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1. FAMILY ISSUES: Children and young people often think family problems are their fault, even if nobody has told them this. Changes in the family can unsettle and upset and make children feel insecure and bad about themselves. They may feel angry, anxious, or depressed. These feelings can affect other areas of their lives such as school and friendships.

DRUG AND DRUG ABUSE: Addiction is a disease that affects your brain and behavior. When you’re addicted to drugs, you can’t resist the urge to use them, no matter how much harm the drugs may cause. Drug abuse is when you use legal or illegal substances in ways you shouldn’t. You might take more than the regular dose of pills or use someone else’s prescription. You may abuse drugs to feel good, ease stress, or avoid reality. But usually, you’re able to change your unhealthy habits or stop using altogether. Around 40% shows that the middle-aged generation has been addicted to various drugs mostly Marijuana substances.

3. POVERTY: most people on the planet(Earth) live in poverty. This has been highly caused by, social forces, such as gender issues, political issues/poor leadership, corruption, disability race, or ethnicity. research shows that around 38% are totally struggling with poverty.

4. UNEMPLOYMENT: Unemployment is a term referring to individuals who are employable and actively seeking a job but are unable to find a job. If someone gives up looking for work, may feel depressed, cursed and he/she may end up misusing drugs or joining dangerous criminal groups to earn a living.

5. FREEDOM AND LEISURE TIME: participating in events such as community service, leisure is important for the psychological and physical development of the youth. It contributes to their personal development by promoting good health, personal discipline, leadership, and team-building skills. It also provides the opportunity for appreciation, participation, and creative experience in leisure, music, art, dance, drama crafts, novelty events service, and cultural activities. freedom is attained by performing our ethical duties. i.e., doing what we ought to do, which usually involves concern and care of others. Our civic duty is to put aside our private concerns and attend to the promotion of the commonwealth. Within society, no freedom is absolute for were there to be absolute freedoms, society would dissolve. We enter society in order to control the harmful behavior of others; to promote common endeavors and because we are social by nature. But society demands that there be rules limiting the behavior of individuals in order to promote the common good

Titus Muriki