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Hello guys? So today talk gonna be something that we always choose easily at the end we find ourselves getting heart break. So the question is, WOULD YOU PREFER HAVING A RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE WHO have more than 3partners then at the end he/she choose to be with one partner or having someone with same number of partners then at the end he/she picks all partners.?

I know all of us we are going to pick the person who at the end will pick one person right? But we are wrong!!...having one person meaning that YOU ARE COMMITED to this person and this prove that you are a liar first cause you are having other relationship secretly, you are not honest with yourself also. One person cannot provide for you everything you ever needed, that why we end up having doubts in our relationship and also we gonna cheat. The person who has more than 3 partners or let’s just say three that person he/she will never get heart broken and it’s been proven that in relationship you need love, sex and money and obviously one-person can’t give you all so having one person for sex one for love and one for money dahm!! THAT cool.

I know some of use will say that one person it cool but if one person is cool why do we cheat at our partners? If that one deserves you why are we entertaining other people and also giving them chance to love us. Yeah! I know they say human are not perfect but listen to this person who said we are not perfect it was just someone like us so we just need to believe in ourselves and wait! You still doubt having many boyfie or girlfie doesn’t mean you gonna have sex with all noo!! You just give them position in your life that’s all. To those who are still in doubts I know if you think very careful you will find out that you are having 3 or even more partners in your relationship but since you are scared to be open and free well you will end up being heart broken. THINK WISELY!!! LIFE IS SHORT, it is a relationship (ship) that’s mean ships carry more than one person but its only one person who control it against all the obstacles and waves.