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Wondering how sudden everything once pursued became the least of interest to man over night, the money, cars, contracts, certificates, careers, luxuries and all became worthless .

Everyone praying, and striving to survive this dark period that has overwhelmed great nations. Money is being thrown away since it can’t buy life or bring the dead back.

In the midst of all these, we realize the importance of good relationship with family and those we care about. Now wishing we had appreciated, acted differently in how we reacted to things and treated others.

Behind covid-19 comes the opportunity to spend time with love ones, reflecting on mistakes with quick amends to those that can be amended, being closer to God more than ever, with faith and hope that He’s our only Saviour from this global pandemic.

Fear and panic in the heart of men. Life once carelessly lived is now valid, non wants to perish. What more can I say?...

Fear and panic killing faster than than the virus itself, some people committing suicide out of panic, and fear of the discomfort and torture that comes with the virus.

The good news that people can survive this virus gives me strength, and reason to adhere to all preventive measures.

I urge you to be strong, stick to preventive measure as advised by World Health Organisation (WHO).

#StaySafe #feedaneighbour #socialdistancing #hygiene #Covid19

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