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Covid 19 and it's measures

  1. Corona virus can be generally treated with the routine ways of preventing virus multation. The use of antiseptic soaps and liquid in washing is advisable to steroids the eggplant of The virus. Pernicillin as widely available is also a good measures to cob it's development. It could be used to prevent it's effect.
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Since the beginning of Nigeria, the southeast perhaps could be termed the favorite in the position of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe but the political Mallory started after his position as the celebrate governor in 1960. The Republic of 1963 started the negatives of Igbo politics which could not find it's solution till date. The account of civil war could be termed as the wound area to the Igbos due to the fact that the myhem is as hevy as the case of wound in the scrutum. Come to the 20th Century, the Igbos could not find its way towards President elect which deliberately coupled by the political parties then clamouring for rotation of government agencies among the first major tribes in Nigeria. The price for the same arrangements have to be fulfilled come 2023 as the case of Igbo presidency is highly timed. If the fear for sparation pass the unit of the federal character then separately should come earnest. Igbo presidency should be given priority as the Yoruba and Hausa have pertake in Obasanjo and Buhari respectively. Both The ruling and opposition parties have to be sincerely to the unity of the Nation. Anything different from this is termed injustice and the Igbo politics could be dangerous in Nigeria government. The unity of Nigeria now lies on faithfulness of political class in Nigeria. Infact due the Igbo really pertake in Federal character of this government? How is the federal agencies now looks like? Can the Igbo really utilise the Paramount of 1957-1959 role played by Zik to Nigeria independent? Can the Igbo political leaders sacrifice their position to achieve Igbo nation? Is there any way to get a hold of the present leaders to retain leadership if Igbo nation comes to reallity?

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