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Sameta High School 2020/2021 KCSE Ranking And Results

Sameta boys high school is a learning institution based in Kisii county. The school is located in Gucha Sub-County, Sameta only accommodates boys.

Over the past years, the school has been referred to as a sleeping giant by local villagers. But last year Sameta recorded a gradual comeback by recording a mean score of 5.3030. 25 students managed to score a C+ and above and got a direct entry to university.

This year the school has recorded a mean score of 5.580 and 62 students scored a grade C+ and above. It is the leading in the whole sub-county. Sameta high managed to outshine their greatest rivals Nyamagwa boys and girls and others like Sameta Mixed Secondary.

Last year Sameta was the only School that recorded an A grade in the entire Gucha sub-county. According to the standard newspaper, the top boy in the school was ranked position 116 nationwide. In an interview with the school principal, Kenaz Rakiro said there was maximum corporation among teachers and students. He also added that the students showed high standards of discipline since his debut in 2018.

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5 Reasons Why President Uhuru Kenyatta Should Rule Kenya For Another 10 Years

His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta has been the Kenyan President since 2013 after he was handed over power by his predecessor Emilio Mwai Kibaki. His term currently ends in 2022 which is now under 12 months from now. Although he is seeking to retire from office next year, I think he should be added another 10 years mainly because of the following.1. To Finalize the Universal Health care program

His Excellency should be allowed to finalize the universal healthcare program which he started back in 2018. In those counties where this program has been launched, many people have benefited through the provision of free treatment by the government. If this program is implemented nationwide, then many Kenyan citizens who cannot afford private hospitals will benefit most.

2. Finalize the SGR construction

His Excellency had a good idea of launching the standard gauge railway in the country to replace the old system which was used since the colonial period. This has eased the transportation of goods and passengers from one point to the other.

3. Achieve the goal of free education in Kenya

Since its implementation in Kenya, many school children have benefited from free education at both primary and secondary levels. If President Uhuru Kenyatta runs his term for another 10 years, then no child will miss school, and that one I can guarantee you.

4. Finalize the transition to Huduma number

In 2019, President Kenyatta ordered the interior ministry which is led by Dr. Fred Matiang'i to come up with the Huduma registration system which was to replace the ID cards as from 12 December this year. But not all Kenyans have received their cards. If Uhuru is to be added to another term, he will speed up the exercise.

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Nigeria is best known for their best movie production in Africa through Nollywood pictures.Over the past years Nigerian movies have cut across all genres including Kenya.Most of these movies are now aired on local and national television stations.

1.Blood Sisters

This is a captivating story of two young sisters brought up in poverty.In this story Jealousy leads Esther to kill her elder sister Gloria, you may shed tears it you watch this film.The story ends in a fatal crash.Genevieve Naji and Omotola Jalade are featured in this filmThe movie was written by John Nwatu and directed by Tchidi Chikere.

2.Searching for mercy

This story illustrates suffering of two young couples Regina Daniels and his brother Chidera.After the death of their parents,they find no option but to be directed by their evil uncle Chiwetalu Agu who mercilessly causes chain of painful actions in their lives.It is an interesting story you would not want to miss.

3The blind orphan

This is another story that will make you cry.The movie is about a blind girl who suffered at the expense of her parents.Patience Ozakor is featured in this movie as a trouble maker while Yul Edochie succeeds in marrying the blind girl.

4.The rich mad man

In this film,Yul Edochie is brought in poverty but ends up being a rich man through rituals.He later ends up being a mad as a result of rituals.

Which other throwback movie can you recall?.

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Here is what will happen if you never registered for Huduma Namba



Huduma namba registration was completed in 2019 and all citizens were urged to come up in large numbers and register.But there are also consequences for those who never registered.

closure of sim cards

Kenya communications authority director general Francis Wangusi said that the government will close all sim cards to those people who never registered for the huduma namba.

ATM deactivation

The government shall order deactivation of all ATM cards belonging to individuals who lack the huduma namba.You will be unable to perform any transaction such as mpesa and Airtel money through mobile banking.

No employment

You might be wasting time going to government offices seeking employment without the card.

No government services

Individuals who never registered will be denied government services such as distribution of public resources.Community development funding will also be denied.

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The society today has negleted the boy child and it is indeed a great concern to me and the world in general. The rising status of women and girl child is indeed killing the boy child,all goverments should start considering young boys and men.Majority of suicide cases reported nowerdays are from boys and thats a clear indication that our young men are in danger.Like in kenya over the past three years,girls have outshined their boys counterparts in national examinations.

if these trends keep on, i guarantee you that in the comming days there will be more female doctors than male,engineers,pilots among many and they will also hold big offices.I am not in any way trying to favour one gender but its time to also empower our young boys and men like their girl counterparts.

The author is delighted to support the boychild in anyway even if the goverment is not in support of him

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About: Negleted Boy child

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