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History Broken again

Wilson Ouma.

Manchester United were at it again as they swept aside Aston Villa on Thursday night. United started the game on the front foot as they maintained possession for a while before they received a scare as Villa struck against the post. And from there on, things changed as Manchester United were then awareded a penalty which Bruno Fernandes dispatched with ease.

Shortly after the break, Manchester continued from where they stopped as our very own superstar Mason greenwood belted one into the net.

Greenwood has now scored four goals in his last three games, which is spectacular. Marcus rashford nearly scored as he curled one but the ball came in contact with pogba who was in an offside position. But not long after, pogba curled the ball into the back of the net, extending Manchester United's lead to 3 goals.

This win took Manchester United within one points off Leicester city and two points off chelsea. Manchester United fans will be glad to hear that in the history of the premier league, united are the first team have scored 3 goals or more in four consecutive games. And there is no doubt that Manchester United will extend this record in their next game.

Now the race for third place and fourth place looks really open and who knows Leicester city might even be the team to give way.

So fellow manchester United fans what do you think about this, who do you think will give way between Manchester United, chelsea and Leicester city and what do you have to say about this record? Please comment so I can know what you think and I will surely reply back. Don't forget to follow me, like and share. Thanks.

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6 things seen in Manchester United clash versus Aston Villa

Wilson ouma

Manchester United won their match against Aston Villa today, with a 3-0 scoreline.

Here are 6 things that happened during the match.

1. Solksjaer names an unchanged 11.

Manchester United boss, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, named the same 11 players that won against Bournemouth during the weekend.

Martial, Rashford, Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Maguire and others all started.

2. Manchester United wins a penalty.

In the 26th minute of the game, Manchester United won a penalty, after Aston Villa defender, Ezri Konsa tripped Bruno Fernandes in the penalty box.

The referee had to check VAR for the penalty, and after the VAR check, he awarded the penalty to Manchester United.

3. Bruno Fernandes converts the penalty to give Manchester United the lead.

Bruno Fernandes in the 27th minute, converted from the Penalty spot to give Manchester United a well deserved 1-0 lead.

4. Mason Greenwood scores just before the Half-time whistle.

At the 45+2 minutes of the game, just before Halftime, Manchester United youngster, Mason Greenwood scored the second goal to make the score 2-0 in favour of Manchester United.

5. Paul Pogba scores the 3rd goal for Manchester United.

Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba, scored from outside the box in the 58th minute, to give Manchester United a 3-0 lead. The goal was well assisted by Bruno Fernandes.

6. Manchester United exhausts all their 5 changes.

Manchester United exhausted all their substitutes during the game.

In the 66th minute, both Nemanja Matic and Aaron Wan-bissaka were replaced with Scott Mctominay and Brandon Williams.

In the 71st minute, Bruno Fernandes was removed, while Fred came on for him.

Also in the 79th minute, both Antony Martial and Mason Greenwood were replaced with Odion Ighalo and Daniel James.

From Opera News Hub

The views expressed in this article are the writer's, they do not reflect the views of Opera News. Please report any fake news or defamatory statements to [email protected]

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Since the first case was reported in this country and the number of positive cases increasing day by day and some succumbing to the virus, it was expected that our lives would not remain the same again.

As it is in evolution, the strongest survive and the weak ones perish. An adjustment on our daily activities would help in flattening the curve, that is according to WHO guidelines.

For the case of my motherland where most people do casual jobs to put food on the table, we were advised to stay home or work from home if possible, to me this directive was not practical and realistic, it resulted in mass retrenchments of casual labourers or unpaid leave.

"If we treat this virus normally it will treat us abnormally", a saying by CS Health Mr. Mutahi Kagwe which is becoming a song to our ears. The virus has been greeting our relationships and marriages abnormally even though we have been treating it abnormally, with the Government imposing partial lockdowns, curfews and cessation of movement in some counties among them the two big cities, Nairobi and Mombasa.

Most citizens have been forced to adhere to the government directives for the fear of being left disabled or being sent six feer under by the ruthless men in uniform. Most families have been kept apart by these measures save for those who were together when the measures came into force, none the less they have too suffered.

" My wife now sees me as 'kwenda huko', because I no more provide the essentials to my young family", Ayany Jowi a resident of Kariadudu an informal settlement in Ruaraka Constituency said.

