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COVID19: What Must The Nigerian Government Do To Contain The Spread Of Coronavirus

Nigeria as a country is not ready for coronavirus. Reasons being that the Nigerian Government had failed in the first step of preventing it earlier. When the virus was still new and no case record of it in the country, the government failed to use that opportunity to prevent it from coming in by imposing an early lockdown and travel banned in the country. So the failed.


The Nigerian Government has placed a Lockdown policy in the nation, but they failed to understand the kind of people they're dealing with. Of course we're Nigerians and we do our daily activities to help us and our families survive daily, weekly and monthly. Now placing a lockdown on the people without any support in terms of food clothing and shelter. Shelter because some persons leave on the street having no home to call theirs and placing a banned on movement of people who don't have homes, are we serious?

That aside, what the government should do to contain this virus is that, since they've already implemented the Lockdown policy in the nation, they should also consider the following:

1. Making food stuffs less expensive since there's a time range for shopping food items or better still make supplies of food to every homes in the country just like other countries did.

2. Making water supply constant to the people because water is life.

3. Making electricity supply constant to the people to enable them stay at home.

4. Addressing the nation at least thrice a week to be updated.

5. Making the cost of data bundles less expensive so that students at home can go online and study or carry-out research.

6. Making every medical items in terms of face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers etc... to be available free of charge to the people.

With all the above mentioned, if they can consider and make provisions for them then it will be easy to convince Nigerians to stay at home assuring them their welfare is secured. And then the NCDC will take it from there.

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