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Achraf charif's is a Moroccan musical artist, songwriter, EDM producer, and writer. Entrepreneur

Born on July28, 2000 in OLD ABBOU BERRECHID, Morocco, Musical Career. Achraf charif's started his career at the age of 20 in OLD ABBOU BERRECHID, Morocco as an online music producer. He later started releasing his original works on major streaming platforms. He first launched ''YOU ARE LOVED " on Spotify in 2022 and then a few months later released his music on many other international platforms such as Deezer, Apple Music, Itunes, Amazon Music, Boomplay, JioSaavan, Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram. Achraf charif is best known for his singles "You Are loved ", "HOPE", "Live Way" on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. After building a strong presence in the music industry, he created a YouTube channel that he uses for music and also for teaching, giving advice, mentorship, and helping fellow producers and artists integrate into the music world

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فضائح رافقت زوجات رؤساء دول.. وهذه تفاصيل خيانتهن لأزواجهن (فيديو)


الاغتصاب والتحرش أبرزهم .. وثيقة تكشف فضائح جديدة لقطر

واصل الإعلامي محمد موسى شن هجومه الحاد على دويلة قطر التي تدعم الجماعات الإرهابية، لافتا أن تميم بن حمد آل ثاني وأسرته يواجهون اتهامات أمام القضاء الأمريكي في 33 دعوى قضائية و قناة الجزيرة وحدها متهمة في 40 قضية ومرتزقتها الذين يطلقون على انفسهم إعلاميين متهمون في 15 قضية

تفاصيل على موقع اخبار نار كوم

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Resultat du baccalauréat 2020:

Nom d'étudiant: IMANE ALLAOU

Code massar : R110030428



Mention : appréciable



I might seem as a kid who can't be taken seriously but if you have a little bit of time and effort, and try to read, you might find something interesting, a different point of view, or something you agree with.

My opinion is mine and mine only, i don't represent any group of people, and it might change with time or after a heated debate where i get convinced that there is better.

I'm looking forward to try to remember write here.


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social media the future of marketing

What are the benefits of using social media to conduct business? Considering that more than 3 billion using social networks are currently in use worldwide

If you do not use social resources, you will miss a fast, cheap and effective way to cover nearly half of the world’s population.

Nearly half of the world’s population uses social media platforms. So it naturally attracts new and highly targeted potential customers.

Facts have proved that social media is an effective and active space for marketing, and it should not be excluded from the marketing budget. There are many potential customers

the online network and community.

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L'épreuve de résilience face au Coronavirus

En état d’urgence, il faut faire preuve de résilience et de sagesse à reprendre l’activité parallèlement d’un changement organisationnel étalé dans le temps que s’assoit au niveau d’exécution opérationnelle ou au niveau managérial afin de mener une conduite d’adaptation aux nouvelles mesures de sécurité.

Nous donnons tout d’abord ici une idée sur la définition de la résilience en sens propre et par la suite la résilience face à coronavirus.

Le mot résilience est un mot originaire de la science de la physique définissant la capacité de résistance d’une substance matérielle d’un choc puissant ou sorte de déformation ainsi vous engage à faire face à des conséquences impactant d’autres responsabilités sociétales à savoir le volet économique, sociale, sociologique, psychologique et bien tendu biologique tel est le cas en premier lieu

Donc dans un sens de gestion de ressources humaine d’une entreprise il s’agit bien dans un premier temps de remodeler votre système au niveau de toutes les différentes fonctionnalités pour pouvoir surmonter les obstacles psychologiques de façon à retrouver votre identité initiale.

L’incertitude qui agisse à présent et qui perturbe l’ensemble de l’entreprise n’est à mon avis qu’un phénomène de réflexion qui laisse les gens réfléchir certainement à leur mode de vie qui va sans doute changer en plus des mesures qui seront obligatoirement prises par les professionnels.

Donc là nous sommes face à un risque de confiance, de maintien et de rigueur.

Par contre le risque existait déjà dans un autre contexte loin du phénomène de coronavirus c'est celui de la transformation organisationnelle qui paraît exigeante depuis pas plus d'une année (digitalisation et autres); C’est ce qui va laisser par la force des choses que toutes les entreprises accepteront à retourner à la situation normale tout en acceptant les nouvelles réglementations de sécurité qui seront en vigueur et le passage au nouveau système de gestion basé sur les nouveaux systèmes d'information.

Donc dans le sens managérial les entreprises auront à minimiser ou éliminer carrément les risques émanant de toute sorte de communication négative.

L'implémentation d’une communication objective en tenant compte de l'effet psychologique vécu est responsabilité d'extrême importance dont la direction des ressources humaines est tenue de jouer un rôle primordial.

Dans cette période de confinement il faut reconnaitre que nous tous nous changeons d’avis plusieurs fois dans le jour raison de notre affectation aux medias qui sembles restées bien affectés aux statistiques de nombre de cas localisés sans information sur le nombre de cas probables. Et c’est là où réside encore une autre incertitude sur la probabilité de réussir la reprise chez les professionnelles.

Donc conclusion donc la responsabilité sociétale nous responsabilise à croire que c’est la notions des relations humaines qui l’emporte vers la réussite d’une reprise professionnelle.


03 Mai 2020

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I have maintained the tradition of writing down to myself, my life lessons in every birthday celebration.

This time is special, I decided I would share with all of you how to embrace a new form of beauty, that I learned and have been one of my hardest struggles. Thanks to my life journey as a young woman, I now believe loving ourselves is the key to confidence, happiness and success, whether we are a woman or a man.

