. "

Pass me the Remote...

Hit it from Behind she 'shouts'

It's the Only way you get a Remote working...

The remote is working now,

I browser quickly looking for physical features of slopy nature and curvy as they come in Dodoma, Tanganyika utachanganya Wali Mwanangu..?

Beauty in Moving hips... Hippos

Attacking wild beasts crossing over..

... But am struck by the reflection of the pillars in Egypt.

All cultures extend to morroco

Am trying to keep it Local promoting Tembea Kenya na Nje ya Kenya pia Africa tuko Home.

Himalayas all layers I fuel my ride in Libya

Oilibya to keep you on the road

Thika road all bridges you will probably be paying taxes if the bill on Motion is passed by your dear

Member of Parliament already neglected parenting obligations you sent him to commit.

All we hear is young youths committing suicide

At this time am fixed to putting my call through to Mr. Kenyatta bana Tuachie Uhuru kidogo bwana...!


"Hatuna kazi, Hakuna Kazi

Ambia Serikali ikutafutie Kazi

Tutakufinya.. Wewe"

Will I be one of them?




"Okoa Jahazi.. uhunye mambo baya


Siasi ndio hii sasa hatuwezi hepa


Mkubwa niliwashow mimi Ni Msanii wakaningeuzia bana..!

Hakuna Msanii hatumii Bhang...

Nilikuwa Ngara natembea masaa Yake

Ata wangesema sina mask

Mask si Must

Iko wapi?

Hauna evidence

Wakanitoka mia tano bei ya mkate kwako...

Wameacha kwangu bila vyakula jameni?

Na bado mmoja anadai siku ingine Tembea na evidence..bana hapana kaa namna hiyo bwanaa Alaa! Kwendaa toka hapa

My mind goes to my good friend morata wise words area coded Kasarani.

"Hizi vitu weka kwa kichwa si kwa mfuko

Unless ww ni pedi morata"

I see the whole sense Rasta man

Wataku.. accuse nawadai

Mistaken Identity..


El presidente

Sir nitume Tu Equatorial Guinea-Bissau

Chini ya mti na Mnazi

Maziwa, mafuta, mkate, unga

Pia Gas

Bidhaa ya kila siku

Cheza kama wewe manze....!

Nadai ku.. Uplift my people without lifts

  1. Hii Muziki ifikie kila mtu... (let this music reach every one)
  2. Ngao ndio ulinzi. (May the shield be our defender)
  3. Toka kwa Gereza na minyoro yeyote ambayo inakukuba kwa sasa na kukuthibiti kufikia wito wako. (may you free yourself from the imprisonment and all the chains that may be holding you back from your true purpose)

Pat-Riot is a track dedicated to Youths

In regards to daily hustles, struggles, challenges faced and how they manifest in behavior and lifestyle

The hook goes back on back


Queen J

"why is it always this way

Days days of hunger

Out here out youths straps in drugs

To make their days feel easier" ×2

Off Illest Mind$et Album out on YouTube, Spotify, Shazam, Apple Music iTunes and Soundcloud...

Bless up

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If you are Asking, I don't Know

Why are you constantly trying to Measure my intelligence?

IQ which is not so common as you might know by now....

Fixated to recurring thoughts... Side by side wind blows... Shivers on my chest

She took my Phone to write a text message

I had some credit left... After one hour browsing keeping up with the trends...

But no was gazing at the moment wondering why...?

She might be throwing the tantrums this time round.

As you would presume I don't know

I actually don't wanna know at the moment...

Am far away past the Seven Seas

I see want they can't see

"Dumpsite Dummies "

Am over here claiming my Powers all this time I sacrificed under the Surface.... nightmares no sleep.

Gathering all I can find "Gold" they don't see... They have labeled me crazy....

I eat the Crazy... Am in Nairobi

"Janga la Mawe

Vijana wako juu ya Mawe... Kokoto

Wataokota Wakikosa kikosi

Polisi mistaken Identity yet niko na Identification card

I. D

Mimi si idle na jenga nchi

Lakini bei ya bidhaa Aaaa

Wanaumiza nyama, matumbo, tumbo, mwili hadi Tumaini"

All this time you have not been listening to me

Deaf ears haaiya...

We have talked about this a lot lately you don't pay attention....

~ When am talking to you

~Always on your phone all the time

They are keeping you company I See

How.... How would I be paying attention to this anyways

Will it pay my bills

Stima (electricity bills)

Silence fills the ambiance

Like we are waiting at doctor's bay

For our names to be called out

At this moment you bet we have already booked an appointment..

