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Alhaji Atiku Abubakar ( Wazirin Adamawa ) has been a formidable force in the Nigerian political space for almost three decades. The Waziri has managed to remain relevant in the political space despite being out of office for 13 years and counting.

The Lion of Jada, Alhaji Abubakar over time has created a network of power friends and associates across the 6 geo-political zones of Nigeria. Atiku, being a seasoned democrat has established himself as a pan Nigerian personality whose political goodwill spreads across ethnic & religious lines.

Alhaji Abubakar was the Presidential Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party ( PDP ) in the 2019 General Elections. Although, He came second in the Presidential Race , Alhaji Abubakar was voted in at least 2 states in 5 out of the 6 geopolitical zones of the country. Despite being a Northern Fulani man from the North Eastern Part of Nigeria , Alhaji Atiku Abubakar swept all 11 states in the South South & South East geopolitical zones of the country , also winning 2 out of 6 states in the South West , 2 out of the 6 states in the North East , 2 out the 6 states in the North Central accompanied by a resounding victory in the Nations Seat of Power , The Federal Capital Territory FCT Abuja.

Muhammadu Buhari who has always depended on the large numbers coming out from Northern Nigeria to make a showing during elections won for the first time in 2015 with extra votes from the South West states where despite being an incumbent president in 2019 couldn’t improve on the 52 - 55 % of the total votes coming from the region in 2015. He went on to lose two states previously won in 2015 ( Ondo & Oyo ).

Atiku’s Pan Nigerian Status was reaffirmed with the 2019 General Elections. He was widely voted across the diversity of Nigeria as a Country. Muhammadu Buhari has won elections twice but has never managed to win elections outside Northern Nigeria and the South West ( The Political Kingdom of Asiwaju Tinubu ).

As it stands , No Politician vying for the highest office in the Nigerian Political Space has the widespread goodwill, might and resources to stand Atiku Abubakar in an election. You could suggest big names like Asiwaju Tinubu , Nasir El-Rufai , Rabiu Kwankwaso & many others. Much respect to them all, but in all honesty none of them can withstand Atiku Abubakar in a Presidential Election. As much as we love to downplay ethnic and religious factors during election calculations , it has nevertheless played vital roles in election results over the last 2 decades in the Nigerian Political Calculations. Asiwaju has struggled to brand himself from the South West Landlord most people see him as to a candidate with National Widespread and appeal , Nasir El-Rufai on the other hand is one of the finest breeds of his generation , but he is yet to acquire half the following or widespread of Atiku. Rabiu Kwankwaso is seen as another enigma from the North like Muhammadu Buhari , Nonetheless he doesn’t have the prowess to garner the majority of the votes against a seasoned experienced character like the Waziri of Adamawa not to talk of how difficult it’ll be for him to get barely anything outside Northern Nigeria.

Atiku has a date with destiny in 2023. It’ll be catastrophic for the PDP to field in any other candidate apart from the Waziri in the next general election if at all the party seeks to wrestle power from the incumbent APC at the general elections.

Atiku’s large political network of associates across board, large following across the geopolitical zones, his gradeur in business and economy building makes him an intimidating candidate against anyone seeking the highest office. 2023 is indeed Atiku’s date with destiny !

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Abdullahi Abba.

In all honesty , you can’t give what you don’t have , Alhaji Atiku Abubakar came with a simple and direct message in 2019 “ GET NIGERIA WORKING AGAIN “ He was ridiculed , misinterpreted and labelled as a Conman that’s trying to enrich himself and his friends and cronies

The “ Get Nigeria Working Again “ message did nothing but embody strategic economic reforms that were laid on course as a masterpiece blueprint towards achieving excellence and buoyancy in economy building .

Atiku went ahead to insist that he was going to privatize NNPC even if that meant no one would vote for him. The BMC media packaged him as a fraud to gullible northern people with a message that he’s trying to sell off Nigeria’s commonwealth , some even went ahead to say he collected an advanced payment from France .

Today , FG plans to privatize refineries , in essence the same thing Atiku was vilified , insulted and portrayed as a conman for is the same thing the people who criticized him for proposing to do so are doing today .

So many people ridiculed us prior to 2019 saying we supported a conman . The main reason I personally keyed into the Atiku plan is simple , whether you like or hate Alh. Atiku Abubakar you cannot deny that he has a sophisticated knowledge of how the economy works and a booming economy curbs approximately 85% of societal problems because it engages people in productive activities not that of crime.

I have never been a person to buy into cheap political , ethnic or bigotry sentiments in political or national discuss , I wasn’t built like that. If you engage many of our people from Northern Nigeria on why they support President Buhari 90% of them will have nothing to tell you apart from him filling into their pro northern criteria , most of them will not tell you about his competencies or progressive agenda because in reality , there’s little or nothing to say in that regard.

Five days before the first reported case of #COVID19 , Atiku took it to his social media handles to encourage the Nigerian Government to Seal the land borders and airports , reduce fuel price to reflect the price of the world petroleum market and also set up relief packages to ease the hardship that comes with economic and community shutdown and lockdown , Atiku even went ahead to donate 50 Million Naira to support the cause .

Just 3 days ago , Atiku wrote a sophisticated article suggesting how Nigeria can tackle the economic woes caused by #COVID19 by cutting down excessively the 2020 budget , this he said is because its implementation would mean extra debt which in reality we cannot afford as a nation in this critical time.

In essence , Quality certainly is what Atiku embodies. And quality , competence and capacity to get things done is what Atiku possesses . You can argue that buhari is a man of integrity but my question to you is what has that integrity given us is it security , is it economic growth , is it self sufficiency, has that integrity rid us of the corruption that rots us ? Ask yourself !

Atiku led a national economic council for 8 years , in those 8 years we were able to pay off Nigeria’s entire foreign debt , this leads us to a few quotes by Atiku Abubakar.

“ Oil prices have crashed, and that by itself should not be enough to trigger a crisis. After all, the current price of oil was lower than it is today when President Obasanjo and I assumed office on May 29, 1999. Yet we paid off Nigeria’s entire foreign debt. “

“ However, there are two remarkable differences. The first is that we had a stellar cabinet between 1999–2007. We had the right people manning our economy. We certainly would not have proposed to take out a $500 million loan to digitalise the Nigerian Television Authority, or devoted ₦37 billion to renovating the National Assembly complex (which was built from the scratch at less than 20% of that amount). “

Today’s Nigerian government is severely lacking in qualified hands and that itself has done more harm than good to hinder the steady progress and development we all yearn for as a Nation.

You certainly cannot give what you don’t have , this government doesn’t embody quality and this has clearly shown why we’re declining instead of the desired progression.

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