Those who used to send money to their loved ones in the village can no more do so with a lot of ease, this has led to disintegration of the families.

There are those of us who used to send money for salon, airtime, clothing, rent and what have you to our girlfriends and we no more do the same, we've been given red alerts that our relationship is quarantined or tested positive for covid-19 and is admitted at the ICU at Kenyatta National Hospital, the number of relationships and marriages going through this tragedy increases daily.

Those advising the president should take these issues into consideration lest we have a broken society where every girl aged between 10-19 years becomes a mother. Let us tolarate each other during this trying time, this thing won't last forever soon enough it will be gone and we will be back in the streets to toil and feed our families.

By Wilson Puma






Haggai Okumu


World news


Nairobi ( +16°) 08:51 17 June

Shaving your pubic hair prevents you from various infections.

Some people thinks that having a larger penis and a long pubic hair,characterizes their manhood. Something they dont understand is that large pubic hair brings problems like pubic lice infestation.

Pubic lice also known as crabs, are very small insects that infests your genital area, feed on your blood and causes intese itching in affected area. These lice lives on pubic hair and can also be found in eye lashes,armpit,hair and facial hair.

These lice are transmited through:

-Intimate contact, including sexual intercourse.

-using the blankets, towels, sheets or clothing of people who have pubic lice.

-close hugging and kissing with someone with lice.

Signs and symptoms of this lice.

-Itching genital areas and anus.

-Lack of energy.

- Low grade fever.

-Irritability and inflammation caused by scratching.

-Pale bluish sports near the bite.

-Black powder in underwear.

-Small red bumps or sports on the skin.

One suffering from pubic lice have the following complications:

-Scratching can lead to an infestation such as impetigo.( Bacterial skin infection) or futunclosis( boils on the skin)

-Eyes infections, such as conjunctivitis, and eye inflammation,such as blepharitis can sometimes develop in your eyelashes have been infested with pubic lice.

-Untreated, long standing infestation can cause you generally feel unwell.

Risk factors.

Risk factors of this lice include.

-Being sexually active.

-Having more than one partner.

-Having sexual relations with aperson who has an infestation. Shairing towels, Beddings, or clothings.

Its always recommended to shave your pubic hairs since when you sweat, it brings about accumulation of dirt which causes lice.

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Ronald Kipkemoi Korir


World news


Nairobi ( +16°) 15:42 11 May

Ruto will walker talker than before,

Uhuru Kenyatta openly provoke Ruto.

This is the closest the president has contemptuously dared Ruto.

Uhuru's middle finger is right in Ruto's nose.

Why would he want KANU to sit in house committee?

Recently we were told of Kitaeleweka invite for a breakfast meeting - did that miscarry?

Gideon - Uhuru included and everybody else ,even the dead - know he can't challenge Ruto.

This is like trying to dry lake Victoria using an expensive cup

Nonetheless Gideon hate for Ruto is unparalleled. Ruto took Gideon's birth right,a birth right Uhuru is trying to assist him reclaim.

Gideon if he'll ever be president, it'll be 2042.

The presidency is unlike sex whereby nowadays strangers meet,one is bought two tots of James Walker and the next minute " a woman is telling the man " You're the best thing that ever happened to me!"

Do you know what that best thing is - making love,unprotected sex with strangers.. End result? Regrets and wishes, uncertainties of Unwanted pregnancy and worse HIV/AIDS.

When did the presidency become a love affair brewed in a bar?

This exactly what Murathe, Kamanda or Mt Kenya kitchen cabinet advise Uhuru to do during their drinking escapades.

Uhuru is trying to do what Moi did.

Everything else has failed lifestyle audit,corruption, land grabbing, money laundering ,Echesa arms scandal and Kenei murder - which seems was coined in Statehouse but fizzled out - from then ever heard of Kinoti...the skunk is as silent as a pregnant slay queen.

Finally they're provoking the doyen.

They want Ruto to come and this is the point of departure for UHURUTO.

Uhuru's ratings will drop to a minus.

Some guys expose a president badly,this is one.

The only thing Uhuru should do as a leader is to stop this juvenile games and do the most honorable thing,sack Ruto or call for a snap election,Gideon as the running mate.

We're tired of games or Ruto was part of Jubilee agenda, genda five?