Gun blazing on our heads I mean

Noting the best points to oppose the opponent.

Cool down your temper and the Ego 2

Pride apart

You will fly higher than ... Kenya Airways

I was just Wondering....

Communication is key in each and every relationship.

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Is World War 3 Imminent?: Russia’s defacto expansionist policy in eastern Ukraine !

Perhaps Hans Morgenthau ( 1948) was right when he opined that politics among Nations is entirely anchored on selfish interests and I suppose neither was John Mearsheimer ( 2001) wrong in his analogy that great powers will hardly agree on a common blueprint especially if their interests are at stake. The recent tensions between Moscow and Kyiv is not unprecedented especially from a realist point of view as opposed to a liberal standpoint.

Why Russia invaded Ukraine?

During the cold war paranoia in the 20th century that witnessed a worldwide computation for political influence between the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic ( USSR) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO) alliance, Ukraine was part of the 15 states that made up USSR. Infact, Ukraine was pupported to be the second largest state after Russia. It is worth noting that Ukraine and Russia shared a pedigree of mutual relations to the point that in 1954 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev gave Ukraine the Crimean peninsula so as to strengthen cordial relations between them. But when the Soviet Union collapsed during the abatement of the cold war, Ukraine got their own Independence in 1991. Subsequently, Ukraine began to strengthen ties with the West and gradually weaken ties with Russia sia. To add insult to injury, Ukraine decided to join NATO which Russia perceived as an existential security threat and in 2014 Russia annexed Crimea. Post – Crimea annexation has witnessed massive tensions between Moscow and Kyiv. This explains why Ukraine has been relentlessly trying to join NATO to balance Russia’s irredentism. Although Ukraine is only a partner and not a member of NATO, she stands the chance to gain from NATO’s guiding principle,” All for one and one for all”. This is to mean any attack on a NATO member is an attack to all members. Most of Moscow’s neighbouring countries like Latvia, Liuthania and others have joined NATO and maybe Russia feels it needs to flex its muscles to counter NATO influence in Eastern Europe.

Is World War 3 Imminent?

Samuel Huntington ( 1996) predicted that people’s cultural and religious identities will be the main source of conflict in the post – cold war world. But we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the nature of conflicts globally with inter – state and intra – state conflicts skyrocketing in almost equal proportion. Are they largely predicated on culture and religion? Partly yes. Forthrightingly, the possibility of conventional war in a unipolar world today is something that we have deemed unthinkable. Can the tensions between Moscow and Kyiv lead us to a world war 3? If we extrapolate our thinking based on how world war 2 began then it’s very difficult for one not to take this interstate conflict seriously. Of course the international milleau has changed over time but we cannot downplay the fact that power configuration in the international system is in a continuous state of flux and states are guided by selfish national interests.

Has International Law failed?

On 23rd February 2022 the United Nations security council convened a meeting to discuss Moscow – Kyiv tensions which is a threat to international peace and security. 11 security council members voted to condemn Russia and called for an end to Russia’s defacto expansionism into eastern Ukraine. Russia who is a member of the security council vetoed while India, China and the United Arab Emirates abstained. Will Russia respect the final decision of the security council?

International law has attracted a lot of criticisms with many contemplating that International law is on its death bed. But the questions that we need to ask ourselves is ; how would the world be if it was completely anarchical? If the law of the jungle was to prevail, what would the world look like? What if there was no jus cogens, opinio juris, jus gentium, jus in bello, jus adbellum, post – adbellum and international humanitarian law? Well I’m not trying to justify that international law has been entirely effective. But with the rising threats to international peace and security, we need international law more than ever before.

Which way for Ukraine – Russia conflict?

Moscow and Ukraine must respect the Minsk declaration that happened back in 2014 and settle their differences amicably. War as an instrument of foreign policy in this case is unthinkable. It was Eleanor Roosevelt who said that there are no winners in war. For us to end the crisis in Kyiv, both regional and global cooperations must work together to enable a smooth peace process. A rapprochement between Moscow and Kyiv will also bring NATO to the table and negotiate with Russia. If compromise will bring peace in the region so be it. In the final analysis we need to fully embrace preventive diplomacy in the 21st century and I think maybe if principled negotiations were given a first hand priority, maybe things wouldn’t have escalated this far between Moscow and Kyiv.

For contact :-

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What is success?

Is it in the doing you succeed... Do we have proper measurements for success if we ask

  1. Achievements and accomplishments are part of success right?
  2. Legacy is it in the top notch say "Self actualization"

Where do we put fulfillment and purposeful in all this success entanglement of a relationships.

