Мигранты разрушают "миграционную" погран Chișinău

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27 августа 1991 года в Молдавской ССР было созвано Великое национальное собрание, в результате которого Парламент проголосовал за принятие Декларации о независимости.

Основные мероприятия сегодня прошли в центре Кишинева и на площади Великого национального собрания.

В торжествах по случаю тридцатилетия независимости Молдовы также приняли участие президент Румынии Клаус Йоханнис, президент Украины Владимир Зеленский и президент Польши Анджей Дуда.

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В Кишиневе двое мужчин угнали мотоцикл и продали его за 200 леев

23 июня в столичном секторе Буюканы у 35-летнего жителя столицы угнали мотоцикл марки Hualin стоимостью 8 тыс. леев.

На днях, правоохранители рассказали, что провели расследование и нашли подозреваемых. Ими оказались двое жителей столицы, которые признали вину, рассказав, что украли мотоцикл и продали его незнакомому человеку за 200 леев.

Стоит отметить, что если суд признает вину подозреваемых, им грозит штраф до 67,5 тыс. леев, это до 240 часов неоплачиваемого труда на благо общества или до четырех лет тюрьмы.

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Alex Cara, pe numele său real Alexandru Carabețchi (n. 2 August 1996, Chișinău, Moldova) este un cântăreț și compozitor din Republica Moldova, care în prezent activează și locuiește în București.

Alexandru Carabețchi s-a născut pe 2 August 1996 în Chișinău, Republica Moldova și a început să cânte la o vârstă fragedă. A participat la diferite concursuri precum „MuzTV de Vedetă” , „StarLocomotif” și la Selecția Naționala Eurovision în anul 2015 .

În 2018 Alexandru Carabețchi și-a schimbat numele scenic în Alex Cara . Tot în acest an Alex Cara lansează primul single „Coșmarul Meu” și tot în acest an lansează și primul său Videoclip la piesa proprie „Te Joci Cu Ea” , lansată în România de către Casa de Discuri „Sprint Music” .

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С Днём независимости Молдова!



В июле на выплату компенсаций по советским вкладам направили более 7 миллионов рублей

На заседании Координационного совета при Правительстве ПМР по минимизации финансовых и экономических потерь предприятий и населения, вызванных распространением новой коронавирусной инфекции, сообщили, что в июле на компенсации по советским вкладам направили 7 млн рублей.

Такие действия были приняты, по инициативе Президента Вадима Красносельского.

Стоит отметить, что такой же объем средств запланировано направить на эти цели в августе.

Пресс-служба Правительства подметила, что благодаря увеличению финансирования, компенсации в этом году получат больше граждан, чем планировалось ранее.

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Do you toss and turn in bed every night? Do you watch the clock as your wake-up time mercilessly approaches and only manage to fall asleep at some point in the morning? Have you been counting sheep for hours and still can't sleep?

Everybody sometimes can't fall asleep. The problem is when this condition lasts a long time or recurs frequently.

Professionally, the condition where you cannot fall asleep is called insomnia. It is dangerous and it is not pleasant to play with it. Sleep is vital for a person. A person suffering from insomnia cannot fall asleep or wakes up frequently.

Common symptoms are:

- difficulty falling asleep at night.

- waking up early in the morning without the ability to go back to sleep.

- frequent nighttime awakenings

- night watch, confusion of day and night

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Prostate enlargement usually occurs in men with age. The enlargement can be benign or malignant.

If classified as benign, the enlarged prostate is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). As for whether it is malignant, it will lead to prostate cancer.

Although it does not endanger the life of the victim, the complaints that arise due to an enlarged prostate are very disturbing activities.

Some people who have an enlarged prostate will feel dissatisfied when urinating.

Symptoms can include a weak urinary stream, increased frequency of urination, frequent awakenings at night, and an inability to hold back the urge to urinate.

In severe cases, an enlarged prostate can cause urinary retention, which is a condition in which a person is unable to excrete urine that is in the bladder.

To overcome the prostate, whether to surgery? Actually, the action to treat this condition depends on the severity.

The main goal of treating an enlarged prostate is to improve the patient's quality of life. The therapy offered also varies, depending on the severity of the symptoms experienced.

To determine the severity, the doctor will perform a series of tests including:

- International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) test score.

- Lab tests, such as urinalysis, prostate- specific antigen (PSA), and kidney function.

- Urophlometry (evaluation of the urine stream), calculation of residual urine.

- Images of the prostate that can be an ultrasound exam.

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EDK Media attends a film, music and dance workshop in Umlazi

Ezase Durban Media KZN better known as EDK Media is a Film and TV production company established back in 2011, based in the heart of Durban KwaZulu-Natal. It offers a variety of services including: TV Presenting Training, Photoshoots, TV Shows, Documentaries, Events management and many more.

On Friday the 15th of July 2022, EDK Media production team attended an art workshop in Umlazi, the south eastern part of KwaZulu-Natal which was held in Umlazi Cinema Hall.

The event was solely based on ways that the youth could utilize to venture into the corporate sector and the entertainment industry. The gap has been identified, that the youth is seeking employment rather than self employment. With the unemployment rate at its peak in South Africa, it is crystal clear that having a degree does not automatically translate to employment.

Dignitaries and speakers from different places graced the event with their presence, amongst which Mr Xolani Dlamini, the founder and event organizer of Urban Arts Entertainment attended. Menzi Theo (executive director of EDK Media), Bella Mnyandu and Smangele Sokhela commended the event organizers for pulling off such a great event in such a short space of time.

We still have a long way ahead to ensure that our government is democratically accountable for its people and for the young people to be granted equal opportunity. We're hopeful that events of this nature make a dent.

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