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Missing person alert..

Information reaching me that this young Rev. Dominic Yiucanjah Garduah Renner who is a member of the Romance Catholic Church and moreover work with the diocese of Gbarnga has been missing since September 24, 2020.

No information of anyone seeing him neither his body being found. This is really a terrible thing going on in this country, people can just go missing over night for little or no reason.

If anyone know the way about or having to meet with him, please contact me or the near by police stations.


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Graduation ceremony canceled

Putting stop to all forms of graduation ceremony with in the country and allowing politician carry out their normal activities is insane.

Graduation is not the only form of public gathering, what about the politician indorsement that can gather more then (50000) fifty thousand people? What about the football games that is going on within the country? Etc and etc.

We the students of the Republic of Liberia are pissed and moreover majority of us are saying that,we will not part take in the up coming senatorial election which with be held December 8, 2020.

Our reason is based on the decision taken by the government that says,"no graduation". We the students are saying that the government does not value education and it hurt us a lot.

If the government wants to get rid of public gathering, it should be done across the line. Do not prioritize one and look down on the other.

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Hi My name is Pharaze Dekpah Jr.

I am a Liberian and residing in Liberia.

Things in my country are getting hard everyday and moreover, people are dying everyday due to the division between the ruling government and the oppositions.

This has always been the case where in, the oppositions don't help neither support the ruling party for the sake of the country that they all claim to love but rather, criticise the ruling government on every single thing.

Due to this, if u are not with a party you can't get job even if u are qualified.

Liberia is a very rich and blessed country, all we need is to unite ourselves and stop all forms sentiments be a tribal, political or religious.

I pray one day my country will rise again.

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