Off our sea surrounded by crocodiles and sharks on our way to reach Success.

It’s all that matters now after all if you fall into the sea you eaten by what you know... Who

Failure shouting all round you...

"So am sitting looking through the winds which to me offers all this opportunities.

I mean it's my go to shop... Offering the thoughts off the market"

Am looking at several tall buildings all of different colors so my wondering which one is successful among all without considering the different designs, amenities and any other features when is look at for a rental house.

I mean for all I know all may be full to capacity at this time of my thought so what real, matters to you might not matter to the other in all respectful order.

what fuels success?

Can you point a successful person without having an insight about their story / life.

  1. (How does success look to you?)
  2. How does success look to us? / what about the community /society (societal norms)

If you ask me I think we all successful, by the virtual of been just alive.

The only separating factor is the power to show up... On every individual.

You can be successful anywhere you wish

_ *All you need is the right mindset

_* Preparing and researching paying attention to execution time.

Succeed on your lane... Don't be distracted by other Lanes keep pushing yourself.

You don't need anyone else to discover you, your great gifts imagine what that will do to your gifts.

Spread your wings soar high dismiss the fears that hold you back.


You win, succeed and success is on your way, by your ways and becomes your way.

As you chase your dreams you matter,your mental health matters.

What surrounds you matters in your growth all the way.

Cultivate your energy levels they matter in your success.

Emotions and moods translates to feelings, feelings >Become habits, habits becomes routines

Routines become lifestyles

It takes you only 21 days to reset and restart

Imagine that in your success achievement

Remember brands and cities take time to come up what matter furthermost is the preparation.

Get in Touch via email

[email protected]


@nople.p on YouTube, instagram, Boomplay, Apple Music iTunes, soundcloud, Audiomack, Amazon music and Spotify

Tiktok @nople.p yoo

Facebook :#noplepstories

Enjoy simplicity on your way to success

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

On YouTube and all platforms

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Hope you will make it in the darkest moment as you see it_ A gift in disguise.

Alteast that's what you and I tell ourselves right?

Think about it.... Who prepares you for this times when you so empty

Alone yet there are a billion people in the world.

No one.... Cares Nowadays.... Anymore?

Who cares nowadays anyway?

You choose to take a walk..... Along the road you meet a person in more need_situational need I mean they are hustling for food in the street and stops every pass by... For spare change

Just to get something

They narrates to you, how they have missed meals days after days .... You sympathize with them and give them 20 bob.

For seconds you wondering _why you are stressing and someone out here

Is in a more devastating situation in life

You say thank you for the much you are graced with.

The person you just helped has accepted the situation and sharing out the burden.

What about you?

You are just suppressing your needs (stressors) in your life at that given moment

And burying them deep within the other wounds

Who is coming to save _You?

No... One

Only you who can save you...


#noplepmusic #noplepstories #psychoeducation #mentalhealthmatters

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Tears tear down the page

Floods of emotion rolling all over.... The chicks

River flowing down on the chin....

Valleys and hills he came from, beautiful people with genuine generous heart.. Contrary to the control of the Big Eyed City..

"Janga la Mawe".... Contributing factor to the demonstration to offset the administration..

Demolishing campus social studies community on the streets.

Guarded by the city police....state properties

Resources owned by individuals

The son of the Father what are you left to Feed from they are pushing you off the streets..

Scarp metal is off the market shilling on the heart attack... Empty tables for the street familia.

Who is familiar with the untold pains stuck deep down the spine of Wanjiku...

She still cooking with the Jiko with Gas prices spiking her hand earned money...

The Giftings of Her mother Nature not captured on the the Financial year spending.

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Doubt is A Killer

How would I believe you all this time?

You made me lose all the hope, believe and hope I had to Myself

How did you manage to capture me enstrangle me with chains on my hands and the whole body in Your imprisonment

Not ever the light through the window would lit up the Room

Door closed no matter how hard I kept Knocking, pushing

How would you left me free..... You was feeding on me for

Your Survival.... Parasite

How I thought I was weak.... Hated my Surname for what.... It's African meaning An Animal

PLAYING me every chance you Got

How many times you echoed on my Ears

Years in years out....

"You will never amount to Nothing Loser"

Men you.... so sick

You made me so Mad...... Sick

I guess that's why am Illest Mind$et

I wonder if you were testing me....what if I listened to you

Where would I be now?

Doubt you are a Killer

How would you make me be a shame of me myself....

