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Using a PHILOSOPHICAL MIND for a better life

Basically philosophy means the study of the fundamental nature of existence. If someone is close to nature then he will automatically be in that way at the beginning of his life itself as his brain will work like that. Most humans realise that life is something to be explored when either it is too late or when death is near. Today youngsters are not encouraged to explore life as some do not want to do so or some are laughed at. Instead of being realistic we are becoming more materialistic.

How many wake up with a big smile being grateful to able to see another day in their life or to be able to see their loved ones alive. How many wake up with a big smile for having food in their house

The rules for a better life are:

1. Be grateful

If you are grateful then you are halfway there. Keep in mind that the universe show you both good things and bad things, it is up to you how you take it! You want to take it as an experience gained or as something lost, it is up to you! You must prepare yourself to face any situation and stop thinking constantly about the bad things.

2. Be yourself

If someone harms you, you need not do the same. Maybe he is less mature, and you are more intelligent. You must save yourself from being harmed and stop him but you can not do the same, because he does not understand that the act is wrong while you do, hence you will do it purposely while he will not.

3. Take care

It is said that we are what we eat! Make sure you eat good food, that is the food that is good for health. Most importantly, do exercise at least half and hour daily. Listen to happy songs, sing and dance at least twice a week. Be as if you are a child, make as if no one is looking at you, and believe as if you are not the body but the soul.

4.You are him

when you see a living, look at him as if you are at his place, try to understand the situation in which he is. For example stop looking at your mom just as a "mom" look at her just like you would look at an individual, she is a woman, she has a life, she has wishes too, she gets tired too, in fact she is just like you! Eventually look at your pet, it also has emotions and it also breath like us...

5. You are what you do

It takes a long time to build a good reputation, but it also takes no time to ruin it. People's opinions must not affect you but, your behaviors matter. If someone dislikes you, then you may have unknowing done something unpleasant to him, in this case you need to improve yourself. Yes, there will always be some who will hate you for no reason, even though you must continue to be gentle and helpful. The day you will be appreciated by most livings of your surrounding, that day you will be almost perfect.


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