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The ultimate battle...

For every animal on earth there is just one goal in life – to continue its bloodline in the form of offspring. The odds may be stacked against it succeeding, but each animal is born with a relentless instinct to overcome those odds and triumph again and again, over every challenge life throws at it.

Life Story, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, shows how animals attempt to overcome the challenges that face them at each of the six crucial stages of life.

The animals must survive the hazards of being young and defenceless, learn how to survive in the adult world, find a home, climb the social ladder to a position of power, win a mate, become a parent and usher the next generation into the world.

Success at each stage means taking a step towards their ultimate target, of creating the next generation.

Each episode shows animals attempting to overcome the challenges of life through resilience, tenacity and extraordinary behaviour.

This is the ultimate battle against the odds. This is Life Story.

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