Who am I

Men let me be.... Am me


You were all the time you didn't give me


It's good right Now I don't know where you live

Unless You have two lives

I would kill you twice just to make sure

You are Dead

Doubt you are a killer

Am glad I killed You

.... The disturbances and troubles you caused my Mind

Tormenting and torture you caused my Soul

All the same you was gift in disguise..



Mental health activist, Psychologist, writer and Hip-hop artist

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George Stinney Jr, who was 14 when he died in 1944, is the youngest person executed in the US during the 20th century.

More than 70 years later, in December 2014, George’s murder conviction was overturned by a South Carolina judge.

He was accused of the gruesome double murder of two white girls in the small town of Alcolu, South Carolina in March, 1944.

The bodies of Betty June Binnicker, aged 11, and Mary Emma Thames, eight, were found with their skulls fractured on the “black side” of the deeply divided community.

They had been bludgeoned to death with a railroad spike.

Police arrested little George after it emerged that he had seen the pair the previous day.

He was taken from his home by cops who then claimed he confessed to the double murder despite no written confession ever being produced.

There was also no physical evidence linking him to the crime.

His parents were never allowed to visit him following his arrest, his sister has claimed.

The infamous three-hour trial still hangs over South Carolina as one of the most horrifying miscarriages of justice ever carried out in the state.

George was sentenced to death by a jury of 12 white men who returned a guilty verdict after only 10 minutes of deliberation.

Just two months later, the 14-year-old child was led crying and shaking into the execution chamber.

Local newspaper reports say the guards had trouble strapping the small child, measuring 5ft 1in in height and weighing just 95lb (6st 7 lbs), into the electric chair which had been built for adults.

Their solution was to make George sit on a thick telephone directory.

Moments later the first surge of 2,400 volts were blasted into his little body before the adult death mask, too big for him, slipped from his face revealing tears streaming down from his eyes.

Following two more charges of electricity, the teenager was pronounced dead on June 16, 1944.

In December 2014, George’s murder conviction was overturned by a South Carolina judge.

Judge Carmen Mullen revealed that the boy’s lawyer had called "few or no witnesses," and failed to properly cross-examine his accusers.

His sister Amie Ruffner testified during the appeal process that her brother was at home on the day that two girls were killed and could not have possibly murdered them.

Amie said that that she watched her older brother being arrested by white policeman when she was just eight-years-old.

She says the next time she saw George was when she saw his "burned face" in an open casket at his funeral.

Amie says her family were hounded out of Alcolu because of the case and she has never returned since.

She said: “In those days, when you are white you were right, when you were black you were wrong."

A 1991 TV movie titled Carolina Skeletons recreates the terrifying execution of the teenager.

The film was based on a book of the same by George's nephew David Stout.

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To my friend,

Hey anonymous… well I’ve run out of options on who to communicate with and that’s why I'm here. Of late I’ve been in my thoughts more frequently than usual and I don’t really know why but I don’t think it’s doing me good. I've always helped my friends, anyone I meet with and putting a smile on their face became a normalcy coz anyway ‘grace is always lighting up my world’ is what they say. So now I've reached at a point where even giving a fake smile is not my thing, sharing what I'm going through is so hard and waiting for everyone to sleep so that I can cry is what I'm doing best. Yeah, I know I don’t like it here but what scares me is I'm starting to adapt to all this and getting comfortable in a place where every sad thing that has ever happened in my life is ringing in my mind like a tune that got stuck there. I know I've always gotten support financially and for doing great things but I got so used to making people happy and so good at hiding my emotions that I forgot who I was; so now I'm almost turning 21 and I don’t even remember what it is like to be me. I don’t even know myself anymore… I am tired of fighting for people, tired of trying to fix things, tired of always being seen as the bad guy in every story where no one thinks I could be right, I am tired of trying to show people my worth; what worth anyway for a worthless person like me. I'm even ashamed to look at myself coz I disappointed the young girl, I disappointed the courageous daring happy girl, I bought sadness, sorrow and chaos to her that is why she chose to hide from me and I can’t feel her anymore because maybe she no longer exists in me. I miss her presence but even though I went back to who I was… will anything change…

Yours loving,

Grace Mghoi Mathuku.

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1. FAMILY ISSUES: Children and young people often think family problems are their fault, even if nobody has told them this. Changes in the family can unsettle and upset and make children feel insecure and bad about themselves. They may feel angry, anxious, or depressed. These feelings can affect other areas of their lives such as school and friendships.

