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«Миротворец» - сайт, которым я сам когда-то активно пользовался в зоне АТО/ООС, года с 2019 начал постепенно превращаться в помойку.

Когда ресурс опекал Антон Геращенко, это действительно была представительская база нехороших людей, позволявшая оперативно опознавать плохишей во время проверки на блок-постах, например. И не только.

С 2019 года, я так понимаю, ресурс перешёл в ведение какого-нибудь Турчинова.

И как все, что делают порошковые, начал превращаться в дерьмо. Которое нам торгуют под видом шоколада.)

В занесение меня в «Миротворец», сущность порошковых проявилась во всей своей полноте:

- во-первых, использовать государственного значения вещи во внутриполитических разборках,

- во-вторых, их ставшая уже легендарной ссыкливость, ибо, пока я был в Офисе, их могучая ручка, соответствующие клавиши нажимать боялась.

Ваша проблема все та же, убогие.

Вы тупые, жадные и мелкие, шкодливые ссыкуны.

И мысли у вас короткие-короткие, как у буратино.

И жизнь вас скоро в этом убедит.)

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Don't despair..!!

Each day comes with its own bouts of joys and/or disappointments. One minute you're happy, the next minute, who knows? Life is very unpredictable. It constantly throws a lot of sh..t at us and it depends how street savvy, positive-minded, and thick skinned you're, to avoid throwing in the towel.

I've walked through numerous valleys full of shadows of death.. We've all faced problems of mammoth proportions such that giving up was the only available option.

But somehow, we summoned those remnants of resilience...and made it. I always never fail to give glory to the Living God for always coming to my rescue in the nick of time..To Him, it is never too late. He controls time, chance, space, our destined futures, All He requires is FAITH...the rest, He takes over. On second thoughts, he tells Paul that His power "is manifested during our weakness".

We may be facing insurmountable problems right now, during this infamous, January month. No light might be flickering at the end of the tunnel. Friends may disappear when we need them most..the cat might be *sleeping on the oven* help might forthcoming..we trust in men, when the One who controls the future is only a prayer away.

Let's give glory to God, trust in the Son He sent as atonement for our sins. To the oppressed by life's problems and those who want to give up, including me. DON'T. Let's look up to the heavens..He is forever ready to help. Happy Sabbath!

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Music is food for the soul, and for others it is an escape, a way of falling in love on a bright sunny spring’s day or rather escaping to a world of the unknown where only the rhythm, beats and melodies speak to one’s heart. The world with it’s godly natural sounds, gave birth to many genres of music, from your heartfelt RnB and Soul to the upbeat roaring sounds of the township, Kwaito and from there the rhythmic, enchanting, vibrant beats of what we call House music. Many like myself believe that house music gave birth to the other genres we hear of today, but later discovered Jazz was the bearer of it all, like the famous genre of Deep house music believed to be listened my abogrootman, with their famous mantra,” the aim is not to sweat.”

But for this young man, born and bred in the small village of Ga-Mashabela, in the belly of Sekhukhune District, Limpopo Province, his love for music didn’t deter him into listening our famous genres of Hip Hop or Amapiano but the very genre that speaks to the soul, Deep House music. Justice Mahlong, professionally known as GabDeesoul in the music industry, had a love for music growing up; influenced by the affluent and talented likes of Oscar Mbo, Ezra, DJ Mlu, etc. In 2013, GabDeesoul the artist was born, he started collecting deep house music and in his music journey as only a teenager, he scored his first ever gig in Mpumalanga, Lydenburg where he discovered his talent.

As the years went by and still a high school learner, his musical journey led him to meeting a group called the 1064s Records in 2015, which helped him gain recognition in the underground music industry. Together with the 1064s Records crew, they met the HDOSDH-High Definition of Strictly Deep House on one of their gigs in Phokwane, and together they soared on to host their first ever show/event 2017. Like everything has a beginning, the show was also a first of just too many to come, he says it was one show that got him face to face with some of his favorite artists that have inspired his musical journey. The likes of Scotch Flavio, Tshipi My Man, ThabzTwentyTwo just to mention a few.

Like all of us, we have an escape; a favorite thing that helps us forget about our problems and just breathe and just like in every industry, there are bumps and hiccups here and there, but we soldier on. For GabDeesoul music was that escape. It helped him soothe pains, and triumph against all odds, it was his passion, hard work and perseverance that has kept him in the game for long especially at a young age. To finally reap the fruits of his labor and let others onto the opportunities he was once given, he started an online movement, Feel the Sessions Podcast in the year 2019. The platform was aimed at giving hope and a home for new and upcoming artists to showcase their craft, host guests and feature mixes from the Head Honcho Gds. “It has been an experience for me, and in 2021 I finally launched the brand. With the first live event at Feel the Sessions…” He said, and he further went on to explain how much of an overwhelming experience it was and also promised to give an everlasting entertainment in the industry.

Every gift is a calling, and every calling has a purpose, in his closing statements he said, “For me, music is life, and it has helped me connect with people I never knew, and I’m still looking forward to shaking as many hands out there as I preach unity for the underground.” Like they say good things do come to an end, but music is forever, deep house fans and just lovers of feel-good music can support and review GabDeesoul’s musical journey by following his Facebook pages,’ Feel the Sessions’ and ‘GabDeesoul Gds’. he also has a ‘Feel the Sessions’ merch for sale, so if you feel it, why not wear it and groove with it.

Written and edited: Tokisho M


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Північно-східний офіс Держаудитслужби оголосив конкурс на 8 вакантних посад!

  1. головний спеціаліст-юрисконсульт юридичного відділу;
  2. головний державний аудитор відділу контролю у галузі промисловості, енергетики, транспорту та фінансових послуг (перша посада);
  3. головний державний аудитор відділу контролю у галузіпромисловості, енергетики, транспорту та фінансових послуг (друга посада);
  4. головний державний аудитор відділу контролю у соціальній галузі та сфері культури;
  5. головний державний фінансовий інспектор відділу контролю у соціальній галузі та сфері культури;
  6. головний державний аудитор відділу контролю у галузі освіти, науки, спорту та інформації;
  7. головний державний фінансовий інспектор відділу контролю у галузі освіти, науки, спорту та інформації;
  8. державний аудитор відділу контролю у галузі ЖКГ, інфраструктури та зв’язку.

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