We know he can't. He only wants destruction of Ruto.

On many occasions we've heard Gideon say don't ever elect Ruto as your president.

So has Murathe, Atwoli and Kamanda.

Is Gideon Uhuru's surprise candidate? where's Raila and the handshake?

Or the slogan " Uhuru is too young to retire?"

I've always said Raila was born both a tragic fool and failure..small things excite Raila like a high school girls are easily carried.

Back to the drawing board to the enigma.

On the other hand,be assured ,as we buried Moi senior the other day - that same day Gideon's political future was buried as well.

The obituary will be read in 2022.

2022 will mark end of Moi's family political dominance.

Gideon came out as the only elected KANU leader from Baringo simply because it was a honor to Moi. It's like in Luo Nyanza where emotions are hyped " don't ashamed baba"

As for Kamket...

Kamket is the head dragon of banditry and cattle rustling - the lord of Tiaty Triangle, Monument of Shame in Rift Valley - Relief Food,Famine,Illiteracy and early marriages is associated with Tiaty

Malaria is a killer. Tiaty and Luo Nyanza share similarities..let no one fool you luo nyanza tops in literacy levels.

Let not those professors in Nairobi cheat you...we've MCA who can't speak English in Luo nyanza county assemblies.

Bring it on mama Ngina boy.

We'll use one Stone to kill two birds,Kenyatta and Moi families!

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Fidel TV


World news


Nairobi ( +16°) 13:58 23 May

Sidika is the richest sociolite In Kenya.Just like every other person,our maragoli queen has her own story.If you met Vera Sidika today and later meet her throwback photos,you will be confident enough to refuse any relations between Vera and Veronica Sidika.She was a dark skinned luhya girl with a moderately big behind and broke.

She later started her career as a video vixen in several local music videos that helped her market herself locally.She then decided to go international and was seen with very influential and internationally recognized celebrities.She is even rumoured to have dated one Fetty Wap who is a very celebrated hip hop artist.

After a few global tours and when she had gathered enough money,Veronica Sidika is said to have paid a whooping 15 million Kenya Shillings just to get a butt surgery that changed it from big to humongous.She also changed her skin colour and became white.The skin surgery is also said to have caused her alot of money.

It was however a good deal for her since she has really grown in the showbiz industry and has gained alot of fans and followers on social media.She has many stores in town and many other businesses that have earned her enough money to be one of the most expensive sociolites in Kenya.

She hosts a show in one of the local TV stations and has also started her on show on Instagram where she feeds her fans with entertainment.She started small and has now built herself a name in the country's entertainment industry.The physical change is however too drastic to fathom.She is a completely different person from the vixen we used to see in the music videos around.

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Greglyn Writer


World news


Nairobi ( +16°) 09:50 19 May

Dine With The Murayas- The Rise of DJ MO and Size 8

Timing. In each and every industry, changing with times can help you hit your target goals in real-time. Here, I'm talking about how DJ MO and Size 8 have defied the odds to reign as the celebrity couple who chase their dreams together.

Well, for those of you who know Kiambu Road, Edenville is a lavish estate to live in. Wait! You had it wrong there. Edenville is the former home estate of this lovely couple. Today, they reside in Lavington, in a maisonette they managed to purchase one year ago.

When it comes to the entertainment industry, grudge and beefs are the order of the day. Few hours ago, DJ MO posted a status on his Facebook account. This is what he said;

"Keep going until they create pseudo accounts to fight you, but their days are numbered. Wajanja wataelewa. This industry is small. Don't compete, complement."

The celebrity couple have achieved a lot together. What I fail to understand is, why would an artist work so hard for the downfall of another artist? How about being creative and pocket the 100 million shillings President Kenyatta set aside for artists?

If you're the one creating pseudo accounts to fight the Murayas, owe unto you. As they say, love is a beautiful thing. Both DJ MO and Size 8 are busy chasing awards. Grudges won't stop them. Join the System Unit, a deejay academy owned by the couple, and have a story to tell.

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Greglyn Writer


World news


Nairobi ( +16°) 10:30 19 May

Dine With The Murayas Show- Updates

They say, Kenyans never disappoint. Recently, DJ MO and Size 8 made it public that they'll be airing a reality show- Dine with the Murayas- on NTV.

