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Balo Beezy Biography

Balogun Fatimo omowunmi also known as Balo Beezy also known as Lady Rapper is a Nigerian singer, rapper, songwriter, and a social media personality. She is specialized in afrobeat, hip hop and rap. She was born on 16 of 02, 1999. She was born and brought up in Lagos State. She had her primary education at TASSAC Nursery and Primary School and her secondary education at AJIGBEDA GIRLS College. She is not in any music group or record label. She started her musical career at the age of 15 in lagos Surulere. She has performed at the ADRON GAMES FESTIVAL, TRACE NAIJA and many more with which she gained a great audience of the Nigerians.

She released her first track, MONEY which was produced by SKBEAT in the year 2017.

Ever since then she has released several hot and interesting songs which include: Level up, Laye, Kopoke ,Owu and others. The active instagram account of the money crooner is @balo_beezy

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Iezrael is a member of SMAN.

Oshodi Oluwasegun also known as Iezrael is a Nigerian rapper, singer, model and songwriter.

He was born in Lagos Nigeria but brought up in Ogun State.

Recently, SMAN began to trend and the Ayo crooner declared himself as a member of Stingy Men Association of NIGERIA, SMAN.

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Iezrael Biography

Oshodi oluwasegunfunmi Israel popularly known as Iezrael is a Nigerian singer, rapper and a songwritter who was born in lagos state but resides at ogun state.

He started is music Career in 2015 when he did a song sponsored by his school, he has been singing since he was ten but he recorded is own first song in 2020 titled Ayo (joy) wish gained him a lot of fans the song was produced by mjazz.

He his currently a member of the lacreme music group which was made for upcoming artist to help and build each other.

He is multi talented, he dances, sings and can also act.

He do say his number one fan is his mom.

She sponsored his education, he had his primary education at Olaoluwa Nursery and Primary School and his secondary education at Lara College mowe. he was in a science department at school.

He seems to be unique because he sings about things that really happened to him or someone close to him has he says. He makes researches before singing about something.

He said his greatest achievement is winning the next rated award on a music website competition.

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