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last weekend Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha

been dominating the list of trending topics after news made rounds that they broke up.

Fans woke up on Monday morning to news that the couple had parted ways after an alleged affair.

Turns out, the breakup had everything to do with the video vixen featured in Diamond’s hit ‘jeje’.

Just as Diamond did with Hamisa Mobetto after she was featured in Salome, Diamond was apparently impressed by the video vixen during the Jeje video shoot in Zanzibar.

The two allegedly even enjoyed some quality time on the Island after concluding the video shoot.

.Word doing rounds is that Diamond flew the same video vixen identified as Malaika Salatis to the USA to be his companion after his performance at the 2020 USA Rugby Seven.

Diamond who will be away for over a month because of his Europe tour is allegedly in the company of Salatis who close sources allege that will be with him throughout the whole tour.

His baby mama Tanasha found out packed her bags and flew back to Nairobi.

It is also alleged that Tanasha and Diamond’s mum fell out after Mama Dangote tried to stop her from flying back to Nairobi with her grandson.

Mama Dangote allegedly also got angry at her Ben 10, Uncle Shamte after he defended Tanasha and called out mama Dangote for bullying Tanasha