It's until yesterday that DJ MO posted on his Facebook account how artists are creating pseudo accounts to fight his move. Well, if you know the Gossip Mill Facebook Page, guess you have an idea what I'm about to say.

Gossip Mill Facebook Page is renowned for having polished investigation agents (Home-based FBI agents) who leave no stone unturned. The pseudo accounts are already working.

Anyway, aren't they hilarious?

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Other News Kenya

A message to KU comrades during this exam period.

Exam advice for students.

Dear university students,

As you approach your exams, I want to offer you some words of encouragement and advice. Remember that you have worked hard to get to this point, and that you are capable of achieving great things. You have the knowledge and skills necessary to do well on your exams, so trust in yourself and your abilities.

During this time, it is important to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Make sure you are eating well, getting enough sleep, and taking breaks when you need them. Don't forget to exercise, as this can help reduce stress and improve focus.

When studying, it is important to stay organized and manage your time effectively. Make a schedule and stick to it, and prioritize your tasks based on importance and urgency. Try to avoid distractions and stay focused on your studies.

Remember that it's okay to ask for help if you need it. Your professors, advisors, and tutors are there to support you, so don't hesitate to reach out to them if you have questions or need clarification on any topics.

Finally, keep a positive attitude and believe in yourself. You are capable of achieving great things, and with hard work and dedication, you will succeed. Good luck on your exams, and remember to stay confident, focused, and determined!

Francis C. Alisa

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Who is the youngest music producer in Kenya?

-savageronah is the biggest music producer in Kenya (19 years). Savageronah, real name Ronald Kenyatta, is an artiste and music producer known for singles like "Read All About", "Sorry" and Hailing from Miritini Estate, Mombasa, Savageronah holds the sound the song despite being only 19.

Savageronah's girlfriend?

-savageronah likes to keep her love and relationships a secret

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Download Mp3 or buy




kenyan music producer

savageronah was born in Mombasa Kenya Friday 3rd January 2003 (age 19 years old ) in 2022.

professionally known as producer mnyama he is Famous kenyan music producer.

Learn about savageronah Net Worth, Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, Early Life, Family, Dating, Partner, Wiki and Facts.

Net worth?

savageronah is estimated to be worth $100,000

His primary source of income comes from him being a Music producer . He is also the brand ambassador of Record Union music distribution platform.

Savageronah personal life:

Savageronah is a very private person, he doesn't like to reveal his relationship status.

savageronah profiles

Instagram: savageronah



We will keep update (last update 2022 august 9th)

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London offers a lot to see and do. This can make finding a great hotel quite difficult as you don’t want one that’s far from everything or too expensive. If you visit London, check out The Savoy, which is located near Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street. The Savoy boasts well-appointed rooms with views of London landmarks like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Guests also enjoy access to some of London’s finest restaurants such as The River Restaurant where seafood lovers dine on platters served next to Westminster Bridge.

Here is a list of some best hotels to stay in the UK:

  1. The Dorchester
  2. The Savoy
  3. One Aldwych
  4. Goring Hotel
  5. The Langham London
  6. Warwick London Hotel
  7. Claridge’s Hotel
  8. Connaught Hotel
  9. Old Vicarage Hotel, Cranfield, Bedfordshire
  10. House by the Lake, Newby Bridge, Cumbria

Find more details here:

Many hotels and inns offer guests all they could possibly need for a stay. Some host guests throughout the year while others offer weekly or monthly rentals. No matter your needs, it’s sure to be hard to pick just one because they’re all so great! Which one will you choose? Have you stayed at any of these? Did we miss a spot? We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below with some reviews and/or any questions you might have. Check out our contact us page on our website if you want advice on planning your trip or further assistance in finding accommodations. Thank you for reading and we hope that these places prove valuable when looking for accommodations abroad!

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“Is marriage a contract or a covenant?”

Basically, a contract is an agreement between two parties signifying that all signing parties will do something. Legally, marriage is a contract with certain rights and responsibilities, but we must distinguish between legal marriage and covenant marriage. In a legal marriage, if one party doesn’t live up to the contracts, then legal actions force him or her to do so or to end the marriage with an equitable settlement. Society couldn’t exist without laws regulating marriage relationships. So, in this sense, marriage is a contract. However, for a Christian, marriage is more than this. It’s also a covenant.

