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The INFJ. Hmmmmm... what does that mean? OK. Let me just make it a bit clear. It stands for;

I- Introversion

N- Intuition

F- Feelings

J- Judging.

OK! So, the INFJ is the rarest personality type. I really find them interesting. Cause they are like chameleons. They change at any slight moment. They are sometimes referred to as "The Idealist", "The Advocate" "The counsellors". People with this personality can be very nice, kind, caring, gentle, and aggressive sometimes. They are mostly reserved but also really sensitive to the feelings of others.They enjoy thinking deep and contemplating about life and the future. It is said to be one of the rarest with one-third of the world's population.

The INFJs possess the ability to transform their Ideas into actions. They daydream and love making changes. They tend to see helping others as their main purpose in life. Though they are soft-spoken, they are willing and capable to do anything to fight for whatever they believe in, not minding if they were wrong but still hate it when proven wrong. They strive for perfection and balance in everything they do.

They are capable of communicating with literally anybody at anytime and at any situation. Some people might think they are quiet extroverts. They fancy alone time cause they need it to recharge themselves. They are free-spirited beings. They are introverted-extroverts because they may play with you at this very moment and the next moment they withdraw i.e they don't mind giving as much space as possible to whoever.

Most times, they tend to overdo their kindness and forget to focus on themselves, so they get stressed, exhausted and even fall ill. Their sensitivity forces them to create a shield for them so as to avoid conflict and criticisms. And the circumstances are highly unavoidable, they fight back in irrational and unhelpful ways and thus become withdrawn, aggressive...