DRUG AND DRUG ABUSE: Addiction is a disease that affects your brain and behavior. When you’re addicted to drugs, you can’t resist the urge to use them, no matter how much harm the drugs may cause. Drug abuse is when you use legal or illegal substances in ways you shouldn’t. You might take more than the regular dose of pills or use someone else’s prescription. You may abuse drugs to feel good, ease stress, or avoid reality. But usually, you’re able to change your unhealthy habits or stop using altogether. Around 40% shows that the middle-aged generation has been addicted to various drugs mostly Marijuana substances.

3. POVERTY: most people on the planet(Earth) live in poverty. This has been highly caused by, social forces, such as gender issues, political issues/poor leadership, corruption, disability race, or ethnicity. research shows that around 38% are totally struggling with poverty.

4. UNEMPLOYMENT: Unemployment is a term referring to individuals who are employable and actively seeking a job but are unable to find a job. If someone gives up looking for work, may feel depressed, cursed and he/she may end up misusing drugs or joining dangerous criminal groups to earn a living.

5. FREEDOM AND LEISURE TIME: participating in events such as community service, leisure is important for the psychological and physical development of the youth. It contributes to their personal development by promoting good health, personal discipline, leadership, and team-building skills. It also provides the opportunity for appreciation, participation, and creative experience in leisure, music, art, dance, drama crafts, novelty events service, and cultural activities. freedom is attained by performing our ethical duties. i.e., doing what we ought to do, which usually involves concern and care of others. Our civic duty is to put aside our private concerns and attend to the promotion of the commonwealth. Within society, no freedom is absolute for were there to be absolute freedoms, society would dissolve. We enter society in order to control the harmful behavior of others; to promote common endeavors and because we are social by nature. But society demands that there be rules limiting the behavior of individuals in order to promote the common good

Titus Muriki

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savageronah Biography

Quick Facts

Birthday: January 03, 2003

Age: 19 Years, 19-Year-Old Males

Sun Sign: Kenya

Also Known As Savage Ronah

Born In: Mtongwe, Mombasa, KE

Famous As: Rapper, Musicians, Music producer

Height: 5’11” (180 cm), 5’11” Males


Spouse/Ex-: Unknown

Father: Daudi haggar

Children: Unknown

City: Miritini estate, Mombasa

U.S. State: Illinois

Who is savageronah?

savageronah is one of the impending Kenyan Rappers from Mombasa. He was brought into the world as Savage Ronah and later took on the stage name savageronah. He began showing interest in music since early on and self-delivered his initial blend tapes through his own FWR (First wave records) mark. After his underlying achievement, he began considering music as his full-time vocation choice beginning from mid-2019. He later endorsed with the recording name ‘First waves Recordings and is currently evaluated by experts as the best rapper to be related with the renowned recording name

Childhood & Early Life

  • savageronah was brought into the world on January 03, 2003, to Savage Ronah and a medical caretaker in Mombasa. The name of his mom isn’t known.
  • He needed to bear liability at an extremely youthful age as his dad was imprisoned when he was only 7 years of age. In a meeting to a magazine, savageronah reviewed that there was not even sufficient food in their home when he was youthful.
  • The savage area in which he was raised profoundly affected savageronah.
  • He didn’t get any help to learn music in his adolescence and learned on his own watching music recordings on TV. He considered rap and music production as a full-time vocation after the accomplishment of his two singles ‘Sneak Dissin” and ‘I’ma Hitta’.
  • He began his initial advancement in online media channels like Myspace and YouTube. He was supported when his web-based fan base began developing quickly. savageronah could zero in additional on his vocation after he turned into a dad at an extremely youthful age of 17 as he felt more dependable in raising individuals dependent on him.

Career of savageronah

  • After the accomplishment of his initial two singles, savageronah delivered a mixtape called ‘Campaign’. This mixtape was downloaded multiple times on the online mixtape dispersion stage DatPiff. Online media stages assumed a major part in advocating 'Campaign’.
  • In December 2021, savageronah delivered another track called ‘Kifo’ which and turned out to be extremely famous.
  • The fame of ‘kifo’ assisted savageronah to go into a joint endeavour with First Wave Recordings. His fourth mixtape, ‘Endorsed to the Streets’ was delivered on February 04, 2022. The mixtape was solely delivered on FWR.

Major Works

  • The third mixtape delivered by savageronah ‘Campaign' subsequent to neglecting to turn out to be important for the Kenya based music name stays one of his significant works till date. It made him sure with regards to making a full-time vocation in music.
  • The accomplishment of his first collection ‘Recollect My Name’ was set up for savageronah to arise as a capable artist. The collection was likewise positioned number 2 in the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

Awards & Achievements of savageronah

  • In the year 2022, savageronah was named the Rapper of the year by the popular music blog.

Personal Life & Legacy


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