The problem arises when you view your marriage only as a contract or as a series of contracts. When this happens, you will have abandoned the biblical view of marriage. The Bible views marriage ultimately as a covenant, although contracts may be an important part of carrying out your covenant.

What is the difference between a covenant and a contractual marriage?

While a contract is legally binding, a covenant is a spiritual agreement. A contract is an agreement between parties while a covenant is a pledge. A contract is an agreement you can break while a covenant is a perpetual promise. You seal a covenant while you sign a contract.

Love this? Find out more here:

You will always find attractive people wherever you go. Whether you are married or you are single, attractive people will always be there. Being strong and courageous is saying, well you are cute or handsome but I am strong and courageous in the lord, to be strong in my marriage or singlehood. This is the only way to stick by the covenant of your marriage.

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Facts you didn't know About savageronah

  1. He is music producer
  2. He is 19years old
  3. He doesn't like to show his relationship status
  4. Is the top Richest teen's in Kenya

Savageronah Net worth?

He has net worth of ksh 1,000,000

savageronah Girlfriend?

he has shown up who is currently dating.

who is savageronah?

  • Music producer and Kenyan rapper
  • Is the top 10 richest kids in Kenya
  • Is Ambassador of Record Union
  • is the founder of CNF music production
  • CEO Of CNF beats Production
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It's unfortunate how we become political every electioneering year

Shouting who we are supporting

Who supported you for the last five years?

God, your love Kenya

Who paid Your rent, school fees for your kids,facilities food on your table just to name a few

God, your love Kenya

Cutting across tribal lines... This is mediocrity Bana,

We need to think inner ward lyrics and outside the box,

It's no longer about where the president, comes from, my tribe how did it benefit you?

You probably buying cooking Oil the same price as everyone else is...

This frustrating country my Kenya

God, Your love Kenya

Everything is above the sky

skyrocketing prices on every basic commodity

Kutoka kwa mafuta hadi Unga

God, your love Kenya

I walk into a Supermarket I no longer buy any commodity for quality but for quantity and price consideration is my first priority.

God, your love Kenya

But till when will this go On....


I will not be put in the same shifty hole after 8th August 2022

God, Your love Kenya

We can't tell but then again we are left with ONE, To gather our thoughts and, for once make a sober and informed decisions in terms of who you vote in various seats....

God, Your love Kenya

Fail to which the suffering continues and we pass it to the next generation what a shame?

I wonder what our forefathers are thinking at this certain moments

God, Your love Kenya

It's like we probably sold our country but for WHAT?, You would ask yourself... Is it worth

We have spearheaded development in East and Central Africa we are so Much head compared with other neighboring countries...

But at what expense?


I really wonder...

God, Your love Kenya

We live at a time where the money you earn is not enough to cater most people livelihoods

Living in a deficit chasing money more than yourself....

God, your love Kenya

CATCH it if you may, Your life depends on it

Save yourself from the life your have created around yourself

Staying true to your course, your true happiness, love and harmony essentials for our soul

God, your love Kenya

My Country Kenya as we Go to Elections

I love you

May you be Peaceful

I pray and believe


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Emotional depletment

Am deep in love right as my heart could now feel

I wonder what my soul is resting on if only it would pass on the soil

Natural soul I am.... Love is in the Air

Am I loving Me really...?

Objectively I can't seem to tackle the Dilemma

At the moment

They may have it...

My mind rings on the intriguing thoughts I have saved my judgment out on the door

You will easily see it visuals as you approach

It seemed such a tassle, I was on the hustle

On the streets screaming Help! Help me

On the other hand you were deep asleep

Waiting to rush to your 8- 2 - 5 monotony

I respect your hustle am just on my own lanes

I see what you doing

But why are you judging me

Juu niko na Nguo chafu

Niko Hustle the money ain't dirty though

Alinicheki na Gunia

Akaanza Chokora toka hapa

Kunitest na anaona... Me ni chizi

You judged me a thousand times I don't care

I step to my Hustler spirit everyday

When sitting am resiting this stories

Spitting to the motion on the emotions

Beast on the beats

My heartbeats ain't limited

Hauwezi ni kataa Ulimi men

Kubonga ni bure

Kubonga mbaya

Utalipia Tilapia

Bei.... Pia

Imepanda kutoka Dala

Dangaa, Omena

Chakula unaweza pikiwa

Osho vyombo ama ulipie

Till now captivating my heart

With lullabies

Lala Bye..

