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Okoye Ifeanyi Ohechukwu: Today am very much grateful to God for directing me to NDCL.

Before Chukwumaobim commenced the programme he was always sick and in pains and worse of all his inability to poo due to severe constipation.

As he marks his 7th year birthday, I wish to celebrate the milestone he has achieved in 10 weeks of joining NDCL's cognitive disorder class, which we have not recorded in his 7 years of life. He has lived his past years on drugs yet celebrated his birthday in pains. But today he is smiling and has not been on any drug for the past 10 weeks, yet pains and seizure free. These days he poos without stress. His focus has improved greatly, he holds up his head longer now. Before now he use to be in pains at night but these days, he sleeps like a new born waking up strong. Wish I can write more but let me not bore you with long story.

His weight today is 19kg as against 17kg he started with, 10 weeks ago.

Momma am deeply grateful to you for being a mother to my son. Thanks a lot to the wonderful Admins of this great mandate.

God bless you all

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Is hbp an ailment?

Well, am sorry to burst your bubbles

Even if you are on double hbp medication, if you are an eligible customer for stroke, your double barrel hbp chemicals, can't stop it

Why are you on those drugs anyway?

If hbp was your problem, ok fine, you already got at least some kind of antidote you are told to use for life right?

To prevent stroke, kidney failure etc

Even while taking those drugs like they were your foods, stroke still hits you ?

Why ?

I have been in questions and answers session with medical doctors on that platform above

See, many theories you know on health are wrong

So many things were presented wrongly and people are dying

Firstly, as an overweight patient, it's normal for your bp to always be high

I just talked on laws of nature on that platform a while ago

You will be looking for trouble if you retain that weight yet try to stop your bp from rising

Laws of Nature, we have to know them

That's my next book

Cos the world is going in pieces

Hbp or hypertension as quoted by orthodox medicine is a theory

They postulated it, not God

" your bp should not surpass ..........."

That's what they think

That's the limit of their knowledge

None of them created the human heart

The pressure of your blood could rise to whatever limit

It's a natural thing

This thing is like a call and response

You tickle me, I laugh


You wave at my eyes, I do what in response?✋✋✋✋



Taiwo Abidogun:

You blink ma

Chioma Etobe:


Grace Ebong:

You blink

Ama Ntekim:


Nichole Dietary consultancy: Beautiful

The call is ' waving at eyes '

My response is ' blinking '

This is a natural course

You don't swallow drugs to stop the eyes from blinking

Same thing is happening with the bp thing

You don't give an overweight drugs to avoid stroke

You are deceiving yourself

This overweight person must respond to the call of nature when it's time

The weight is a stimulus and stroke is the response

Hbp is not a stimulus

Hbp is not an ailment

Please let's get it

It's a natural course for every living human to respond to just any thing

If you are overweight on hbp medication and still got stroke, stroke came cos you were derailed from the truth

Your weight brought you stroke

You don't leave the weight and start chasing figures on a scale

The orthodox medicine who postulated the hbp theory for whichever reason, designed their chemicals to back up their theory

Whatever equipments you see them using were created to proof their theories

Doesn't make them right

They designed those drugs to achieve the range of figures quoted by them as ' normal BP '

You are on drugs, you are getting the figures you want to see, but you and I know that you are getting worse in reality

So who are you deceiving ??‍♀?‍♀

You are overweight, and law of nature states that:

Once your weight gets hyper, your chest should start accumulating some

This is nature

And once your chest got fats in there, your breathing becomes problematic

Expect chest pain

As an overweight, law of nature states:

Your joints must accumulate some of those fats

And once there are wrong sources of fats in your joints, what happens?

Inflammation right?

Thats the arthritis you hear of

As an overweight, it's natural for your head to be heavy, ache to the point you might even run mad

Orthodox medicine would tell you it's hbp making your head ache


Your weight stimulated the head's response

And the response of your head to the pressure of a weight who won't leave it alone is to ache

If you don't shed that weight to relieve your head of the pressure, but stupidly continue on some drugs, you run mad one hot afternoon

They tell you his BP was too high


Why would your bp be high, thought that was why you were placed on hbp medication, to suppress your bp??

' Contradiction '

As an overweight, your eyes must respond to it with blurriness

Your sight becomes cloudy cos your weight surmounts pressure on them

It's a natural response to weight

If you don't shed that weight, glasses won't save you

The blurriness continues until you wake up blind one morning

This is what orthodox medicine calls ' High eye pressure '

What about your ears?

Have you ever imagined you could go deaf as an overweight?

So many things are happening that when we hear the truth, it would be too difficult to believe

And that's because, this generation seeks to eat it's cake and have it

As a depressed person, if you choose to remain depressed, it's normal for your bp to remain high

This is a natural course

Be on 100 medication per day, they can't prevent your stroke if you don't snap out of your depressed state

You responded to a natural stimulus of extreme emotions

You get extremely frightened and you slumb, you responded to a call of nature

Law of nature states that, if you go extremely emotional, your blood vessels should contract so much that the connection between blood and your heart suddenly ceases

At such point, you could even die

Your lack of control over your emotions, killed you, not hbp

Your bp only rises in line with your reaction to the stimulus

BP has nothing to do with anything

So we stop killing ourselves with those drugs

In summary, avoid every wrong lifestyle

If you are overweight today, your lifestyle is wrong

It's automatic!

A strictly natural person can't be overweight

Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole cereals, grains, legumes, oils don't bloat

You get overweight from junks and wrong foods

Even some drugs bloat people

Arv is one

Potential kidney disease !

Your immunity is compromised and you should naturally lose weight

But those drugs bloat you

You are countering nature and you must lose your life

It's very simple!

There are so many things we are blinded to

So many things presented to us by orthodox medicine that are false

But, because we knew nothing better, we believed

Not anymore!

Our 3rd research is going to be on this

We are going to meet all the stroke patients we know

" sir, were you on hbp medications before this stroke came ? "

If he says yes ?

" what was your age, weight and height as at the onset of the stroke ? "

If he was overweight, it proves my claims on hbp medication not preventing stroke for an overweight

If you check his bmi and he wasn't overweight as at the time

" what was your emotional or psychological state at the time ? "

Are we ready?✋✋✋✋

Let me have our questions please

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