For almost a decade, I was able to track my feelings and my self-improvements over the years, it enabled me to have enough retreat and see myself as an extern viewer.

Holding such a skill has never been easy, I had to struggle with major self-love issues before I was able to finally embrace my own personality in a positive and unique way.

For many cultures around the globe, there are usually some beauty standards for women to follow in order to fit in, to be desired and accepted. I can’t say if is it a natural thing or is it a social heritage, but girls would naturally grow up following those standards, even when they tend to be unrealistic or don’t reflect their true self.

I recall being a kid, starring at the mirror, hating my nose, because someone told me it looked weird and different. As absurd as it may seem, this was my first step in a world of body shaming and insecurities.

I carried a bad self-image all my adolescence, and as a grown woman by cause of body shaming, to the point I can describe it as a vicious cycle; when you think you finally overcame an insecurity, it can take only an Instagram picture or a critic from a person you trust, to find yourself dragged again into another chase that may never end.

Taking into consideration that the mean goal of an industry is to seek constant profits, the concept of beauty has evolved to become an endless chase of money based on social trends, convincing every women of a new deformed concept of beauty, pushing them to seek an unrealistic image, taking advantage of their need of perfection. Thanks to celebrities, social media influencers and brand ambassadors, beauty trends have increased, letting us feel as we’re literally never going to be enough.

As a society, we have normalized the right to criticize and to bring down one another, the scary part is the normality of such an ugly behavior. It has even become a national sport and a common culture, where we feel comfortable bringing down others, because it would somehow make us handle better our own insecurities.

All of this social pressure can make us feel worthless, ugly and unwanted, no matter how many compliments we can earn, it won’t change the way we feel about ourselves, because our own conception of beauty was twisted to become so fragile and anything but realistic.

I would ask you to take a moment and to right down what prevents you from loving yourself, is it the shape of your body, your face features or your constant comparison with others? Is it the way you talk or the sound of your voice? Is it the way they describe you? Or is it simply your need to be truly seen?

Whatever you’ve chosen, it only means how much you undervalue yourself, reducing all your being into a very small fragment of the iceberg, that is you, how sad is that?

I’m not aiming to despise physical beauty, nor I’m trying to introduce a very consumed concept, which is inner beauty…. It’s not what I’m aspiring to offer you here, my vision is bigger than that….

My conception of beauty is something God has created and already has given us, but most of us failed to see it. Actually, we were predisposed to love ourselves according to our physical appearance depending on others approval, which is absurd because our physical beauty is not of our chosen, it’s God creation, so it can’t be overcame with some insane beauty trends, stated by the mirage of perfection.

My conception is more of a self-discovery when one can see and feel both his inner and physical beauty, which was hard to achieve because most of people would dissociate the two concepts and never stop to retreat and vision them as two faces of the same puzzle.

It will be a puzzle, until you can gather the two pieces together, to create your own being, your own era and vibe; the kind of charisma we all admire about our rule models.

I believe we are born to be unique and we already have been blessed with our own kind of beauty, to fulfil a unique mission, but are we courageous and strong enough to see it, that’s the question.

As for me, I open up my eyes to a different form of being, I now see myself as a whole, emphasizing on my physical qualities and how to improve them, while enhancing my inner abilities. When you can see through yourself, discover all what makes you unique and beautiful, inside-in and out, you build a confidence that will lead you to self-love and naturally to happiness and success.

When I became aware of all these qualities, my weaknesses and insecurities seemed to fade away, like a drop of black ink in a large ocean, you just barely see them….

To let my soul shine with love and confidence, I start changing the way I speak to myself, from a severe and heartless talk full of pressure and unrealistic perception of me, to a kind, loving and positive speech that helps me grow, while celebrating my qualities and working on my weaknesses. It’s a work in progress but totally worth it, because it able you to improve yourself while leading a peaceful life.

When I took this road, I put myself in a path of constant progress and growth, that did change my life completely, as well as my relationships with others. I had to attend a dead point, where I couldn’t bare the pressure anymore, where I had to stop and take a deep breath to ask myself for forgiveness, I was unconsciously torturing myself to become what I already was.

It may start with a simple habit of looking at the mirror, enumerating your qualities, the ones that make you beautiful and unique, repeating daily that you’re beautiful, smart, exceptional and successful…. but please bring in mind, you won’t appreciate it until you’ll start it.

The paths I’ve taken, leaded me to this moment where I can finally embrace my own kind of beauty, where I finally chased out of my mind, a deformed idea of beauty I was holding into it for a pretty good time of my valuable life.

I today not scared to let my soul shine, I’m on a self-discovery trip where I’m not afraid to uncover the hidden and painful parts of me, to accept my failures and to unveil new dimensions of my being that fear shaded away, holding the spirit of a child, the ambition of a girl, and the values of grown woman…..

So, try to join the trip, let your soul shine as The Allman Brothers Band once inspired me to do…

“When you can't find the light

That got you through the cloudy days

When the stars ain't shinin' bright

You feel like you've lost you're way

When the candlelight of home

Burns so very far away

Well, you got to let your soul shine

Just like my daddy used to say

He used to say soulshine

It's better than sunshine

It's better than moonshine

Damn sure better than rain”

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Musee de la Palmeraie

This is a small museum containing a private collection of modern art - about 100 works built in the last century. It is interesting. The gardens at the back of the museum are really beautiful, especially the fascinating jardin sec. Worth to visit. A taxi from the center of Marrakech will cost about 100 dh each way, and it’s wise to make the driver wait for you, because it will not be easy to pick up a taxi here.

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