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Cry in The City..... 

My people finding everything Funny what's with the memes and Emoji

Captions all trendy now it a treats for pleasure and treasure.

Man Eat societies...

Putting the meal on the Table

Not promised as the Promise Land

You want to go with the Trends

Selling for Social Media

It the Cost you have to Pay

Google Pays handsomely

You just need to be on the Look Out

The opportunities presented before you

Open your inner-within Eyes see Beyond the Seas.

Beyond the Sky.

The Sky Can't be the Limit....after all mankind in the Moon what else would be impossible.

What would harm you if you went beyond their reach enriching right? Freeing your mind..

Breathtaking freedom but how many of us have the courage to match forward and claim.

~Wholeheartedly this is Mine

[This is me..... Matching forward

I got this, I already got me I will win

No matter what.... Losing is a part of winning

You learn more when you lose... You master the skill with more perseverance, patience and with persistent.]

Everything matters in every moment of your journey...There are no short cuts after all you don't want short comings do you?

Every piece has a place in the Puzzle

Believe.. Dedicate then claim

While you don't know when the next opportunity will knock at your door

You safe ready, putting your guard on

I would sell you a manual for success

But most importantly

Be in line with your inner self, peace, happiness and fulfillment

Love to self, others most importantly God.

Any thing you hope to achieve..

you already have everything you need to succeed achieving it you just need the right mindset to win.

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Equatorial Guinea-Bissau

.....Scream Quietly.... Walls have Ears

Wind blows the curtain by the sides

"It might be so 'Cold Out' there, at this times of the Night considering where we are..... 🌐geographically we took a walk to Equatorial Guinea-Bissau...

The Indica dedicating all the Presence 'Masau' words might be rekindling all together....

The site as I have always been thinking all along

Geography classes back in High school kick in harder...

Trying to locate Equatorial Guinea-Bissau in a map only this time in my mind... All I hear is a cool wind breeze coming from a window on my right, from where am taking a tour...

Beautiful Motherland.... "Mama AFRIKA"

"Maarifaa Arifu(a friend/Rafiki /Amigo)

tufike (let go to) Ethiopia, Addis Ababa first

Greatings Ras Raftarians

Most High.." Nimetoka Safari

Safaricom kunikimbisha na data bundles

Mafuta ya kupika kupanda

Bei ya Bidhaa.... Kupanda kiholela holea

Chorea... Hiyo story

Nadai kubonga na Kenyatta ...

Tuachie Uhuru kiasi.....

More Fire... My shashamane people welcomed me well in Ethiopia... Utopia.. Epitome Pia. "

Pass me the Remote...

Hit it from Behind she 'shouts'

It's the Only way you get a Remote working...

The remote is working now,

I browser quickly looking for physical features of slopy nature and curvy as they come in Dodoma, Tanganyika utachanganya Wali Mwanangu..?

Beauty in Moving hips... Hippos

Attacking wild beasts crossing over..

... But am struck by the reflection of the pillars in Egypt.

All cultures extend to morroco

Am trying to keep it Local promoting Tembea Kenya na Nje ya Kenya pia Africa tuko Home.

Himalayas all layers I fuel my ride in Libya

Oilibya to keep you on the road

Thika road all bridges you will probably be paying taxes if the bill on Motion is passed by your dear

Member of Parliament already neglected parenting obligations you sent him to commit.

All we hear is young youths committing suicide

At this time am fixed to putting my call through to Mr. Kenyatta bana Tuachie Uhuru kidogo bwana...!


"Hatuna kazi, Hakuna Kazi

Ambia Serikali ikutafutie Kazi

Tutakufinya.. Wewe"

Will I be one of them?




"Okoa Jahazi.. uhunye mambo baya


Siasi ndio hii sasa hatuwezi hepa


Mkubwa niliwashow mimi Ni Msanii wakaningeuzia bana..!

Hakuna Msanii hatumii Bhang...

Nilikuwa Ngara natembea masaa Yake

Ata wangesema sina mask

Mask si Must

Iko wapi?

Hauna evidence

Wakanitoka mia tano bei ya mkate kwako...

Wameacha kwangu bila vyakula jameni?

