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A Wearable to Detect & Prevent COVID-19

NOVI, a doctor at your fingertips -or rather a Smartphone.

An Italian invention, which brings the medic within your reach.

NOVI and it’s APP are at its latest technological innovation, this time against COVID-19. A Smart Wearable (wristband) connected to an APP via SmartPhone, with a Cloud and Server system for sending out Notifications.

This idea sprouted from an intellectual discussion between the creator, Paolo, and his daughter, Celine’, during the lockdown of Malaysia. She is a young student with an interest in the branch of Computer Science and programming.

By crossing studies, knowledge, and experiences, particularly with technology developed in the recent years with Italian customers, Dr. Paolo Conconi and his Partners invented a simple yet effective system to measure human body temperature, simultaneously and remotely, for individuals and Groups.

Hence the idea of a cute and cheap bracelet, accessible to Individuals & SMEs.

The bracelet reports and sends the body temperature of the chosen person, to a smartphone or computer. Not necessarily to the person himself, but to the chosen one (ex. Admin).

In practice NOVI is able to monitor the body temperature of groups of people (without the limit of 50, 200, and up to 1000 people) and to send a Notification to the admin (chosen) if the temperature is above the established limit. In order to intervene promptly and isolate the ill person of the different subjects, to avoid any contagions or possible contagions and with the aim of quickly saving others.

The idea was born in early April, during the blockade in Asia. There were precipitous days and intense work notes. The first few orders are in production and the Bracelet will be on the markets in the next couple of weeks.

For more information please email to:

[email protected]

About Dr. Paolo:

For 28 years in Asia, is specialized in the electronics sector with activities in Hong Kong and in the golden triangle of China (Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou) and for some years with focus in the "Smart" technology sector with APP, Server & cloud.

PhD in Economics from the University of Bergamo, Italy, Paolo Conconi is a “Made in China” Pioneer. From 1992 he started bringing companies to produce in Asia. Among the major customers it boasts multinationals and big names of Fortune 500.

In 2001 he took the page of the "Wall Street Journal" with the article "Extreme Telecommuting" as a precursor of teleworking.

In 2003 he invented and patented a system for “Mobile Advertising” (patent today in the safes of one of the FAANG Companies).

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