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Best New Artist To Watch Out For In Liberia 2023

With The Speedy Growth In The Entertainment Industry, There Are Some New Cats Who Have Discharged Their Responsibilities And Put In NumerousWork.

With These New Artist Versatilitie, Let Know Them And Their Work.

1. King Dennis - I Jeh Laugh

2. Running Man TheMan - Finished Fall

3. Melly Gee - Two More Bottles

4. KwáBoi Donaldo - Soldier

5. Lavien - Wavy

Photo Order:

KwáBoi Donaldo

King Dennis

Melly Gee

Running Man TheMan



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The street President on this one

Kpanto will leave Big belleh in the United States of America before he returned to Liberia 🇱🇷😂❤️

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Breaking News 📰 Davido son is still alive.

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KwáBoi Donaldo talks about his new song called " FREESTYLE" featuring USH De RAPPER.

After dropping his most anticipated banger (SOLDIER) several months ago, KwáBoi Donaldo said that he is coming with something worth for his fans and supporters which will feature Rap guru USH.

He said " A been a while I haven't make something popping for my fans and supporters but I promise y'all; my joint called FREESTYLE featuring my bro USH is gonna be Anoda Banger and I want the public to watch out for it.

Keep supporting me and I won't disappoint y'all. The song will be dropping the second week in July and you guys should get ready to put on y'all dancing shoes to display that freestyle."

The Celebrate crooner also talk about his EP called "KwáBoi Kwálity" which he said is expected to drop soon.

What you think this gonna be, you know your boy don't disappoint..

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KwáBoi Donaldo and USH DE RAPPER

  • Hey Guys Welcome to Liberians Starz blogger's
  • A Liberians Artist name _E Star commonly known as _Lib Wrong Number_ as Dropped his first international collaboration Song with EB rhymmers from Zambia _ title_Bad_Girl_ prod by. Mighty J.
  • The Liberian Artist as a clear vision of moving the Liberians music Worldwide.
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A Compendium of "The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth"

From realism to American liberal nationalism

The strength of realism as a theory lies in how it is grounded within a conception of “the international” – even if this is defined narrowly as the existence of multiple competing states. Mandelbaum’s opposition to NATO expansion and the “liberal crusade” makes sense in realist terms. Imperfect worlds throw up political problems that cannot always be solved. Realism tells us to be sceptical of the claims of states to be acting in the name of universal interests, because this can disguise the interests that really motivate the policy. Good international governance therefore means balancing a world of competing interests and norms. Realism’s weaknesses, however, are equally in evidence across Mandelbaum’s work. Recognising national interests can lead to a self-fulfilling prophesy, essentially mandating states to pursue their interests come what may, regardless of the ethical issues at stake. Mandelbaum’s realism, in particular, provides a theoretical armoury that justifies a decidedly particularist view of the world, i.e. one that is based upon a specific national perspective even if it claims to be based on universal norms. Implicitly this comes down to political nationalism – as the basic mobilising device for elites in a fragmented world of competing nation-states. In 2005, these American nationalist mores even led him to write the seemingly highly “un-realist” book, The Case for Goliath, in which he claimed the United States had many of the functions of a de facto world government – something the rest of the world, he suggested, should really be quite pleased about as it was a force for stability and liberalism.

The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth is a similarly unconventional piece of realist scholarship. For Mandelbaum sees the end of the Cold War as bringing about a Kantian-style peace based on the spread of democracy and greater economic interdependence, even positively citing Kant in this regard (p.144). He advances a version of the democratic peace theory which holds that liberal democracies will not go to war with one another (pp.6-7). Mandelbaum puts the blame for the destruction of these stable international relations firmly on the shoulders of foreign powers – principally, Russia, China and Iran. If these states were to become liberal democracies the possibility of a Kantian-style peace would again, he argues, resurface (p.144). This, however, conveniently disregards, the reluctance of the United States to accept a multilateral approach to global governance. From the Kyoto and Paris climate change accords, to the creation of the International Criminal Court and the Iraq War, the United States has been an, at best, questionable ally of a rules-based international order. American unilateralism has been its consistent foreign policy thread.


Am Obikwelu Livinus Mmaduabuchi. From Nigeria, reside in Liberia.

Am a Graphic design and a copywriter.

For any of your graphic work both printing of any kind chat me up.


Full Name: Jusu K. Fofana Jr

Stage name: LG SlakBoi

Date of Birth: November 29 1996

Nationality: Liberian

Occupation: Artist

Jusu K. Fofana Jr, goes by the stage name LG SlakBoi is a young and talented singer, Rapper and most of all a recording artist from Liberia, and a member of the Young Trap Boyz (Y.T.B) organization

In Monrovia.

LG SlakBoi started his music career at childhood level where he used to like singing even in class room, now is a studio artist with two (2) songs on his name.

LG drop his first song featuring Rcj D Lyrics Title "Why" Prod by: DJ AIRWAY

Playing on Audiomack, has 527 played.

LG SlakBoi just drop his single on February 7, 2021 Title: "SORRY" prod by: Earth Shaker.

He is currently working on a project called"My Letter to God.

Stay tuned and follow him on

IG, Facebook, Audiomack, Sound Liberia, plus Liberia, and WhatsApp.