Na bado mmoja anadai siku ingine Tembea na evidence..bana hapana kaa namna hiyo bwanaa Alaa! Kwendaa toka hapa

My mind goes to my good friend morata wise words area coded Kasarani.

"Hizi vitu weka kwa kichwa si kwa mfuko

Unless ww ni pedi morata"

I see the whole sense Rasta man

Wataku.. accuse nawadai

Mistaken Identity..


El presidente

Sir nitume Tu Equatorial Guinea-Bissau

Chini ya mti na Mnazi

Maziwa, mafuta, mkate, unga

Pia Gas

Bidhaa ya kila siku

Cheza kama wewe manze....!

Nadai ku.. Uplift my people without lifts

  1. Hii Muziki ifikie kila mtu... (let this music reach every one)
  2. Ngao ndio ulinzi. (May the shield be our defender)
  3. Toka kwa Gereza na minyoro yeyote ambayo inakukuba kwa sasa na kukuthibiti kufikia wito wako. (may you free yourself from the imprisonment and all the chains that may be holding you back from your true purpose)

Pat-Riot is a track dedicated to Youths

In regards to daily hustles, struggles, challenges faced and how they manifest in behavior and lifestyle

The hook goes back on back


Queen J

"why is it always this way

Days days of hunger

Out here out youths straps in drugs

To make their days feel easier" ×2

Off Illest Mind$et Album out on YouTube, Spotify, Shazam, Apple Music iTunes and Soundcloud...

Bless up

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If you are Asking, I don't Know

Why are you constantly trying to Measure my intelligence?

IQ which is not so common as you might know by now....

Fixated to recurring thoughts... Side by side wind blows... Shivers on my chest

She took my Phone to write a text message

I had some credit left... After one hour browsing keeping up with the trends...

But no was gazing at the moment wondering why...?

She might be throwing the tantrums this time round.

As you would presume I don't know

I actually don't wanna know at the moment...

Am far away past the Seven Seas

I see want they can't see

"Dumpsite Dummies "

Am over here claiming my Powers all this time I sacrificed under the Surface.... nightmares no sleep.

Gathering all I can find "Gold" they don't see... They have labeled me crazy....

I eat the Crazy... Am in Nairobi

"Janga la Mawe

Vijana wako juu ya Mawe... Kokoto

Wataokota Wakikosa kikosi

Polisi mistaken Identity yet niko na Identification card

I. D

Mimi si idle na jenga nchi

Lakini bei ya bidhaa Aaaa

Wanaumiza nyama, matumbo, tumbo, mwili hadi Tumaini"

All this time you have not been listening to me

Deaf ears haaiya...

We have talked about this a lot lately you don't pay attention....

~ When am talking to you

~Always on your phone all the time

They are keeping you company I See

How.... How would I be paying attention to this anyways

Will it pay my bills

Stima (electricity bills)

Silence fills the ambiance

Like we are waiting at doctor's bay

For our names to be called out

At this moment you bet we have already booked an appointment..

Gun blazing on our heads I mean

Noting the best points to oppose the opponent.

Cool down your temper and the Ego 2

Pride apart

You will fly higher than ... Kenya Airways

I was just Wondering....

Communication is key in each and every relationship.

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Is World War 3 Imminent?: Russia’s defacto expansionist policy in eastern Ukraine !

Perhaps Hans Morgenthau ( 1948) was right when he opined that politics among Nations is entirely anchored on selfish interests and I suppose neither was John Mearsheimer ( 2001) wrong in his analogy that great powers will hardly agree on a common blueprint especially if their interests are at stake. The recent tensions between Moscow and Kyiv is not unprecedented especially from a realist point of view as opposed to a liberal standpoint.

Why Russia invaded Ukraine?

During the cold war paranoia in the 20th century that witnessed a worldwide computation for political influence between the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic ( USSR) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO) alliance, Ukraine was part of the 15 states that made up USSR. Infact, Ukraine was pupported to be the second largest state after Russia. It is worth noting that Ukraine and Russia shared a pedigree of mutual relations to the point that in 1954 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev gave Ukraine the Crimean peninsula so as to strengthen cordial relations between them. But when the Soviet Union collapsed during the abatement of the cold war, Ukraine got their own Independence in 1991. Subsequently, Ukraine began to strengthen ties with the West and gradually weaken ties with Russia sia. To add insult to injury, Ukraine decided to join NATO which Russia perceived as an existential security threat and in 2014 Russia annexed Crimea. Post – Crimea annexation has witnessed massive tensions between Moscow and Kyiv. This explains why Ukraine has been relentlessly trying to join NATO to balance Russia’s irredentism. Although Ukraine is only a partner and not a member of NATO, she stands the chance to gain from NATO’s guiding principle,” All for one and one for all”. This is to mean any attack on a NATO member is an attack to all members. Most of Moscow’s neighbouring countries like Latvia, Liuthania and others have joined NATO and maybe Russia feels it needs to flex its muscles to counter NATO influence in Eastern Europe.

Is World War 3 Imminent?

Samuel Huntington ( 1996) predicted that people’s cultural and religious identities will be the main source of conflict in the post – cold war world. But we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the nature of conflicts globally with inter – state and intra – state conflicts skyrocketing in almost equal proportion. Are they largely predicated on culture and religion? Partly yes. Forthrightingly, the possibility of conventional war in a unipolar world today is something that we have deemed unthinkable. Can the tensions between Moscow and Kyiv lead us to a world war 3? If we extrapolate our thinking based on how world war 2 began then it’s very difficult for one not to take this interstate conflict seriously. Of course the international milleau has changed over time but we cannot downplay the fact that power configuration in the international system is in a continuous state of flux and states are guided by selfish national interests.

Has International Law failed?

On 23rd February 2022 the United Nations security council convened a meeting to discuss Moscow – Kyiv tensions which is a threat to international peace and security. 11 security council members voted to condemn Russia and called for an end to Russia’s defacto expansionism into eastern Ukraine. Russia who is a member of the security council vetoed while India, China and the United Arab Emirates abstained. Will Russia respect the final decision of the security council?

International law has attracted a lot of criticisms with many contemplating that International law is on its death bed. But the questions that we need to ask ourselves is ; how would the world be if it was completely anarchical? If the law of the jungle was to prevail, what would the world look like? What if there was no jus cogens, opinio juris, jus gentium, jus in bello, jus adbellum, post – adbellum and international humanitarian law? Well I’m not trying to justify that international law has been entirely effective. But with the rising threats to international peace and security, we need international law more than ever before.

Which way for Ukraine – Russia conflict?

Moscow and Ukraine must respect the Minsk declaration that happened back in 2014 and settle their differences amicably. War as an instrument of foreign policy in this case is unthinkable. It was Eleanor Roosevelt who said that there are no winners in war. For us to end the crisis in Kyiv, both regional and global cooperations must work together to enable a smooth peace process. A rapprochement between Moscow and Kyiv will also bring NATO to the table and negotiate with Russia. If compromise will bring peace in the region so be it. In the final analysis we need to fully embrace preventive diplomacy in the 21st century and I think maybe if principled negotiations were given a first hand priority, maybe things wouldn’t have escalated this far between Moscow and Kyiv.

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Finding peace within the atmosphere your in.

A lot of people have been fond of unsettleness that result from lack of good souls that can guide you ,within your environment, I don't want to look down on the way you live your life ,what is important is how you live it.Scholars from different decorums have tried so hard to comfort people from different background by intelligently educating people through their books, actually their efforts have never gone wasted , the likes of Chinua Achebe and many more.

Anxiety has killed peaceful homes ,since some don't know how to handle this kind of problem , actually am going to express my gradidute to most musicians who compose good vibrations that leave you relaxed and charmed. Some may call it spirit disturbances since your always on the move to get the best of yourself yet all this is found within you .Don't be mistaken by the fact that the most people who take coffee or alcohol in cool places have peace, peace is within your soul if you cannot find it then ,you need real meditation.

The first time I encountered a meditation series I was baffled that I cannot do without this ,since I was always at peace with my mind ,and that is what have been searching for .Different mode of alignments to the universe has been modified ,where selling of DMT drugs ,ironically to boost you , actually if you find that you right with it am not ambushing you to step back, I have found that natural gain of DMT from the universe is the most charming one, you will not have any form of side effects but a happy chill moment with oneself.

Activities that result in taking of a peaceful time ,is walking , walk what are you afraid of , just take a 2KM walk twice in a week , come back and take a shower relax.This kind of exercise will boost your DMT and you will have peace at once .

To be continued......

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